Sunday, March 23, 2014

You're gonna spend EIGHTY GRAND. Carpet? Or Prosecutor?

The first debate aired on Access Humboldt a few hours ago. Arnie Klein pointed out that Gallegos was getting ready to spend eighty grand on re-carpeting his severely under-staffed office.

Arnie says if you're gonna buy the carpet, you might as well get a few vacuum cleaners while you're at it.

What would you spend it on?


  1. Deckchairs.

  2. inflatable life rafts

  3. Surfboards for all the employees with the District Attorney getting a custom one.

  4. Jon, post the Supervisor's 460s if you want them yourself on your blog.

    You have an agenda there. For me the DA's race is what the readers want.

    It is not impossible to post on my site. I do not allow anonymous comments. You use your real name so there is no issue. I do moderate comments.

    While I may disagree with you, you are respectful.

  5. That is very interesting that the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors would approval Gallegos misuse of Asset Forfeiture funds for replacement of carpet in his department. Under CA H&S 11495 and 11489, are specific allowable and unallowable expenditures for these funds. For instance, the funds can be used for education & drug abuse prevention programs in this county, that might not otherwise be funded. The AF funds can be used for program management expenses, training, and investigative expenses, that are right now being funded from our General Funds. No wonder the DA's Office doesn't have enough money to fund his staff, he is mismanaging the State General Funds allocated to his department and misusing the Asset Forfeiture funds distributed to his department. The laws states that the agencies are to avoid any appearance of extravagance, waste, or abuse. Boy, that tells me that no one at the County CAO's Office or board of supervisors are monitoring compliance. hmmm


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