Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pony up, Chris.

Bring out your 460's Chris. How much money did you and Rex Bohn each raise in the 2004 election?

Does your recent fundraising letter contain a mistake? Or a deliberate lie?

Is this how you are going to be conducting yourself throughout this election?

Chris Kerrigan, answer the question: Did Rex Bohn raise "upwards of $150,000" in your race in 2004?

The answer is NO. And the 460's prove it.

The 10-17-04 through 12-31-04 460s show Rex with just over $1,000 more than Chris - REX: $84,863.94 vs. CHRIS: $83,198.90. A very close match.

Will Salzman/Chris issue a correction?


  1. Which 460's Rose? I'll be posting the 2014 406 as soon as I can.

    The ones from 2004 should be public information.

    "lie" x 1

    You could continue to threaten Chris (again, uncouth Rose)

    Or the other option is to say it is you are trying to say. Typing is fairly easy.

    I'll be waiting with "baited breath" Rose for this.

    BTW, are candidates allowed to make mistakes? Ryan Sundberg was on his 460. I'm OK with that.

    Truth be told, when I first became HCDCC Dem, events lead me to miss two or three 460 deadlines. Embarrasing? Yes! End of the world? No.

    What you are doing is building a molehill into a mountain hoping to slime how Chris "conducts" himself.

    Chris is an outstanding and civic minded person just as Virginia is. He will "conduct" himself just fine.

    So, again, partisanship Rose. Let's make this partisanship less about people and more about policies. We can start this by simply stating what it is you have to say, rather than making this a game.

    Or, is it a game that you consciously want? Because, again, again, the game does benefit those who can't win addressing the issues.

  2. Julie Timmons3/29/2014 9:39 AM

    Yes, Rose, it would enhance YOUR credibility if you would be explicit about the mistakes" and "lies" you're talking about.

  3. Maybe Chris and Richard can prove their statements in Chris' fundraising letter.

  4. Good god Julie. Kerrigan? Gallegos? Salzman? Forgive me while I go vomit at who you "support".


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