Thursday, October 10, 2013

Well, well, well... Look who Chris Lehman's spokesmouth is...

Contact: Josh Drayton

Let the games begin.

Will there be a new anonymous hit-blog, Chris?

This explains a LOT.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Murder charge dropped against Flores; defendant released in Royal Inn stabbing case

Murder charge dropped against Flores; defendant released in Royal Inn stabbing case - Thadeus Greenson/The Times-Standard

William Flores was scheduled to appear in Humboldt County Superior Court for a hearing to determine if there was enough evidence to hold him to stand trial on a charge that he fatally stabbed Eureka resident Joshua Burrell, 33, but prosecutors dropped the murder charge and a special allegation that the slaying was carried out in association with a criminal street gang.

”We got some information based on further investigation that has us looking at some additional suspects,” prosecuting Deputy District Attorney Élan Firpo said. “I think we should wait until we have some more information before we proceed. The cleanest thing to do at this time is to dismiss and, if need be, refile (the case) at a later time.”

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Arnie Klein to formally announce he is running for DA on November 13

per John Chiv - Wordsworth

November 13 at 12:15, he will formally announce his candidacy in front of the Courthouse.

Who's asleep at the editorial wheel?

It's not posted online yet - but a Times-Standard letter-to-the-editor from Richard W. "R Trent" Salzman opining on 'honesty in politics is a bit much. How'd that get by you guys? And WHO wrote the title? Did you do that with a straight face?

Time for honesty in government - Richard W. Salzman/Letter-To-The-Editor/Times-Standard

Once again, the need for some institutional memory is startlingly clear.

Remember the ◼ "Web Of Lies"? Or did you excuse that away?

At least we know can assume he is using his own name this time:
"Though the Williams letters were signed "R. Trent Williams," e-mails sent from "Williams'" e-mail address appeared in inboxes as coming from "Rick William." Salzman's full name is Richard William Salzman.

Reached Tuesday {September 2005) morning, Salzman declined to comment on the matter any further. He said that he would not provide a list of false names he has used."

There's also a sudden spate of letters to the editor decrying 'big money' in politics.

What this means is - Salzman's faction is down and seeking to handicap 'the other side.'

Ken Miller's on the move as well, his latest puppet is running for the MCSD.

This election in November is a little one, and shouldn't have to become acrimonious, but all bets are off when sweet Ol' Ken is involved. And really guys, for what?

Next year promises to be bloody.