Monday, November 28, 2011


The #Occupiers are going after Mark Lovelace. Guess they don't respond to the voice of reason. Probably not gonna help him advocate at the state and national level.

We've had our differences, but he IS the hardest working Supervisor we have right now.

And he undoubtedly sees the #Occupy thing for what it is.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Step aside, the REAL activist muscle is involved now

Occupiers turn out for Saturday rally in Eureka
Armed with a variety of fliers, sign-up sheets and a microphone, Aryay Kalaki and Jerry Martien -- event organizers for the newly formed Occupy Humboldt County -- spoke about the need to move the “Occupy” movement beyond the courthouse's doorstep.

”The attempt here is to find a transition from the (Occupy Eureka) group here to finding a way to be effective in doing outreach to the larger community,” Kalaki said.
Whaddya wanna bet there are some other well-known names in the shadows.
”I'm hoping the movement can help to be a voice for real change on big issues,” (Mark) Lovelace said. “I need these people to help me advocate at the state and national levels.”
Higher office?

So far - what have they accomplished? They've got a cyclone fence keeping EVERYONE off the lawn. Good going. Ruin it for everyone, that is the end result of #Occupy. Eyesores, less freedom and more restriction.

Renege on student loans - no more student loans for anyone. Ruined for everyone.

Default on your mortgage to bring down the banks? No more mortgages for anyone. Ruined for everyone.

That's your end result. Nice to know who's down with that.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Two things

ONE - The #Occupy "movement"/campaign stunt finally has its dead victims. They didn't get their Kent State moment, but people are dead nonetheless. President Obama and his stormtrooper/goon pals should be held fully accountable. The blood is on their hands. Nice going, you divisive class warriors, Stephen Lerner, you and Michael Moore belong in jail.

TWO - The Mayors and Powers that be in the various municipalities have finally had enough. They're guilty of an unforgivable double-standard, holding responsible honest citizens (The Tea Party) to a whole different level of compliance and fees, and treated them with extreme disrespect (yes, you too, reporters) - and then allowed the animalistic #Occupy/campaign stunt free rein, with a wink and a nod. (Nancy Pelosi did not shed a tear, did she, no, not this time.)

And in this world where we are told we cannot do this, cannot do that, because of fear of liability - we can't have swingsets because someone might get hurt, can't do this that or the other thing because someone might slip and YOU the City, or County might be held liable, you have COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY INVALIDATED THIS. You have either acted extremely irresponsibly in allowing this madness to go on, where women are raped in the camps, drug abuse is rampant, filth and sewage is everywhere, people are dying in the tents on your property, and now you have shootings. Deaths, - Or - you have just shown that ALL of those concerns over liability can be tossed out. You don't mean it - and we can have swingsets again.

Reality has bitten. People have been killed. And you, in your complicity and cowardice, allowed this to go on. And in so doing, you have, as surely as the Eureka #Occupoopers, defecated on your good, honest, law-abiding citizens - the ones you are supposed to represent - and protect.

It's time for this hideous charade to end.

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