Thursday, June 25, 2009

More info on Bradshaw case

Court document sheds light on McKinleyville murder case
Two people close to a McKinleyville man accused of murdering his wife have told authorities that he made confessions to them about the crime and that he said it was an act of self-defense, according to court documents in the case.

Robin Stuart Bradshaw, 57, was arrested June 12 on a murder warrant, months after Monica Bradshaw, his 53-year-old wife of 30 years, went missing. Robin Bradshaw has pleaded not guilty to the single murder charge he faces, and remains in Humboldt County jail on $1 million bail awaiting a July 7 preliminary hearing.

Monica Bradshaw was reportedly last seen by neighbors of the couple's Dow's Prairie home in late summer of 2008, when she and Robin Bradshaw set off to bury a neighbor's dead horse. She was never reported missing, and her body has not been recovered.

An affidavit for an arrest warrant in Robin Bradshaw's case file sheds some new light on the case against him, and why county prosecutors are prepared to proceed in the case without Monica Bradshaw's body.

According to the document, a person close to Robin Bradshaw told investigators in the case that he confessed to having killed his wife, saying it was an act of self-defense. The person told investigators that Bradshaw claimed he was in the master bathroom of the couple's house when Monica Bradshaw attacked him with a crowbar, hitting him across the back.

Robin Bradshaw reportedly told the person that he was able to wrestle the crowbar away from his wife, and then hit her over the head with it, causing her to fall into the bathtub. According to the affidavit, Robin Bradshaw reportedly said he then hit Monica Bradshaw twice more, once in the head and once in the shoulder.

The person further told investigators that Robin Bradshaw confessed to first burying his wife in a shallow grave in the backyard of the couple's Dow's Prairie Road home, only to later dig up her body and bury it on an undeveloped Danco subdivision off of Fieldbrook Road in McKinleyville.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

4-1 vote - railroad DOA

Why waste anyone's time or money with a railroad authority? It is, for all intents and purposes, dead. And Neely, Lovelace and Clendenen ought to be upfront about their intentions. My opinion.

Save the County alot of money, close the port and shut down anything to do with the railroad, The shut-it-down crowd is on power and nothing will stop them now.

You voted for them. You got it.

Supes appoint Linda Atkins to North Coast Railroad Authority

another drug deal robbery

Redway man held up, chases suspects
A 23-year-old Redway man handed over his wallet Saturday when a man reportedly looking to buy marijuana allegedly held a gun to his head during a drug sale at Redway Beach a little before 1 p.m.

Despite his handing over of the wallet, he was apparently determined not to let the alleged robbers get away.
Robert Anthony Mendez and a friend had met the three suspects at Beach and Oakridge roads in lower Redway, the Sheriff's Office reported.

”During that transaction one of the 'buyers' went to his vehicle and retrieved a handgun,” the news released stated. “The suspect pointed the gun at Mendez' head. A second suspect brandished a semi-automatic rifle and demanded Mendez' wallet.”

The three buyers then fled the scene with the marijuana. Mendez followed in his pickup. Near Dean Creek on Redwood Drive north of Redway, the suspect driver, identified as Amber Capri Wendorf, 20, of Chatsworth, stepped on her brakes, prompting Mendez to run into the rear of their vehicle with such force that their rear bumper was embedded in the front of his pickup.

The pursuit continued onto U.S. Highway 101 and headed south. Shortly after, according to the Sheriff's Office, Mendez reported seeing the front passenger lean out and allegedly fire several shots toward him. The victim also reported seeing several items being thrown from the suspect's vehicle....

...”A short way away,” the Sheriff's Office reported, “CHP officers and Mendocino County Sheriff's Deputies had detained the three suspects after stopping their car.”

Following the incident, officers found the semi-automatic rifle that had allegedly been thrown from the suspects' vehicle, as well as several pounds of marijuana. Two people unassociated with the incident found Mendez' wallet and turned it over to authorities.

Officers arrested the suspects -- Nicholas Bradford Brown, 19, of Sherman Oaks; Rayshaun Antowina Brock, 28, of Inglewood; and Wendorf -- taking them to the Mendocino County jail in Ukiah. The three were later booked into Humboldt County jail, according to a jail spokesperson, on suspicion of robbery.

early morning shoot-out

Orleans gun fight ends with one man shot, another arrested
An early morning shoot-out between two men in Orleans on Sunday resulted in one man shot several times in the legs and the other arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

A Humboldt County Sheriff's Office deputy was dispatched to the 200 block of Gold Dredge Road at 3 a.m. Sunday after a man called and said he was armed with a loaded handgun and threatened to kill anyone who approached. As the deputy drove up, he learned that 61-year-old Lee Warren Piola of Orleans had allegedly shot his neighbor.

The deputy carefully approached Piola's residence, according to a news release, but didn't find the suspect. As the deputy turned his car to go to the victim's house, he saw Piola, allegedly with a flashlight in one hand and a handgun in the other. He reportedly began running at the deputy.

The deputy yelled several times for Piola to stop and drop his weapon, the Sheriff's Office said. The deputy drew his service weapon and again ordered Piola to stop. At about 20 yards away, Piola reportedly dropped his gun and was soon detained....

Sheriff's Office alleges that earlier, Piola went to Tilden's house and began firing at the residence. Tilden then reportedly went outside, armed with a handgun, and the two exchanged a total of 17 rounds.

Piola was booked into Humboldt County jail on suspicion of attempted murder and for allegedly shooting at an inhabited dwelling. His bail is set at $500,000....


Monday, June 22, 2009

Elections have consequences

The regressive "Progressive" agenda steams ahead.

BOS TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 2009 agenda

3. Appointment of Linda Atkins to the North Coast Railroad Authority.(Supervisor Clendenen and Supervisor Neely)
RECOMMENDATION: Approve the appointment of Linda Atkins to the North Coast Railroad Authority.

Question: Who else applied? Where does Linda Atkins stand on the railroad? With the shut-it-down crowd? And if so, WHY would you appoint someone who may have no intention of seeing things work out for the railroad? Is it the intention of the Board of Supervisors to sabotage any efforts to make PROGRESS with the railroad efforts?

Railroad Fanboys Dissed Again The Journal

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors is poised tomorrow to deliver yet another slap to the cadre of railroad dreamers who have been hoping against hope, year after year, to restore freight service along the 10-years-dead Northwestern Pacific Railroad line and so develop the similarly stagnant Humboldt Bay into some kind of entrepot in Pacific Rim international trade.

On the agenda for tomorrow’s Board of Supervisors’ meeting is an item that would appoint new Eureka City Councilmember Linda Atkins to the seat on the North Coast Railroad Authority currently held by über-railfan Charles Ollivier. Ollivier, a former longshoreman, represented the McKinleyville area on the board of the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District until 2007, when he was handily defeated by fish biologist Pat Higgins in what amounted to a referendum on the wispy harbor-railroad scheme.

The staff report for tomorrow’s item notes that three candidates submitted their application for Ollivier’s seat — Atkins, Arcata City Councilmember Michael Winkler and former state senator, Arcata City Manager and ncra Executive Director Dan Hauser....

Obviously, the two Supervisors who put this on the agenda do not care about qualifications.

Note: supporting documents on the County website, for this item are incorrectly posted, what you get are the docs for the parenting item.

Note - In response to mresqaun in comments below: This is not necessarily about Linda Atkins = has there been any discussion about this matter in open session? Has the Board discussed this appointment? And made a public decision on this appointment? Has the public provided input?

Or did two - or three? - supervisors decide, on their own who was to be appointed?

Perhaps someone just made a mistake in writing this thing up - and these two Supervisors were just making their preference known ahead of time, and an underling made this error.

Supes appoint Linda Atkins to North Coast Railroad Authority

Friday, June 19, 2009

Is Wilson pro-business? All of a sudden?

That's funny, I would have associated him with the job/business-killers and predatory litigants. Maybe I am wrong - or Must be campaign time. "By sharing with the community these meetings and new ideas, we hope to help forge a shared vision of how we can move forward in these uncertain economic times."

Diversifying Humboldt Bay's economy by Mike Wilson (Mike Wilson is the 3rd Division commissioner of the Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation and Conservation District.)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Down in flames

Calif. cities' military recruiting laws tossed AP, via The Journal 1:52 p.m.

Judge tosses Youth Protection Acts TS 2:12:19 PM
Court deals blow to Youth Protection Acts Updated version
< Ahem! Deals blow? >
A U.S. District Court has thrown out the 2008 ballot measures passed by Arcata and Eureka voters that aimed to block the military from recruiting minors in the cities.

Judge Saundra Brown Armstrong ruled in favor of the federal government in San Francisco today, saying the cities hadn't shown that they had suffered any injury. Armstrong wrote that the cities have no standing to bring the claims, which were based in part on alleged constitutional violations.

Arcata and Eureka voters in November passed the ballot measures. The federal government sued, saying the U.S. Constitution's Supremacy Clause doesn't allow cities to regulate the activities of the United States.

Arcata and Eureka countersued, claiming the U.S. military's recruiting policies violate a 2002 international treaty that bans recruiting of children under 17.

Armstrong ordered that the cities are permanently prevented from enforcing the ordinances.

Updated: Arcata City Attorney Nancy Diamond said that the litigation team that worked on the case is evaluating Armstrong's ruling. She said that the City Council would be briefed at its next meeting on July 1. Diamond also said that appealing the matter is not being ruled out.

”We're going to give it a very good, fair evaluation,” Diamond said....

Arcata Councilman Mark Wheetley said that the city will have to determine whether there are grounds for an appeal of the matter. He said that while the city committed to taking on the court battle, at some point it will also have to consider its fiduciary responsibilities.

attaching docs developing.
The Court accordingly ORDERS that the motion for judgment on the pleadings is granted; and further DECLARES that Arcata, California, Ballot Measure F (2008), and Eureka, California, Ballot Measure J (2008), violate the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution, and are invalid, and further ORDERS that the defendant, the City of Arcata, California, and its successors, agents, and employees, are hereby permanently enjoined to cease and desist from the enforcement of the ordinance that was enacted by Arcata, California, Ballot Measure F (2008); and further ORDERS that the defendant, the City of Eureka, California, and its successors, agents, and employees, are hereby permanently enjoined to cease and desist from the enforcement of the ordinance that was enacted by Eureka, California, Ballot Measure J (2008).
Dated: 6/17/09

Time to move on TS editorial

dispute ends in death, murder charges

Brother dies after shooting
A man allegedly shot by his brother Tuesday off Old Arcata Road died late that night at St. Joseph Hospital, and the accused shooter has now been charged with murder.

Ted Kilston Stevens, 49, was reportedly shot in the head by 59-year-old Roy Lee Stevens at the older brother's residence on Ole Hansen Road near Indianola following a heated argument.

Humboldt County sheriff's detectives said that Ted Stevens drove to Roy Lee Stevens' home with his wife, his stepdaughter and his two step-grandchildren, ages 3 and 4, at around 1 p.m. Tuesday. Ted Stevens got out of his pickup truck and an argument erupted with his brother, while the children were in the vehicle.

What the argument was about isn't clear at this time, said sheriff's Lt. George Cavinta.

”There's two sides to the story every time,” Cavinta said. “There was an obvious argument that turned heated.”

Officials said Roy Lee Stevens somehow got a hand-held Taser and tried to use it on his brother, who was able to keep Roy Lee Stevens at bay. Roy Lee Stevens then went into his mobile home and came out with a gun, the Sheriff's Office said.

Roy Lee Stevens pursued his brother and allegedly fired the gun, striking him in the head and knocking him down next to the pickup. He then called 911 and told sheriff's dispatchers that he'd just shot his brother. Deputies responded and took Roy Lee Stevens into custody.

Apparent sibling argument turns violent and bloody

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Taped Jailhouse Confession w/update Murder suspects to stand trial

Tape may shed light on Pease killing
A man charged in the February stabbing death of Eureka man Andrew Pease seems to have admitted to the killing in a recorded jail house conversation with his mother, which was played at a preliminary hearing in Humboldt County Superior Court Tuesday.

James Robert Stanko, 26, in a tortured conversation with his mother, Angela Manfredonia, the day after the killing, said it was him that killed Pease. He had been “driving around” with co-defendant John Lewis Way, 30, that night, he said. Stanko's mother asked her son if he'd killed somebody.

”It was me, man,” Stanko answered, “I don't want to f-in' talk about that.”

...Stanko and Way are charged in the Feb. 6 murder of 36-year-old Pease while he and a developmentally delayed child he was caring for were in the parking lot of Ray's Food Place on Broadway. The brutal stabbing allegedly came after a string of robberies and attempted robberies around Eureka that night. And while in court documents Stanko is alleged to be the man who repeatedly stabbed Pease, Way is also being charged with murder, as the killing happened during the commission of another felony.

Both men have pleaded not guilty and are in jail on $1 million bail. Stanko is being represented by public defender Kevin Robinson and Way is being represented by public defender David Lee.

Humboldt County Deputy District Attorney Arnie Klein on Tuesday presented the people's evidence against Stanko before Judge J. Bruce Watson....

Detective says Way wished he'd stopped Stanko
John Lewis Way told his wife that he wished he'd intervened before a spate of robberies he's accused of participating in ended in the murder of a Eureka man in February, according to a Eureka detective who testified he'd listened in on the call from Humboldt County jail.

Detective Todd Wilcox said the phone call occurred sometime in mid-February after Way had been arrested on suspicion of robbery and murder, along with his friend James Robert Stanko. Investigators believe it was Stanko who stabbed to death 36-year-old Andrew Pease in a supermarket parking lot on Feb. 6 after the pair went on a robbery spree that lasted less than a half hour.

Wilcox testified at the Humboldt County Superior Court preliminary hearing that Way told his wife several times that he never stabbed anyone, and also that he wished he'd stopped Stanko before anyone was hurt....

Murder suspects to stand trial

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Robin Stuart Bradshaw, arrested w/UPDATE

McKinleyville man arrested in wife's death
A McKinleyville man was arrested Friday afternoon on suspicion of killing his wife of 30 years.
Robin Stuart Bradshaw, 57, was taken into custody by Humboldt County sheriff's officials and district attorney investigators at his Dow's Prairie home and booked into jail on a murder warrant. He's suspected of killing his 53-year-old wife, Monica Bradshaw, who has been missing since at least mid-January.

District Attorney Paul Gallegos said Robin Bradshaw will likely be arraigned Monday or Tuesday, and faces a single count of murder. Robin Bradshaw is being held in Humboldt County jail on $1 million bail.

”His wife is a missing person and we believe that the compelling evidence we have indicates that she is missing because she is dead and that Mr. Bradshaw buried her at some currently undisclosed location,” Gallegos said.

Gallegos said that Eureka attorney Peter Martin is representing Robin Bradshaw. Martin said that he can't confirm or deny whether Robin Bradshaw is his client....

Investigators have served several search warrants in recent months at the couple's property and other locations. In mid-January an excavator was used to dig up parts of the property. Investigators also seized financial records, a computer, medications, receipts, handwritten notes, a can of Campbell's soup and items from the backyard, according to court documents. Robin Bradshaw's car was also searched, the documents read....

Bradshaw pleads not guilty to murdering wife 06/16/2009
Robin Stuart Bradshaw of McKinleyville pleaded not guilty in Humboldt County Superior Court on Monday to charges that he murdered his wife sometime in the past several months.
Appearing handcuffed in an orange jumpsuit, with a shaved head, the 57-year-old Bradshaw listened as the charges were read against him. The former construction foreman is charged with killing Monica Bradshaw, 53, his wife of 30 years, after a months-long investigation ended with his arrest Friday in McKinleyville.
Monica Bradshaw has been missing since at least January.
Judge J. Bruce Watson read the charges after Robin Bradshaw's attorney Peter Martin disqualified Judge Timothy Cissna. Watson set Robin Bradshaw's preliminary hearing for July 7.

DA's office (Paul Gallegos) still undecided in Bradshaw case; Gallegos to talk to pathologist next week May 28, 2010
Bradshaw sentencing postponed, Gallegos "weighing" decision May 5, 2010
...Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos received Super's report last week, but has yet to decide how to proceed with the case. At Tuesday's hearing, Bradshaw's attorney, Peter Martin, said Gallegos had contacted him asking that the sentencing hearing be postponed.

”He wants more time, I believe, to review the medical report and to request supporting materials from the medical examiner,” Martin said....

”It's going to be something Paul's going to have to think about.” April 27, 2010
-- Bradshaw autopsy report with Humboldt County DA; indicates blunt force trauma as cause of death
Autopsy report coming in Bradshaw case; plea agreement hinges on results for McKinleyville man accused of wife's murder APRIL 24, 2010
Bradshaw positively identified; full autopsy report pending more test results FEBRUARY 01, 2010
Autopsy set for Sunday in Bradshaw case JANUARY 23, 2010
ANOTHER PLEA DEAL - Bradshaw agreed to give location of body in plea deal JANUARY 09, 2010
Robin Stuart Bradshaw entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors last month, agreeing to disclose the location of his wife's body and plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter, court records show.
Authorities believe they have found the body of missing McKinleyville woman JANUARY 08, 2010
The person further told investigators, according to the affidavit, that Robin Bradshaw confessed to first burying his wife in a shallow grave in the backyard of his home, only to later dig her body up and bury it on an undeveloped Danco subdivision off of Fieldbrook Road in McKinleyville.
Hearing for McKinleyville murder case continued NOVEMBER 05, 2009
Bradshaw Prelim continued to Nov. 5 SEPTEMBER 30, 2009
Prelim for Robin Stuart Bradshaw JULY 07, 2009
Bradshaw pleads not guilty to murdering wife June 16, 2009
Robin Stuart Bradshaw, arrested JUNE 16, 2009
Second search warrant issued in missing woman case - and a request to seal documents January 29, 2009
Monica Bradshaw: MISSING January 27, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Josiah Miller arraigned in Del Norte court w/UPDATE

☛TS Miller arraigned in Del Norte court
Arcata resident Josiah Miller was arraigned in Del Norte County Tuesday afternoon on charges related to the murder of Michelle Ashlee Dickson, a 23-year-old Crescent City woman who was stabbed to death in July.

According to his attorney, William Cater, Miller pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and arson and waived his right to a speedy trial.

Miller has pleaded not guilty since his arrest on July 24, the day after Dickson's body was discovered under the Thomas Creek Bridge near Brookings, Ore. Investigators with the Del Norte County Sheriff's Office have accused Miller of stabbing Dickson and dropping her body off the 345-foot-tall bridge.

Miller pleads not guilty in Dickson killing 06/13/2009
Arcata resident Josiah Miller pleaded not guilty on Friday to charges he murdered a 23-year-old Crescent City woman and threw her body over an Oregon bridge last year.

Miller, 28, entered the plea in Del Norte County Superior Court, and remains in custody. He allegedly stabbed Michelle Ashlee Dickson to death last July in California, then dumped her body off a bridge just outside Brookings, Ore.

Del Norte County District Attorney Michael Riese said that no plea deal has been offered to Miller, as his preliminary trial was held just Tuesday.

”It's probably way premature to be talking about a plea deal,” Riese said.

Miller's attorney, William Cater, said he would not comment on the pending case.

Josiah Miller pleads guilty in 23-year-old Michelle Dickson's death
An Arcata man pleaded guilty Monday to killing a 23-year-old Crescent City woman and dumping her body off an Oregon bridge two years ago.

Josiah M. Miller pleaded guilty to stabbing Michelle Ashlee Dickson, 23, on July 15, 2008, near Crescent City.

According to Del Norte County District Attorney Michael Riese, Miller accepted a plea deal for voluntary manslaughter, which comes with a sentence of up to 11 years in prison.

Riese said the charge will also require Miller to serve at least 85 percent of the time sentenced. Miller was facing a murder charge, with a special allegation that he used a deadly weapon in committing the act, and felony arson.

In a case that was plagued with jurisdictional questions, a venue change due to media attention and a delayed trial, Miller's acceptance of the plea deal is good news for the prosecution, according to Riese.

”We have no witness, no murder weapon, we question if he had an opportunity to do it,” he said, adding that they would have risked losing the trial without the plea.

”It was something the family had a lot of input on, and it does give them closure,” Riese said.

Dickson's mother Sandy Davis said she was not prepared to comment on the matter, and was “spending time with my family, savoring this.”

Prosecutors allege that Miller drove from Arcata to meet Dickson on July 15, 2008, at a spot on Sand Mine Road, just south of Crescent City, to purchase $850 worth of marijuana from her.

Miller was accused of stabbing Dickson to death and setting her car on fire before driving into Oregon to dump her body.


Never mind they had the blood in his truck, I guess. Too bad.

James George Lenard Smith arrested

New suspect arrested in Easter robbery
Authorities have arrested a second suspect in connection with an Easter Sunday home invasion robbery in McKinleyville that ended with one man shot two times.

On Thursday, Humboldt County Sheriff's detectives arrested James George Lenard Smith, 29, of Eureka, and booked him into the Humboldt County jail on charges of robbery of an inhabited dwelling and burglary, Sheriff's Office officials reported.

Smith is one of three suspects police believe participated in the robbery on Harden Drive, during which one of the home's residents reportedly fired a handgun at the suspects as they sped away.

Smith was reportedly uninjured in the shooting. However, Mario DeAngelo Alexander, who was allegedly riding in the vehicle, was reportedly shot in his chest and in the hand.

In late May, 26-year-old Isaac Metheney of Eureka was arrested in Oregon and extradited to California for his alleged role in the incident. Metheney faces charges of felony robbery and robbery of an inhabited dwelling.

An arrest warrant has also been issued for a third suspect, Asika Nicks, 25, the Sheriff's Office reported. Nicks is wanted for his suspected involvement in the same robbery.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Downgrade your dreams

A 77-square-foot room with a view.
"Healthy Humboldt's" vision for your future. get used to it. Hey, it's a step above a cardboard lean to. Maybe a step below a trailer park, but who cares?
Closet living for $150 per month

Meanwhile, Greg King wants the minions to show up at the Humboldt County General Plan hearing tonight with a sign that says "Option A is a '+' for Humboldt County."

Now I forget, which "group" is he with now? "Healthy Humboldt?" NEC? Earth First?

Will they be handwritten signs, so they can pretend to be just plain ole grassroots citizens? Or will they be all fancy expensive collateral ala Baykeeper?

It's likely they'll dominate the meeting - all the regular people have graduation and end-of-school kid things to attend.

Charges may be reduced

Charges may change for Bear
A Wednesday preliminary hearing for a Hoopa driver who struck and killed a bicycle commuter in August 2008 was delayed as a result of new evidence, which District Attorney Paul Gallegos said may force prosecutors to reduce charges in the case.

Speaking after the hearing, Gallegos said as the investigation into the crash has continued to unfold, California Highway Patrol officers say it appears Alan Bear did not act with gross negligence when he struck and killed 42-year-old bicyclist and local botanist Gregory Jennings.

In the opinion of the CHP investigators “this is not gross negligence,” Gallegos said. “I have an obligation to turn that evidence over to the defense, and I have to reevaluate my case.”

Bear has been charged with vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence, providing false information to a police officer and making an unsafe lane change. But, Gallegos said those charges may be altered as a result of the new information.

It is not yet certain the charges will be amended, or exactly what charges Bear would face if they are, Gallegos said.

Gross negligence is one of three criteria prosecutors must prove in order to sustain a vehicular manslaughter charge. Those criteria are: proof the defendant was driving the vehicle, the suspect violated the law and that violation was committed with gross negligence.

Gross negligence, as defined in California statute, is an act done with such careless disregard for the safety of others' lives that it is likely to cause foreseeable injury.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A tiny little group in reality

The opposite of the live and let live crowd, this is petty, vindictive, intolerant "progressive" BS on full display at every meeting you go to. Here's the latest, penned by Jennifer Kalt.
The Future of Humboldt's timberlands

The little tiny group of people, pretending to be so many different groups - the "Humboldt Watershed Council/Healthy Humboldt/DUHC/NEC/Baykeeper cabal. It's the same old same old 5 or 6 people. Kinda like the old joke about the Sheriff of the small town who is also the judge, the Mayor, the City Clerk and the Planning Director. Can we just come up with one name for them all?
Ever the master of self promotion:
Jennifer Kalt represents Healthy Humboldt, a coalition of public interest groups working for a County General Plan that provides healthy housing and transportation choices while protecting resource lands and watersheds by focusing future growth in existing communities. She is also a director of the Northcoast Environmental Center.

She's also Water quality coordinator Jen Kalt...Humboldt Baykeeper representative Jennifer Kalt...Jennifer Kalt, EPIC/Resource Protection Associate,/California Indian Basketweavers Association/Native Plant Society/TPZ "expert"

Pretty funny to see Jen Kalt pretending to care about Humboldt's timberlands, part of the crowd who shut down logging - more of that attempting to dictate what other people will do with property they own. It was particularly interesting to see Jen Kalt's spewing her talking points at the meeting at Azalea Hall during the TPZ debacle - where the other people in the room actually knew the facts, and could address the lies.

I suspect someone will be addressing this little attempt to influence the public, an attempt by people who own nothing, who have nothing vested in the outcome, trying to dictate what others can and cannot do. The kind of people who loves to impose rules and restrictions, but not follow them themselves.

In the meantime, the cabal is "balls to the wall" trying to force their will on the people of Humboldt County by attempting to steer the planning process. They are a very, very small group, despite their efforts to look big.

They are no longer going to just get away with it though - people whose lives are affected have begun to speak up and fight back ◼ Determining the path of Humboldt County Without all the phony fanfare, this one is penned by Estelle Fennell... the executive director of the Humboldt Coalition for Property Rights.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

is that a spark?

Youth Protection Act hearing canceled
Updated version
TS BREAKING NEWS: United States District Court Judge Saundra Armstrong canceled the oral arguments expected to be heard today on motions to the federal government's challenge to Eureka and Arcata's Youth Protection Acts.

Last November, voters in both cities passed twin measures aiming to prohibit the military recruiting of minors within city limits.

The government quickly sued, saying the cities can't regulate the activities of federal authorities, citing the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Government attorneys also argue that military recruiting serves a vital national interest.

The two measures run so far out of the purview of local governments, federal attorneys argue, they should be determined null and void without a trial.

Lawyers for Arcata and Eureka have argued that the government's recruiting policies are in violation of a 2002 international treaty that bans the recruiting of children under 17.

Armstrong was scheduled to hear oral arguments in the case today, but canceled the hearing, saying she would issue a ruling based on written arguments filed with the court.

That's not uncommon in federal court, said Eureka City Attorney Sheryl Schaffner, who traveled down to the San Francisco Bay Area for the hearing. Schaffner said she was informed that Armstrong expects to issue a ruling by the end of the week.

The cancellation of the hearing, Schaffner said, is probably not a good sign for the Youth Protection Acts.

"I suspect that, if anything, it's a negative sign for us because we obviously have the steeper hill to climb," Schaffner said.

Have to agree with the first comment: Oh for god sakes this is funny. Measure T went down with a preliminary injunction and in this case the Judge cancelled oral arguments as they were a complete waste of her time and decided to rule on the pleadings.

When will the local progs quit submitting blatantly unconstitutional proposed ordinances to the voters all the while telling them (lying) that they are constitutional?

”It's an ongoing thing every summer -- we deal with dope growing...”

Rangers bust pot grow in Humboldt Redwoods State Park
Jack Kyle Daniels, 28, of Rio Dell and Amanda Marie Mullen, 19, of Willits were found at the campsite and arrested by rangers. Later, the two were transported to the Humboldt County jail, where they were booked on charges of cultivation of marijuana and numerous charges related to illegal camping.

According to Bergstresser, the growing operation consisted of around 50 plants, which were sprouted out of bags of potting soil and from potting-soil trenches, which were spread over the ground. It appeared, Bergstresser said, the two campers had been hand-watering the plants that were grown in small clusters along a creek drainage.

Although Bergstresser said it is rare to find growers who are camping alongside their grow, the pot garden that was raided Saturday appeared to be similar to many other growing operations rangers have discovered inside Humboldt Redwoods State Park in recent years.

You live by the sword...

Humboldt County DA to be sued by homeless camp participants indybay
Humboldt county district attorney Paul Gallegos and the office of the HumCo DA have been added to the complaint filed by the People Project participants demanding accountability for the violation of human rights occuring in the raid on a homeless encampment in Arcata, CA. by police. The plaintiffs are demanding that the day and night harrassment of homeless people by police be stopped immediatly.

Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office Now Defendants in PEOPLE PROJECT Lawsuit People's Project Blog

Irony of ironies. The activist's DA sued by activists.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Orcutt: UPDATED: Guilty of stealing clothing

Closing argument delivered in Orcutt trial 06/05/2009
Jury begins deliberations in Orcutt trial 06/06/2009
Jury reaches verdict in Orcutt trial

...Orcutt faces eight total charges, including lewd conduct with a child 14 years of age, false imprisonment, burglary, committing a criminal threat and producing force likely to produce great bodily injury.

The girl testified she was awakened in the early morning on Nov. 21 to find a blanket had been placed over the television in her room, blocking the light, and her leg had been tied to her bedpost. As she looked around the room, she told police she saw a dark figure wearing only boxer shorts, with a T-shirt wrapped around his head.

When she screamed, the girl told police the person jumped on her, held her down and choked her. As the struggle continued, the girl testified the attacker took the shirt off his head and attempted to place it over her head, before he allegedly bound her arms and gagged her with a sock.

The girl reportedly told police, “I was shocked when I found out it was (Orcutt).”

Orcutt is alleged to have held a knife against the girl's stomach, threatening to kill her. She told police that she asked him to untie her and allow her to turn on the lights. After she turned on the lights, she told police Orcutt began gathering up objects off the floor of the room and stuffed them into a bag...

Prosecutor Arnold Klein... Defense Attorney Marek Reavis

Here's the interesting part:
Some of the statements the girl made during an initial interview with investigators differed from facts she gave during her testimony, and Reavis pointed at those discrepancies during his closing argument.

”Does that (story) sound reasonable? Does that sound logical, or does that sound fantastical? Does that sound imaginary? Does it sound like the imagination of a 14-year-old?” Reavis asked the jury.

When asked on the stand, the girl told Reavis she did not believe Orcutt's actions were sexual in nature during the incident.

That was disputed by prosecuting Deputy District Attorney Arnold Klein.

After deliberating for nearly three hours, a panel of jurors returned Tuesday morning with a verdict in the case of Lawrence Orcutt, finding the defendant guilty of first-degree burglary and acquitting him of seven other felony charges.

Orcutt, who faced eight felony charges, now awaits sentencing July 7 for first degree burglary, and three assault and battery misdemeanors.

”I'm disappointed in terms of that one count, but I'm very happy he beat the other counts,” said Orcutt's attorney Marek Reavis.

“It was a he-said, she-said story. In this case, almost all the circumstantial evidence fell toward Mr. Orcutt.”

...According to Reavis, the jurors found Orcutt guilty of burglary for stealing the clothing off the bedroom floor. That fact, he said, was perhaps the only issue not disputed during the trial.

The jury hung on felony counts of false imprisonment and issuing a criminal threat, Reavis said.

According to Reavis, the jurors had difficulty believing testimony given by the girl due to false or inaccurate statements she made during the investigation and trial. Reavis said the jurors acquitted Orcutt of charges related to child molestation, but agreed he was guilty of three assault and battery misdemeanors -- lesser included charges that were offered in lieu of the felony charges.

”I'm pleased that he was found guilty of felony criminal wrongdoing,” said Deputy District Attorney Arnold Klein, who prosecuted the case. “We're very pleased he was convicted -- he's still going to state prison.”...

Missing/Cold cases

Retired deputy keeps looking for Humboldt's missing
John Driscoll's story on Dan Paris is interesting. For one thing, I don't remember hearing much about these disappearances.

...Christine Walters, a Wisconsin woman who went missing from Eureka on Nov. 11, 2008. The 23-year-old's backpack, wallet and ID were found just after her disappearance. A bank account with a few hundred dollars in it has not been touched. She was known to take long walks in the Arcata Community Forest by herself. She hasn't contacted her family.

It sounds highly suspicious. But of the 15 cases currently on Paris' desk, Walters is the one for whom he has the most hope. Surprisingly, it's not uncommon for people to leave possessions behind -- even money. Walters was supportive of the environmental movement in the area, and Paris has seen a photo of a young woman with strawberry-blond hair being shown how to climb trees at a Southern Humboldt activist camp....

...Bradley Thompson, a 44-year-old painter who went missing from Redway in 2005, appears to be tragic. Thompson was last seen on Feb. 24, 2005, driving his 1989 Ford pickup truck in Garberville, Redway, Myers Flat and perhaps through Rio Dell and Hydesville. A week after he disappeared, the truck was discovered along a back road in Myers Flat.

Thompson had struggled with heroin addiction, and the truck was parked close to a house occupied by two recovering heroin addicts...

...Scott Hayes, last seen in Arcata in 1996. Hayes' truck was found parked on U.S. Highway 101 near Redcrest. It was out of gas and locked. There were no signs of foul play. The case is as cold as can be....

Friday, June 05, 2009

Shoulda just registered as a GREEN

There's not a snowball's chance in hell that the HCDCC is going to endorse New Democrat Virginia Bass. They didn't endorse Democrat Richard Marks against Bonnie Neely when she was a Republican - even THOUGH he had participated in all the bake sales. Now she has switched parties, Republican to Democrat, AND Jeff Leonard, AND Richard Marks are also reportedly in the race. (Has Neely announced?)

As a GREEN, you would have given them a possible winning candidate they could be proud of - coulda been interesting. Libertarian would have been better.

It is a non-partisan race, after all - and the never-ending political season is upon us. ◼ Primary race still a year away for Supes

Richard Marks
Bonnie's coming out party. Richard Marks
Prev. Post on Neely

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

They're ba-a-a-ck

Humboldt Watershed Council
Working in tandem.

Belant, guilty

Belant guilty on all counts
A Humboldt County jury on Monday convicted Brian Andrew Belant of each of the 17 felony charges of child molestation and possession of child pornography he faced.

”The evidence was overwhelming,” said juror No. 8, who asked not to be identified. “We looked at all the evidence and came to a unanimous decision.”

A teacher's aide and youth pastor, Belant, 26, was arrested March 1, 2008, at his Eureka home after a Humboldt County Sheriff's Office investigation revealed Belant had molested three boys under the age of 14.

After the investigation turned up another victim, Belant was eventually held to answer to a total of 17 charges relating to four victims, including two charges of possessing child pornography and nine counts of molestation, in some cases by means of force or fear.

Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos said the verdict means Belant is facing four life sentences.

Belant's attorney, Andrew Pruitt, was not immediately available for comment after Monday's verdict.

Gallegos said his office offered Belant a plea bargain that would have seen him serve 40 years in prison in exchange for providing law enforcement with the names of other victims.

”Mr. Belant was always willing to be cooperative, but the price he wanted for that cooperation was never palatable,” Gallegos said, adding that he's still willing to offer Belant a use immunity agreement in exchange for information he can provide n any other potential victims in the case so the victims can have access to support services.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Crime paid

Humboldt County men plead guilty to marijuana real estate buys
...felony charges of maintaining property to cultivate marijuana and conspiring to launder money...Jordan Pyhtila, 29, of Rio Dell, and Jessie Jeffries, 27, of Garberville...4,677 marijuana plants growing on properties located in Garberville, Eureka, Miranda and Blocksburg...a promissory note in the amount of $945,000, obtained from the sale of a subdivision the two men were developing on the Dinsmore Plateau in Rio Dell...began purchasing the properties in 1999... made the properties available to others for the cultivation of marijuana, and financed real estate purchased by others who planned to use the land to grow marijuana... helped other marijuana growing operations by financing equipment, building materials, plant clones, fertilizer, labor wages and various other expenses. In exchange, the two men received a portion of the profits made from the sale of marijuana grown on the properties... admitted to using the net profits of the marijuana cultivation to finance their business, J&J Earthmoving, and to buy numerous other properties across Northern California, in order to conceal the profits earned from drug sales... used nominee owners on the various properties to conceal their ownership of the properties....

Lived high on the hog apparently, too...
The $78,000 engagement ring! Eureka!
Just a case of plumb luck. It took a plumber to retrieve a woman's 7-carat diamond ring after city workers failed in efforts to flush the gem out of the pipes of a restaurant toilet...