Tuesday, April 27, 2010

”It's going to be something Paul's going to have to think about.”

Bradshaw autopsy report with Humboldt County DA; indicates blunt force trauma as cause of death
Prosecutors have received an autopsy report on the death of Monica Bradshaw, and will be reviewing it in the coming days to determine whether to pursue a murder charge against her husband.

The report lists blunt force injuries as the cause of Bradshaw's death, but suggests she may have also suffered other injuries that could contradict her husband's story....

Her husband was arrested June 12 after a lengthy investigation and charged with her murder. In December, Robin Bradshaw entered into a plea agreement, pleading guilty to a count of voluntary manslaughter upon a sudden quarrel or in the heat of passion; and one count of making a false insurance claim.

As a condition of the plea, Robin Bradshaw led investigators to where he had buried his wife some 18 months earlier. The plea is also contingent on forensic pathologist Dr. Mark Super's examination finding forensic evidence that corroborates his version of events -- that he struck Monica Bradshaw over the head and shoulders two or three times with a metal bar, but only after his wife first assaulted him with the weapon.

Humboldt County District Attorney's Office Chief Investigator Mike Hislop said Monday that his office has received the long-awaited report from the Jan. 24 autopsy, and that District

Attorney Paul Gallegos will review the report to determine whether to leave the plea agreement in place or pursue the initial murder charge....

Gallegos was not immediately available for comment Monday, but Hislop said he would be giving Gallegos the report Monday for review and, ultimately, a charging decision.

”It's going to be something Paul's going to have to think about,” Hislop said.

Robin Bradshaw remains held in the Humboldt County jail on $1 million bail and is awaiting a May 4 sentencing hearing if his plea agreement remains in place.

Might be the most politically motivated decision yet.


DA's office (Paul Gallegos) still undecided in Bradshaw case; Gallegos to talk to pathologist next week May 28, 2010
Bradshaw sentencing postponed, Gallegos "weighing" decision May 5, 2010
...Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos received Super's report last week, but has yet to decide how to proceed with the case. At Tuesday's hearing, Bradshaw's attorney, Peter Martin, said Gallegos had contacted him asking that the sentencing hearing be postponed.

”He wants more time, I believe, to review the medical report and to request supporting materials from the medical examiner,” Martin said....

”It's going to be something Paul's going to have to think about.” April 27, 2010
-- Bradshaw autopsy report with Humboldt County DA; indicates blunt force trauma as cause of death
Autopsy report coming in Bradshaw case; plea agreement hinges on results for McKinleyville man accused of wife's murder APRIL 24, 2010
Bradshaw positively identified; full autopsy report pending more test results FEBRUARY 01, 2010
Autopsy set for Sunday in Bradshaw case JANUARY 23, 2010
ANOTHER PLEA DEAL - Bradshaw agreed to give location of body in plea deal JANUARY 09, 2010
Robin Stuart Bradshaw entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors last month, agreeing to disclose the location of his wife's body and plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter, court records show.
Authorities believe they have found the body of missing McKinleyville woman JANUARY 08, 2010
The person further told investigators, according to the affidavit, that Robin Bradshaw confessed to first burying his wife in a shallow grave in the backyard of his home, only to later dig her body up and bury it on an undeveloped Danco subdivision off of Fieldbrook Road in McKinleyville.
Hearing for McKinleyville murder case continued NOVEMBER 05, 2009
Bradshaw Prelim continued to Nov. 5 SEPTEMBER 30, 2009
Prelim for Robin Stuart Bradshaw JULY 07, 2009
Bradshaw pleads not guilty to murdering wife June 16, 2009
Robin Stuart Bradshaw, arrested JUNE 16, 2009
Second search warrant issued in missing woman case - and a request to seal documents January 29, 2009
Monica Bradshaw: MISSING January 27, 2009


  1. "Might be the most politically motivated decision yet."

    For him and Hislop. Big boys with big guns.

  2. Pauly? Think? OMG.


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