Saturday, January 23, 2010

Autopsy set for Sunday in Bradshaw case

Autopsy set for Sunday in Bradshaw case
An autopsy on the remains believed to be those of a missing McKinleyville woman has been scheduled for Sunday, and her husband's manslaughter plea agreement hinges on the results, according to court records....

Robin Bradshaw was arrested June 12 and charged with murder. But in December, Robin Bradshaw entered into a plea agreement, pleading to one count of voluntary manslaughter upon a sudden quarrel or in the heat of passion; and one count of making a false insurance claim. As a condition of the plea, Robin Bradshaw agreed to disclose the location of his wife's body....

Under the plea deal, Robin Bradshaw faces a 12-year prison sentence.

A court transcript from Dec. 17 indicates that Robin Bradshaw's plea is contingent on forensic evidence uncovered during the autopsy matching the story he gave to authorities.

”This is a conditional plea,” said Robin Bradshaw's attorney, Peter Martin, according to the transcript. “The condition is as follows: Mr. Bradshaw will lead police to Mrs. Bradshaw's remains. A forensic examination will be performed on the remains. If forensic evidence establishes that Mrs. Bradshaw did not die in the manner described ... by the defendant to polygraph examiner Jim Dawson, it will be considered a breach of the plea bargain, and the people may petition the court to vacate the plea agreement.”

Bradshaw positively identified; full autopsy report pending more test results
Human remains unearthed from a wooded area near McKinleyville earlier this month have been positively identified as those of Monica Bradshaw.

Humboldt County Coroner Dave Parris said that the forensic pathologist, Dr. Mark Super, who performed an autopsy on Monica Bradshaw last weekend, has ordered more tests and likely won't offer his full report for some weeks. Parris said that Super is being cautious and thorough, knowing his findings have major implications for Monica Bradshaw's husband, Robin Bradshaw, who is charged with killing her.

...Reached on Friday, Monica Bradshaw's sister, Caroline Sheffield, said she and her brother are relieved their sibling's body was recovered, and can now be laid to rest.

”We're immensely grateful that her body's been recovered, because my brother and I both had some very strong feelings about leaving her out there alone in the dirt,” Sheffield said. “We knew she was out there somewhere, but it's kind of like being discarded. That bothered us a great deal.”

Sheffield said she's disappointed that Robin Bradshaw is not facing more time in prison, but understands why the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office entered into the deal.

”It's better that he serves some time than none,” Sheffield said. “In this world, you take what you can get, and it's important that he be put away.”

While Sheffield said she was somewhat disappointed that the District Attorney's Office wasn't in better contact with her, she said the detectives who worked the case and Parris have been great.

”(Humboldt County Sheriff's Office) Detective Rich Schlesiger has been wonderful in keeping us informed every step of the way, and I think he's gone above and beyond,” she said. “He has been extraordinarily kind and helpful. He's very gentle and very caring.”

Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos said if Super's report indicates a manner of death different from what Robin Bradshaw has told authorities, he will fairly and impartially look at the evidence before making a decision on how to proceed.

”We'd probably be seeking to have the plea taken back and to start fresh (with the case),” Gallegos said....

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  1. what do you want to bet PG cant get a 12 year sentence when the guy already copped to it.


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