Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gallegos wins a RAPE case, YAY!! Whoo Hoo!!!~

#9724; Jasnosz convicted of 31 rape counts
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I'm sure Rose will post this article shortly:
Actually, I added it as an update to the prior post on the jury going for deliberations,
But if you are wanting to hear some cheering for Paul, have at it.

There ya go. However, I suggest you click on the "rape" label in the sidebar, or run a search for the word "rape" here.


  1. even a blind squirrel gets an acorn every now and then

  2. Actually Rose hates to admit it but Gallegos wins most if not all of his Jury trials. Like Belant and Applegate. Unlike Dikeman who lost approximately 10 cases in a row to Blair Angus.

  3. Not exactly, but he does cherrypick the slam dunks for himself, For all else he sends in the poor (mostly) green, unprepared underlings.

    They're overworked. Reports that come out of the courthouse of them coming in unprepared, dissolving in tears, etc are legion.

    And many jurors on Gallegos' own cases will tell you privately that they found the person guilty often IN SPITE OF Gallegos.

  4. Hearsay and gossip, Rose. Facts please.

  5. The fact is Gag's does hand pick the cases he takes to trial. He will always take the one's with the best evidence which in turn has the best chance to win.

    What he should be doing is be an administator, run the office like a real Manager.

    But just scroll down and click on the Measure T video, it's only six minutes and it pretty much says it all.

  6. It's his job to "hand pick" cases he will bring to trial. That's what all DAs are supposed to do.

    Still waiting for a few facts. If we don't see them we'll have no choice but to dismiss this blog as a gossipy mud slinging bore.

  7. He does like to go to trial. And he cannot run the office like a real manager as he has no business skills to do that.

    But, he can still go to trial as a private defense lawyer.

    What Humboldt County needs is someone who manages, trains and encourages the lawyers to get better...not take all the good trials away from them so they never get any experience.

  8. bottom line the DA's office is a mess and just getting by.

    "his job" to hand pick which cases he takes to trial? BS, it's his job as THE DA to assign personnel to specific cases, mangae the office, not for HIM to pick a petential winner for himself so he will look good.

  9. Sorry, but the district atty office is not a pre-school recreation program. His job is certainly NOT to parcel out cases to his employees. It is to represent the people. We don't care who runs the case as long as justice is served.

    You just said he's winning a lot of cases. Case closed.

  10. 9:15 you are out of touch and misinformed. Gallegos only takes cases to trial that are slam dunks in some respects. He has won these but he has also used up all of the resources of his office to do so. A lot of the time, he can't win the issue which forced the matter to trial. For example if the issue is first degree murder, he gets manslaughter. His Belant case and this one are other examples - how hard is it to get a conviction when you have 4 boys who testified that Belant sexually abused them and actual photographs of the abuse. This is why I consider your points irrelevant.

    All the while Paul fiddles, Rome (his office) is burning. All the programs that dealt with special victims,ie domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, crimes against the elderly - all of those are non-existent.

    Nope, your boy Gags will be finding new employment soon. If he thinks he is going to be getting any money from the majority of the community he should think again. I am a pretty moderate guy and that just ain't gonna be happening.

  11. 10:42, It is you who are out of touch. Every DA offers plea bargains. If a charge is reduced in sentencing, it's because the evidence to convict wasn't strong enough.

  12. 12:46, it is you who are out of touch. You don't even make sense saying "if a charge is reduced in sentencing its becaucse the evidence to convict wasn't strong." That just doesn't even make sense at all.

    If the evidence wasn't there to begin with the DA didn't do his job. If he can't convict because he nor his staff is smart enought to put a case together because he doesn't have 2 stepdaughters AND a wife to all testify, if he has to actually use skills to prove something and can't because he lacks the personal skills, then it is a travesty of justice.

    You sir sound like a misinformed zealot who doesn't know didley squat.

  13. Can anyone tell me what 9:15 is trying to say? Why is it that in all normal counties the DA is the administrator, but here we have nobody doing that job and really horrible cases reduced to insigificant charges on a daily basis.

  14. Ben McLaughlin1/23/2010 2:06 AM

    Kathleen Bryson, as I know you're posting here (it's patenttly obvious), please answer the following:

    1. Why, really, did you "leave" the DA's office?

    2. How many trials did you have during your tenure at the DA's office? And, what were they?

    3. How many felony cases did you handle, while at the DA's office?

    4. Why did you "leave" Manny Daskall's office?

    5. How many felonies did you handle at Manny Daskall's office?

    6. Have you ever prosecuted or defended a felony?

    7. Since you're promoting an admistrative platform, please define your qualifications.

    There are people who know the truth (emails, court minutes, and such.)


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