Saturday, January 02, 2010

Uh Oh!

Patrick vs. Patrick

This is going to be fascinating. Higgins appears to be off the reservation (the Heraldo reservation) and it's looking like he is going to get the John Wooley/Richard Marks treatment. What will the HCDCC do? Has there been a split in the heraldo faction? The circle seems to be getting smaller.

Seems Higgins is good enough to carry the water, as long as he is doing what he's supposed to on the Harbor Commission, but nope, not good enough for Supervisor. That spot has been reserved for Patrick Cleary. There'll be big tribal backing, the HCAOG seat is on the line. Poor Higgins is just a pawn in the game.

Higgins has every right to run. Wouldn’t be my choice by any stretch of the imagination, but I hope he sticks to his guns and stands up to the machine which is surely telling him to withdraw.

Side note: Funny, we have a Pat vs Pat race and a Mike vs Mike.
Update: and a Paul vs Paul


  1. Patrick Higgins is a member of the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee. Patrick Cleary is not.

  2. Wait -- what "Mike v. Mike"?

  3. Oh, right. I forgot. If you don't bring cupcakes to the bake sales you are not a real HCDCC Democrat.

    You may say that, but I think poor Higgins is going to be disappointed. The word is out. The forces have lined up.

    Cleary is reputed to be clearing his schedule. Higgins is good enough to carry the "Progressive" water for free on the Harbor Commission, but not to get the good paying job. Don't you realize? He is an important acquisition on the Harbor Commission, a placeholder, like getting Park Place in Monopoly. They fought hard to get that seat, and they want it held for them in order to "accrue power" - don't you realize how difficult it would be for them to reacquire that seat? They won't get Cleary to work for a job with no pay, so Higgins will be told to Sit! Stay! (Just don't speak.)

  4. Undersheriff Michael Downey vs. Mike Hislop

  5. I won't ever forget Pat Higgins playing Rottweiler guard dog protecting former HCDCC chair Pat Riggs from the terrible Steve's demand as a Democrat to be able to speak the HCDCC meetings. Riggs wouldn't allow me to speak up in the allotted time space for comments on HCDCC actions and when I kept asking why not, where's the rule preventing me as a Democrat from voicing my concerns in a Democratic Party meeting and receiving no answer from Riggs but a point to the door, Higgins met me in the hall when I didn't leave directly (using the bathroom) and acted like some bar bouncer making sure I was on my way out the door. If I was living in the 5 District I wouldn't vote for this man for dogcatcher. He is quite willing to trash democratic process when that process demands fair representation from the majority members of the Humboldt Democratic Party and not minority rule of Progressives who have seized control of HCDCC from mainstream Humboldt County Democrats. Kaitlin's probably waiting in the wings to run for Higgins spot on the Harbor Commission. Another Prog who likes to ignore democracy when it threatens the Progressive political kill-jobs/bankrupt Humboldt County agenda.

  6. To quote a line from "Aliens": "Looks like they're beginning to eat their wounded."

    Pass the popcorn.

  7. A little clarification: Pat Higgins is an associate member of the HCDCC. He does not have voting rights unless he garners a proxy from a sitting member.

    Stephen: Patrick Riggs is no longer chair and is in fact not a voting member. He is also an associate.

    I am a sitting HCDCC member who was voted in this position by nearly 90% of the Democrats in the 4th District. So whether my fellow Democrats agree with my political views is irrelevant. But we are pretty much in line ideology/social value wise.

    If you have a beef with the HCDCC please come to a meeting and express your Democratic freedom of speech. We may not all agree, but we are tolerant. Milt Boyd is more than fair in his position of moderator/chair.

    And for the rest of you Democrats who throw barbs at the HCDCC; there are enough positions open to alter whatever course you feel is needed. There are 2 positions open in the 1st District, 2 open in the 2nd, none in the 3rd and 4th and 1 in the 5th. One member is on the edge to be a non voting member due to lack of participation, so there are possibly 6 positions open out of 23 total.

    Next meeting is Jan. 13th at 7pm. Across from Denny's in Eureka. Right next to the gun club. (Kind of ironic)

  8. He did come to speak, Richard. He was not treated well.

    Look, there are good people on the HCDCC, and it looks like they have tried to remedy the Local Solutions takeover -

    What I have said, over and over and over again, is that they need to stop acting in the interests of that narrow PAC, and act as DEMOCRATS for the benefit of DEMOCRATS who run for office. Not to try to influence the election for Local Solutions to "accrue power" but to help Democrats who decide to take the bull by the hors and run for office - the Central Committee should offer assistance, advice, how to file, how to run a campaign, what you need to do, how to do a mailing, etc....

    It should not be reserved only for those who are active members, rather those who are active members should be there to SERVE people who decide to run, not to pick favorites, that is the voter's job.

    No lifelong Democrat should EVER be referred to as a "Republican stalking horse" as happened to Worth Dikeman.

    And I say that about BOTH/ALL party Central Committees, no matter what name they go by.

    But with respect to THIS race that we are talking about - the word is out - the HCDCC is fronting Cleary. That may be news to some on the committee, but that is the word from some rather high up people.

  9. I feel we are more tolerant than in the past. But you do make some very relevant observations Rose.

    I do think that Pat Higgins would have the advantage of endorsement. I would not be surprised if Cleary were endorsed over Higgins, I would be shocked.

  10. Then you will be shocked.

  11. The posting on Heraldo is "Patrick vs Patrick".

    Heraldo asked Sebourne on Dec 31 'when and where did Higgins announce?'. duh, only on the front page of the McK Press and missed too by the NCJ.

    Come on Hank - you used to be a journalist. You ask Rose 'Mike v Mike?' about two candidates who publicly announce and you fail to ask the obvious question to Heraldo of when CLEARY announced.
    Why don't you pick up the phone and call Cleary to put an end to the speculation.

    Guess we will see if you will in next weeks paper.

  12. Yeah. I thought heraldo's question was interesting.

    Patrick Higgins For 5th Distric Supervisor (sp)
    humboldtherald said...
    When and where did he announce?
    December 31, 2009 12:07 PM

    Rose said...
    On KMUD, and in this week's McKinleyville Press.

    Patrick Higgins For 5th District Supervisor, with a T.
    December 31, 2009 2:28 PM

    humboldtherald said...
    With a "T"?
    December 31, 2009 3:28 PM

    Rose said...
    DistricT, with a T.
    January 2, 2010 2:23 PM

  13. If the HCDCC endorses Pat Higgins I don't want to be part of this HCDCC any more than I wanted to be part of Rigg's. I said I won't ever forget the treatment I got from Pat Higgins acting as guard dog for Riggs's abuse of his chairman's position. I don't want this kind of person being endorsed for public office by any HCDCC that I feel represents the best interests of Humboldt County.

  14. "Kaitlin's probably waiting in the wings to run for Higgins spot on the Harbor Commission."

    Well there goes the rumor that she's running for supervisor!!
    And Rose would be happy I am sure to find out that Kaitlin is moving into her district for the sole reason of serving on the harbor district!!

  15. I'd say the handicappers would put the big money on Kaitlin running for Supervisor. City Council won't pay enough.

    Cap'n Buhne certainly seems convinced... the candidates and issues poised to rock Humboldt County like an eight-point-oh on the November 2010 ballot. "...going to be the nastiest, it is going to be the costliest and it is going to be the most dramatic race in Humboldt County in 30 years."

  16. Kaitlin can supplement her income by having pancake breakfasts. Or by selling those leftover Measure-T bumperstickers and T-shirts.

  17. Oh, she has plenty of online donation sites - if she runs for office those'll have to be on her campaign disclosure/conflict of interest forms.

    All you need is a vociferous proponent of unconstitutional measures rising up the governmental chain.

    If you do nothing else, vote for people who believe in our system, and understand and value the Constitution.

  18. So other than the tidbit being overexaggerated by a lot of people on Eureka Now,where have any of you received info of Kaitlin's intent to run?
    I've joked with David before that he should have said that she'd also make a great governor so that people could spit all over themselves about her gunning for the governor's seat.

  19. Relax. Speculation is the name of the game at this point. Cleary hasn't announced, though it is clear everyone believes he is a done deal. Lots of up in the air. Logical to assume that she would be interested though.

  20. Richard Marks speculated that you may be in the race for the 5th over on Fred's blog,and one could say that it is logical to assume that.Ryan Hurley's speculation isn't all that much different than Richard's.

  21. Absolutely correct. All speculation. Should I be offended?

  22. No,you should be pleased that you have all these heraldotrolls trying to cover their silly plans. ROTFLMAO that they are worried about your assumptions.

  23. you guys all have WAY too much time on your hands

  24. Kaitlin won't run unless Bonnie doesn't run for reelection. Higgins will run and win, probably with the support of Local Solutions.

    Them's my predictions.

  25. Higgins would be another Prog place-holder in office with no vision other than the now standard negative job-killer one that has become the local Progressive party line.

  26. Eric,have you tried to work with Higgamouth ? Just asking because if you have and feel supportive of him then U-IS-A-FOOL. If not then you are just foolish.

  27. Never met the guy. But his reputation within the progressive community is stellar. I thought he ran a very good campaign to become Harbor Comissioner, much more positive than his grumpy opponent.

  28. FYI - his "grumpy opponent" was anything but. And in addition, he was a man who served selflessly for years, with no fanfare, and little if any thanks, long before the Harbor Commission suddenly became "precious" to the "progressives."

    Now, where the "progressives" see an opportunity to use the position, both to bolster their candidates resumes in order to "accrue power" and to further their own agenda, all of those long-serving people are demonized and driven out.

    We've yet to see Higgins do anything - but now Harbor Commissioner will be loudly touted on his resume, as it will have served its purpose - it was never about the Harbor, it was always about a stepping stone to his next race.

    That was not the case with Charles Ollivier. But you keep on rewarding this behavior, eric. You're going to get the community you deserve.

  29. Hey, as to the grumpiness, I'm going by Richard Marks' account.

  30. So Eric you don't know shit about this subject(your own admission) and as usual you will try to sum it up for us. How very progie of you. Oh, and didn't you help saddle SoHum with Cliffie Appleseed ?

  31. But you don't understand. Getting the Progressive shill elected to office is all that matters! Once in office, our Progressive place-holders, lacking any positive community vision but firmly committed to winning elections with our well-oiled Local Progressive machine, can wreak havoc with anyone who dares try to improve the quality of life for mainstream Humboldt citizens. Only improvement allowed is for encouragement of services for OUR kind of people who need liberal pot laws and tax-breaks for tofu shop and hemp paper incubator businesses that will be hiring hundreds of unemployed mill workers. Don't forget, it's a numbers game and us Progressive bean-counters know how count votes better than anyone else.

  32. Pat Higgins wouldn't me my first choice for local office, and he did support that idiotic Measure T...but if it were only between him and Patrick Cleary, there'd be no contest at all. Higgins' record suggests an effort to do the right thing at a minimum, and opposing the Foundation-led corpo-bureaucratic takeover of our local waters (MLPA) only does him credit.

    Patrick Cleary is a former fatcat corporate banker at Chase Manhattan -- you know, one of the mega banks which gorged itself on your taxpayer bailout money? He's built a radio empire in Humboldt County which has little to show for all his talk of public service; like KHSU, which he took over in a blatant conflict of interest, there's no real local news or local public affairs programming on any of these stations, short of some lame late-election debate and the usual retinue of one-sided, empty headed hosts who blather without any critical analysis (think David Cobb or John Matthews).

    His "leadership" of the Headwaters Fund only demonstrates his yuppie agenda on behalf of his fellow well-heeled neo-libs, who consider direct jet service to the ski slopes in Utah as a higher economic development priority for this impoverished rural county as opposed to establishing, say, useful public transit options for the working poor.

    Did you also know that Pat Cleary was filing complaints against local pirate radio? I guess the competition was too much for him.

    Elect Cleary, and you can count on the little guy getting squashed. I'd give Higgins a chance to prove whether he's a real populist; Cleary can't even pretend to be interested in something so beneath his big money pedigree.


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