Friday, January 08, 2010

From the Mailbox... Cleary is in

Greetings All! Patrick Cleary is running for 5th District Supervisor. He will be formally announcing soon. Many of you know him and what a qualified person he is. Call me if you have any questions. - Adelene Jones


  1. Great, another carpetbagger

  2. I like both Patricks. I have had some conversations with both of them. I think they are both qualified. Currently I am still leaning Higgins. This should turn out to be one really competitive race. If no one else enters the race, the 5th. district will do well either way.

  3. smoke another bowl tom

  4. ahh, the Rose of original NCJ fame still manages to scoop Hank and Heraldo.

  5. Nah, Hank called this one a long time ago.

    Tom, on one level I agree with you. But Higgins can't run on feel good trails issues this time. And he's had a little time to prove he cares about jobs and moving forward... where is his effort in that regard? Has he done his job at the harbor Commission? Done anything to demonstrate that getting that position was anything more than a stepping stone in his own personal larger plans?

    Being a "fisheries biologist" is all well and good - so what does that mean when his boots hit the ground?

    What does it mean when "Baykeeper" decides they've found a way to profit off targeting our oyster industry? Does Pat wake up? Does he contradict them? Or does he go along or cheer? Actively assist them? Same question for Cleary.

    That's just one question for these two guys.

  6. Nah...Hank didn't do any investigative work.

    Cleary stopped by to 'announce' so it would make it in Weds edition.
    Not that there is a secret, his signs are printed and stored at Neely's house.


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