Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bumper stickers and money

Humboldt County signs on to Klamath dams agreement

So, you see all those "UnDam The Klamath" bumper stickers? You know those enviro orgs you support? NEC? Baykeeper? How many fundraisers did they have? How much of your money did they take? Where did that money go? And why are they now actively working against the agreement?


  1. Obviously, there is something wrong with the agreement, Rose. Those damns need to come out now, not in 2020.

    Do your research!

  2. Believe me, Muskrat - I have.

    Stupid rhetoric doesn't disguise wanting to preserve the right to sue.

  3. Yes, things are wrong with the agreement. Nothing is perfect EXCEPT the perfect con job from baykeeper,EPIC,NEC.........

  4. If nothing else - what Nichols and his pals have done here stands as a shining example of the idiocy of including them as "stakeholders" in any discussions seeking to solve any problem - they're now on the MLPA thing - and what that means is the snake is under the tent - they will sit there, participate in the process, all the while preparing the lawsuit against the group and its decision.

    Why would you want to sit with anyone who isn't negotiating in good faith?


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