Friday, January 08, 2010

PG can raise $100k for a primary plus more if a runoff occurs

That's a comment at SoHum Parlance.

He'll have a hard time raising a hundred grand this time around.

What're you buying? He failed you with the Palco suit. The justices laughed at him. They don't generally do that.

He failed in the Douglas and Zanotti case - FAILED to do his job, and present possibly exonerating evidence, and in fact he tried to stack the deck. That was also tossed out of court.

He went after the toddler wanderer's Dad - with the full weight of the law. It took the jury a couple of minutes to throw that one out.... Then he plea bargains every hard case, the killers, and child rapists. Always because of some perceived reason he might fail.

If it is a slam dunk he takes it so it can be in his win column, and if it isn't he sloughs it off on an overworked, inexperienced, newly hired DDA - sending them into court unprepared and uninformed.

He has failed to fill the positions vacated by his losing or firing the County's experienced prosecutors, and his "Help Wanted" ad is a standing joke at the State level.

And that's the short list.


  1. PVG has been a mediocre DA at best. He did ruin a functioning DA's office. His office is barely functional.

    PVG never did get civil service status for his depuites like he said he would. Without protections PVG can fire DDA's at will and always has a big hammer over them. If you are suspected of being disloyal you're fired. But if you're really really bad or lazy (jeffie) you can be encouraged to go away or be fired.

    This Bryson gal will never beat PVG, nor will Hagen. That's just the way it is. Anyone that could beat PVG (and his pot money backers) already has a good job or career. And who (what rational person) would want the job after what PVG has done to the office? You'd need a Marshall Plan for recovery.

    Just look at what has become of Eureka in the past four years. After dealing away cases for 3 cents on the dollar the criminals just get embolded and crime gets worse, and more violent.

    Humboldt is destined to self destruction, but not until PVG's supporters have made there fortunes selling pot.

  2. Yeah. I think it'd be pretty tough to fix it in four years.


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