Saturday, January 09, 2010

6.5, power out.


  1. Two seperate murders in Eureka of Friday and not a mention in the times standard.

  2. but Heraldo had it?!

    Is Heraldo really Larry Glass?

  3. The earthquake is park of Gallegos and Hislops plan to take over the county, impregnate Rose with alien seed, and sell flouride-laced child laborers to the Chinamen.

  4. What about Salzman?

  5. Salzman has the alien seed in his loins.

  6. Heraldo works for KMUD

  7. I am hoping this election brings our county back to talking to each other. It has been too divisive since Paul came in.

    I think Kathleen's experience in family law and dependency might make her a better listener and more family focussed. The fact that she has been both a prosecutor and a defense counsel could also be a real asset. I heard that she also has alot of business experience...that would sure make a change from what we have now!

  8. I think I'm going to vote for Paul Gallegos. He is controversial, like Lincoln was. But when it comes right down to it, he is results driven. His office has solved decades old murder mysteries that left the prior DA's office dumbfounded. He has not been afraid to stand up for the rights of ordinary citizens, or children.

    The new candidates seem like major opportunists... It is, after all, one of the worst economic periods since the 1930's. Any old riff-raff off the street thinks they can be DA.

  9. Hahahahah. Results driven? The old Lincoln thing? Thanks You Gallegos' campaign manager.

    I figured he'd be trying to use the Bradshaw case to try to get re-elected.

    But the report card is on on Paul Gallegos - after 8 years, he has still failed to grasp running the office itself - he hasn't filled his positions, he comes to court unprepared, he sends his novice hires into court on all manner of cases, including tough cases, with no preparation or warning... the list of his failings is so long it is almost impossible to list them here. After 8 years he still fails to work well with other departments.

    He is real good at the grandstanding though, like showing up with his clipboard at the Cheri Moore incident. He is real good at going after innocent people like the two officers there, and the toddler wanderer's dad... rapists and murderers? not so much.

    But leave off the Lincoln thing - that's a dead give away, you're either Paul himself, Paul's wife, or his campaign manager/PR person. NO one else spouts that BS.


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