Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jerry George, missing Update: Arrest made in case

McKinleyville man missing since Thursday

Murder arrest made in case missing McKinleyville man Jerry George
A resident of the home where missing McKinleyville man Jerry George was last seen was arrested Monday on suspicion of murder.

The Humboldt County Sheriff's Office said investigators and members of the Eureka Police Department's Problem Oriented Policing Unit arrested Jacob Charles Steele, 21, at his father's Union Street home in Eureka after obtaining a $1 million warrant for his arrest.

”They were friends who spent time together,” said Humboldt County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Brenda Godsey. “They knew each other a couple of years.”

George, 29, was last seen at Steele's Reasor Road home in McKinleyville on Jan. 21. George's girlfriend reported him missing the next day.

”During the nearly two-month investigation, Sheriff's detectives discovered evidence that led them to believe Mr. George was the victim of a homicide,” stated a Sheriff's Office press release. “Detectives conducted dozens of interviews and served several search warrants.”

One of the warrants was served on Steele's residence. Officials said Steele told deputies that George left his Reasor Road apartment the night of his disappearance and he hadn't seen George since.

Investigators also searched private property near Fieldbrook in February.

Officials said at the time they were following up on a tip when they used all-terrain vehicles to access a wooded private property off Murray Road, about a mile from the Murray Road and Central Avenue intersection.

Steele was booked in to the Humboldt County jail on suspicion of murder. He's expected to be arraigned Wednesday.
When asked if any more arrests were expected, Godsey said, “The investigation is ongoing.”

George's body has not been found.


  1. Missing ?? Oh you mean the body is missing.

    How many murders in the county so far this year?

    Has Rio Dell ever had a murder? Ferndale? Trinidad? Just curious

  2. Then there are the bodies of "trespassers" who have been murdered near pot gardens. They are all over our hills.

  3. So glad I gave Jake so many rides home after school. Good kid that tried way to hard to be a gangster and live the drug dealer lifestyle. Sad that he brought his family members into it. He'll have a long time to think about his actions. I pray for him and the victims family!

  4. Jerry didn't deserve this to happen, to have him unexpectedly removed from the family that truely loves him. Jake was susposed.to b a friend, some friend kill the ones who u kool wit. Wow, wow ill breed, dope fiend,non parenting, r what kind anyway help u kill and dspose. DAMN Euerkans. Crack heads how u raise kids u do drugs wit???

  5. I think it was wrong for jakes family to help out in this crime to cover up, parents dnt help break the law to that extient. No as parents u dfend to the best that's your child but what about the family you all hurt!!!!!! I feel they as people, humans, one real parent to another Truely apologize because they were, and wrong to hurt or kill cause the Color if ones skin. God created all equal .


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