Thursday, June 16, 2016

Was he set up?

That was going to be the title of my post. After ◼ reading the testimony at Chiv's blog, I texted a friend and said 'it's going to be NOT GUILTY.' John's reporting gives you the full flavor of the trial...

And today, the verdict came in; John reports ◼ Jason Daniels, ex HCSO deputy found not guilty on all counts (Jun 16, 2016 1:22 PM )

Read more at the link(s). Plus KMUD interviewed John about the case...

Jury declares former Humboldt County Sheriff’s Sergeant accused Sexual Assault Not Guilty - News Channel 3
Former HCSO Sgt. Jason Daniels Found Not Guilty - North Coast Journal
Daniels found not guilty on all counts - Mad River Union
Former sheriff’s sergeant found not guilty on all counts - Times-Standard

◼ EARLIER: Verdict in for sexual assault case for ex HCSO deputy Jason Daniels
Daniels' jury sends in three notes for readbacks, one after another while court is in process of the first request
Jason Daniel's jury asks for readback of Jane Doe #1's friend's testimony
Defense wants to have it both ways"
"Jason Daniels fell prey to two desperate opportunists"; defense calls alleged victims con
"This is really a case about unchecked power."
Closing arguments over in Jason Daniels' case, jury started deliberations at 11:15
Jason Daniels denies any wrongdoing with Jane Doe #1; says he never had any contact and does not know Jane Doe #2
"Did you want any of what Mr. Daniels did to you to happen?"
"He doesn't like that, he pushes me back on the car. "I am trying to stand up. My hands are in front of me. I said, 'what the hell" He said, "yeah, you like that'. He is sliding my underwear and violently pushing his hand inside me"
Jury trial finally begins for ex HCSO Deputy Jason Daniels who is charged with on duty sexual assault - May 31
Jane Doe gives graphic testimony of sexual assault and Daniels asking her "Do you like that?" - March 24

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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