Monday, August 31, 2015

It's all coming to a head

The Warren double-murder/attempted murder case finally going to trial, the Jason Arreaga Fieldbrook double-murder case, and more.

Witness just located in Fieldbrook double homicide, September 8 jury trial confirmed - John Chiv/Words Worth Aug 31, 2015

Suspect Jason Arreaga is charged with the deaths of Harley Wayne Hammers and Angel Robin Tully....Deputy District Attorney Zach Curtis is prosecuting the case. Ms. Heidi Holmquist from the Public Defender's office is representing Arreaga.

Jury in Fieldbrook double homicide case second trial finds Arreaga not guilty on both counts - John Chiv/Words Worth 2/25/2016

Warren case was called on in an open courtroom, Judge Marilyn Miles has been assigned the case UPDATED

Jason Warren jury trial status to be continued until tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. - John Chiv/Words Worth Sep 1, 2015

Victim's family members not in court, neither was Jason Warren or his other attorney, Mr. Kevin Robinson. - John Chiv/Words Worth Aug 31, 2015

This case reads like a Who's Who list from the crime world

Follow testimony at Chiv's blog - about the people at the house when the beating that led to Ganfield's death occurred, cover stories, and tracking down the suspects... filled with names you'll recognize as frequent flyers.

People's witnesses' in Semore case bring back flashback of Tree trial; difference being the defense in this case actually raises issues about credibility, investigation and a favor to a witness - John Chiv/Words Worth Aug 29, 2015

Witness claims that minutes before thumping sounds from the living room, Semore asked her to hold onto his pistol and was talking on the phone in hushed tones - John Chiv/Words Worth Aug 28, 2015
...A Dan Reynolds owned the house and lived at the house. Other living at that house were identified as July Seipp, Sarah Jones, her boyfriend Randall Cook (known as Randy), Kita Rojas, Tim Christie, Rick webster and "transient population that comes and goes."

Investigator Musson spoke to Jones. She told him that "on April 29, her boyfriend Randy Cook, July Seipp, Jeremy Cringle, not sure if Dan Reynolds was there or not, and Mr. Semore were present (at the house). Jones said that Mr. Semore was there to conduct a business transaction, buy a truck from Mr. Seipp, that did not occur. Jones heard Mr. Semore make phone calls, "he was talking in hushed tones, talking about a potential disagreement with Nick and that Nick and Ganfield were en route to the residence."

Jones said that Semore gave her a pistol to hold on to when he picked her up that night. Later on that night, Jones claims Semore told her to "keep an eye on his shit. This was 15 minutes before the assault took place."

Jones told Musson "she heard a whacking/beating noise several times. She was scared." Seipp, Cook and Jones stayed in the room and they heard moaning noises from the living room area. "She said she was scared so she stayed in the room, everyone stayed in the room."...

In his investigation, Investigator Musson heard several rumors about why Ganfield was attacked. Webster, known as Uncle Rick to Semore owed him $8,000 was one rumor; another rumor was drug money owed; another rumor of a $50,000 debt; another rumor that Ganfield had beat several women and one woman was a relative of Johnson's; yet another rumor that Ganfield had "ripped off a bunch of heroin from the 18th street gang" and other rumors about alleged fights that Ganfield was involved with, one where Johnson was present, another where "Holly Daviidson Moon, her boyfriend and someone else" were present.

As the investigation proceeded, Investigator Musson learned that Reynolds had seen Semore and "three unknown males leave the house with a fishwhacker or a smaller bat."...
A man dropped off in front of Mad River ER ends up being a homicide case - John Chiv/Words Worth Aug 28, 2015

"Nick would not let it go and it had to be dealt with"; some details around David Ganfield's murder emerge in the preliminary hearing - John Chiv/Words Worth Aug 26, 2015

Earlier Recap.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Just legalize it and "MoveOn"

Put an end to this colossal waste of time and energy.

Marijuana Bills Gutted, Merged and Advanced in State Legislature - LoCo
...The newly unified bill was then given placeholder language saying, “It is the intention of the state legislature to regulate medical marijuana.”

The upshot of this is that the stakeholders from those three separate bills will now sit down with people from Governor Jerry Brown’s office to craft language for a unified bill in hopes of getting it passed in the Senate by Sept. 7....
Legalize it, relegate mass crops to AG land. Growers pony up on the taxes they've been skating on all these years.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Quotable quotes: "This case is like a virulent case of herpes"

The trial of Jonas Randall Semore. The murder of David Dwayne Ganfield. Word is it'll be a peek into a vipers nest, with lots of familiar frequent flyer names.

"This case is like a virulent case of herpes" - John Chiv/Words Worth Aug 27, 2015

"Nick would not let it go and it had to be dealt with"; some details around David Ganfield's murder emerge in the preliminary hearing
Jonas Semore, one of two men arrested for the death of David Ganfield, started his preliminary hearing... It was full of twists and turns with testimony from several people involved that night.

Allegations of alleged drug activity, drug money owed and women allegedly beaten by the victim; including a name recently in the headlines, Rebecca Hamline, who allegedly said Semore confessed to her that he had beaten Ganfield with a baseball bat.
The Ganfield Case Coverage & Updates

Where it began:
Man Delivered to Hospital Unconscious Succumbs to Injuries; Fifth Humboldt Homicide of the Year - Andrew Goff/Lost Coast Outpost 4/30/15
Assault victim dies of head injuries; case declared a homicide - HCSO/Mad River Union 4/30/15

Unconscious Man Dropped Off at Mad River Hospital, Now in Critical Condition - Andrew Goff/Lost Coast Outpost 4/29/15
(A) male assault victim who was dropped off at the emergency room by an acquaintance. The male victim appeared to have head trauma and was unconscious. The victim had no identification on his person and the acquaintance had left the emergency room prior to telling the medical staff the victim’s name.

The deputy at the hospital took a photograph of the victim and was able to identify him through a law enforcement database as David Dwayne Ganfield age 36 from McKinleyville
Man with head injury dropped off at hospital - HCSO/Mad River Union 4/29/15

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Not that it matters...

But it's an interesting tidbit, a local angle... Vester Flanagan -- the man who ambushed and murdered 2 reporters on live TV -- ◼ is the son of a former NFL player who was drafted by the legendary Vince Lombardi ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Vester's father is Vester Flanagan Sr. -- a former lineman who was a college football standout at Humboldt State University from 1957 to 1960. In fact, Vester was inducted into the HSU Hall of Fame in 1975....

Monday, August 24, 2015

Is this a thing?

Saturday, August 22, 2015


The "Tuluwat Examiner" (an anonymous blog) decides to take on the DA's Office topic. THE DA’S OFFICE: DID WE TRADE UP? OR NOT?

Is it ignorance? No, "they" (the cowardly anonymous blogger pretending to be more than one) refer to the ◼ brain drain under Paul, but neglect to mention the secondary effect - because of the chaos of his office, Paul Gallegos was unable to replace the top-notch, experienced prosecutors (also known as Deputy DAs) that he "lost, fired, or drove away." The few he was able to hire were over-worked and had no mentoring to speak of. Attorneys and prosecutors throughout the state knew better than to apply here, and those that did often said "the guy with the moustache (Wes Keat) was cool, but that other guy (Gallegos) was one weird dude."

TE's referring to the fact that some of Paul's hires have decided to leave the DAs Office now, and inferring (pretending it's a question) that maybe Maggie Fleming is no better than Paul.

Nice try. It's certainly fair to ask the question, "Why are they leaving?" BUT...

That Office was in a shambles. No one reported it beyond the first Grand Jury report that identified the problems, but it continued to degrade every year since that report came out. Only in the last election was it acknowledged, once it was no longer necessary to protect the baby DA Gallegos, when EVERY SINGLE CANDIDATE in the race was talking about it. It was finally admitted that it was so bad it was going to take more than 4 years to fix it.

The problems go beyond staffing, but filling the vacancies alone is a herculean task. And, it was a given that some of Paul's hires were not going to make it.

Discussing the DAs Office without admitting to the history is both ignorant and laughable.

And, I say again, if you are going to go after someone, you owe it to them to USE YOUR NAME, stand behind your words.

◼ Chiv also responds, in more detail: Let's shed some facts on the latest NCJ article about the sexually violent predator and Tuluwat's recent post questioning the current DA administration

What they're referencing:

Free and Afraid: A flawed system, a prosecutor's error and a man who fears he will harm children again - North Coast Journal
Kelly Neel leaving DA's office to work for Public Defender - John Chiv/Words Worth
Deputy District Attorney Jason Sheets leaving Humboldt County District Attorney's office - John Chiv/Words Worth
DDA Luke Brownfield to leave DA's Office
Former DA Candidate Moves On - North Coast Journal


Newly hired DDA joins the Humboldt County District Attorney's office
...Dave Christensen.... has 11 years of experience as a prosecutor in his 20-year career, including work in the Inyo County and San Joaquin County DA’s offices as well as in Idaho. He will be assigned a felony caseload...

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Watch: Strandbeests

The case no one wants to talk about: Kailan Meserve

Two victims. A prominent family. And some testimony that reminds you of a case in Canada. (If that guy'd been stopped, some people would be alive today, there were warning signs.) Is it true? He is INNOCENT, of course, unless/until proven guilty. And, honestly, my heart goes out to his family. This has to be agonizing.

John Chiv warns: I do not normally preface posts I share from my blog. This particular case has graphic and disturbing testimony but it also exposes the exploitation of women in the weed industry and the information is important for public safety of this community and women.

Accused rapist in court for preliminary hearing - KRCR-TV/Lindsay Housaman
The preliminary hearing for an accused rapist continued in a Humboldt County courtroom on Thursday.
44-year-old Kailan Meserve faces charges to include forcible rape and forcible oral copulation.
Meserve's attorney says his client was being romantic, it wasn't rape; disses Deputy DA's remarks as “tawdry layering” - John Chiv/Words Worth Aug 20, 2015
Clanton's cross examination in Meserve case big on theatrics and short on facts - John Chiv/Words Worth Aug 20, 2015
"He began to undress her, physically covered her mouth when she tried to speak. She tried to crawl out of the bed and he would pull her hair to keep her on the bed." - John Chiv/Words Worth Aug 20, 2015

..."Jane Doe # 1 said that he told her she was his bitch and if she did not do what he wanted her to, he would freeze her and feed her to the animals."

"At one point in the interaction, he asked her if she had been with anyone else in Petrolia." Jane Doe # 1 told Ms. Baxley she had not been with anyone else and she told Meserve that, "he told her that if he found out she had been with someone else, he would cut her and feed her to the animals."

"He told her to take her clothes off. Jane Doe # 1 said he was becoming impatient how slowly she was removing her clothes. There was a bed in the trailer, no blankets. He forced her to give him oral sex, he started kissing her forcibly, her breasts and her neck, and biting them. She noticed they were sore for days after and there were some marks."...

Unfortunately, there's more.


One count dismissed, two counts not held to answer; Kailan Meserve held to answer on 14 counts including forcible rape - Aug 20, 2015
Kailan Meserve's preliminary hearing for alleged charges of sexual battery, kidnapping to commit crime, forcible oral copulation and 14 other counts now scheduled for Aug 19 - Aug 7, 2015
Kailan Meserve posted bail which was set at 2 million, is out of custody and out of town; preliminary hearing rescheduled - Jul 13, 2015
Judge Miles grants DA's PC 1275.1 motion in Kailan Meserve case, Russ Clanton joins as co counsel for Meserve - May 8, 2015
Two million Bail for Kailan Meserve remains set, Judge finds no unusual circumstances to deviate from schedule - May 6, 2015
Rest of media covers hearings on Trevor Bohn who did not face charges yet ignores any coverage of Dave Meserve's son or Hezekiah Allen - May 6, 2015
Bail raised to 2 million for Kailan Meserve charged with kidnap, rape by force and other serious charges; DA will insist bail be paid by legitimate sources - Apr 29, 2015
Kailan Meserve who was busted for sexual battery, forcible rape, oral copulation and more is Dave Meserve's son - Apr 29, 2015

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lots of updates: Continuances and Shortages

Chiv follows the cases as they wind their way through the courts... Follow the links here, and bookmark Chiv's site to stay up on the goings-on, 'cause THIS is just the small stuff:

Continuances, continuances, not enough courtrooms and Judges, how will this affect the 10 upcoming homicide trials? - John Chiv/Words Worth - August 17

◼ Silverio Sanchez: 995 motion for Silverio Sanchez results in one count being dismissed, rest denied, case to proceed to jury trial - John Chiv/Words Worth - August 17

◼ Charles Kesselring: Charles Kesselring machete wielding suspect held to answer on all charges - John Chiv/Words Worth - August 17

◼ Gary Lee Ross: Man who admitted to burning 60 year old over cigarettes arraigned today; seemed clueless and lost in court today - John Chiv/Words Worth - August 17
Witness turns out to be suspect, Gary Lee Ross replaces Jeremy Kish as dumbest criminal of the year - John Chiv/Words Worth - August 17

◼ James Cunha, Rebecca Hamline: He prosecuted her, she served time in prison; now he is appointed by the Court as her defense attorney - John Chiv/Words Worth - August 17
Allan Dollison, who has previously prosecuted both James Cunha and Rebecca Hamline, when he was a Deputy District Attorney, for which they served prison time was appointed by the court as Hamline's attorney this afternoon in Courtroom 1. Mr. Neal Sanders was appointed for Cunha. Mr. Dollison is now a private criminal defense attorney. Mr. Sanders is also a private attorney.
LOCO commenters and frequently booked James Cunha and Rebecca Hamline get arraigned on more charges, behave better in court, well sorta - John Chiv/Words Worth - August 18

◼ Kayla Brown: Preliminary hearing for Miss Hoopa charged with 4 counts of alleged abuse of a minor victim including abnormal Sexual Interest in Children delayed again - John Chiv/Words Worth - August 17
Intervention hearings take place in a closed courtroom. This case ended up being called before 3 p.m. but I was outside waiting to get dates and so was the victim's family. DDA Brie Bennett who is prosecuting the case spoke privately with the victim's family. Ben McLaughlin is representing Brown along with Rebecca Linkous but Mr. David Celli appeared on behalf of Mr. McLaughlin today.

◼ Jeremy Kish: Former Alliance Market arson suspect to be transported after a commitment order, and more updates to come - John Chiv/Words Worth - August 17
Kish pulls his usual stunts in court but Judge Miles goes that extra step to make sure that Kish rights of due process are met - August 13
Male victim in Kish's alleged sodomy and forcible copulation case talks about the alleged arson incident; the alleged sexual assault and abuse - August 13
Judge Miles once again, has to reprimand Jeremy Kish's drama in court and tell him to zip it - August 11
"We only have so much time, we need to deal with what is on calendar today"; Jeremy Kish pushes his luck with the Judge and gets called on his court shenanigans - July 31

◼ Jason Balke: Frequently arrested Jason Balke in trouble again! - John Chiv/Words Worth - August 17
(UPDATED) Two People Reported Stabbed in McKinleyville; Suspect Detained - Lost Coast Outpost
Rock, Scissors, Crowbar! Clerk Foils Robbery Attempt at McK 76 Station - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost May 13, 2015
Aha! Sheriff’s Office Weighs In on Yesterday’s Tasing - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost December 19/2014
A Guy Was Tased By Law Enforcement in Front of a McK Store Yesterday, But It’s Not Really Clear Why - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost December 19/2014
Three Arrested on Garbage Theft Charges - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost February 9/2012
Two stabbed in McKinleyville; Balke booked in jail - Mad River Union
Threatened with melon-size rock, clerk hits would-be bandit with crowbar - Mad River Union

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Tipsters, responsibility, and resignations

Don't be afraid, people! When something is wrong **, it's wrong, and you have to stand up. You cannot put it on reporters to do the work. Some will, but it isn't right or fair. I know it's scary, I know there are 'reasons' for wanting anonymity and I know there is fear. Face the fear.
I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye
to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain. *
What is the real story behind Humboldt Superior Court ex CEO's resignation? - John Chiv'Words Worth

Chiv is following up on an anonymous tip, and waiting for a response from the Judicial Council of California.

* Dune
** Maybe there's nothing wrong at all... stay tuned to Chiv's blog for updates.

Who is Kristina Babauta?

Warranting a post on LoCo and Chiv...AND a DA Press Release! Hit the big time, baby!

Woman Sentenced to 20 Days in Jail After Second DUI - Humboldt County Office of the District Attorney press release/Andrewe Goff/LoCo
DDA Trent Timm scores another win; this against well-known local DUI lawyer Manny Daskal - John Chiv/Words Worth

DA's Press-Release:

Guilty as charged was the jury verdict announced today in Humboldt Superior Court in the case of the People versus Kristina Babauta. After an 8-day trial before Judge Marilyn Miles, Babauta, 31 of Redway, was convicted of driving under the influence, refusing a chemical test and storing an open container. Because the allegation of a prior DUI conviction was also found true, the defendant was sentenced to serve 20 days in jail and fined more than $3000. The case arose from an April 2013 vehicle stop by the California Highway Patrol on Highway 101 near Richardson Grove. The case was prosecuted by Deputy D.A. Trenton Timm and defended by Attorney Manny Daskal.