Monday, August 31, 2015

This case reads like a Who's Who list from the crime world

Follow testimony at Chiv's blog - about the people at the house when the beating that led to Ganfield's death occurred, cover stories, and tracking down the suspects... filled with names you'll recognize as frequent flyers.

People's witnesses' in Semore case bring back flashback of Tree trial; difference being the defense in this case actually raises issues about credibility, investigation and a favor to a witness - John Chiv/Words Worth Aug 29, 2015

Witness claims that minutes before thumping sounds from the living room, Semore asked her to hold onto his pistol and was talking on the phone in hushed tones - John Chiv/Words Worth Aug 28, 2015
...A Dan Reynolds owned the house and lived at the house. Other living at that house were identified as July Seipp, Sarah Jones, her boyfriend Randall Cook (known as Randy), Kita Rojas, Tim Christie, Rick webster and "transient population that comes and goes."

Investigator Musson spoke to Jones. She told him that "on April 29, her boyfriend Randy Cook, July Seipp, Jeremy Cringle, not sure if Dan Reynolds was there or not, and Mr. Semore were present (at the house). Jones said that Mr. Semore was there to conduct a business transaction, buy a truck from Mr. Seipp, that did not occur. Jones heard Mr. Semore make phone calls, "he was talking in hushed tones, talking about a potential disagreement with Nick and that Nick and Ganfield were en route to the residence."

Jones said that Semore gave her a pistol to hold on to when he picked her up that night. Later on that night, Jones claims Semore told her to "keep an eye on his shit. This was 15 minutes before the assault took place."

Jones told Musson "she heard a whacking/beating noise several times. She was scared." Seipp, Cook and Jones stayed in the room and they heard moaning noises from the living room area. "She said she was scared so she stayed in the room, everyone stayed in the room."...

In his investigation, Investigator Musson heard several rumors about why Ganfield was attacked. Webster, known as Uncle Rick to Semore owed him $8,000 was one rumor; another rumor was drug money owed; another rumor of a $50,000 debt; another rumor that Ganfield had beat several women and one woman was a relative of Johnson's; yet another rumor that Ganfield had "ripped off a bunch of heroin from the 18th street gang" and other rumors about alleged fights that Ganfield was involved with, one where Johnson was present, another where "Holly Daviidson Moon, her boyfriend and someone else" were present.

As the investigation proceeded, Investigator Musson learned that Reynolds had seen Semore and "three unknown males leave the house with a fishwhacker or a smaller bat."...
A man dropped off in front of Mad River ER ends up being a homicide case - John Chiv/Words Worth Aug 28, 2015

"Nick would not let it go and it had to be dealt with"; some details around David Ganfield's murder emerge in the preliminary hearing - John Chiv/Words Worth Aug 26, 2015

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