Friday, July 24, 2015

We have a new DA. How's it going?

Chiv has some answers:

What is it like to work for Maggie? Changes she has made since she took office and candid answers from our current DA on plea deals, Measure Z and more - John Chiv/Words Worth

...In the first two months, the most obvious changes I saw was that Maggie was very visible and active on the second floor, from day one. She was overseeing cases, especially the high profile ones, mentoring all attorneys and reaching out very pro-actively to the other partners in the criminal justice system. I also saw Mr. Andrew Isaac mentoring other younger deputy district attorneys. It was very obvious from the beginning that Maggie’s team had the support of their boss and the younger and newer staff could rely on the more experienced attorneys.

The difference in the demeanor of the staff is obvious. They are happier, given the stress and workload of a very demanding job, for me to notice that says something.

It was very evident from day one that the balance in the courtroom was not lopsided towards defense, anymore. Some prosecutors always gave input, but under Maggie’s leadership, there is a consistency with all deputy district attorneys with the presentation and procedure in the courtroom.... KEEP READING

Monday, July 20, 2015

Off Year elections...

They're not high-profile, and they don't pay much if anything, but really, this is what it's all about:

Wanted: A couple hundred good candidates - Jack Durham/Mad River Union

Candidates are needed for more than 200 open seats up for grabs Nov. 3 on the boards of schools and special districts throughout Humboldt County.

There are several races in which the seats held by board majorities are open, meaning that power structures could shift in communities if residents so desire – assuming there are enough candidates willing to run.

Filing opened: Monday, July 13
Filing closes: Friday August 7 at 5:pm
If an incumbent in a race fails to file for a seat, the deadline for that race is extended to 5:pmm Wednesday, August 12
Humboldt County Elections Office
3033 H St. Room 20, Eureka
For example, there are three open seats on the five-member Manila Community Services District Board of Directors. There are also three seats – a board majority – open on the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District. There are many more scattered throughout the county, including the McKinleyville Union School District, which has four of its five seats up for grabs.

Next Election November 3, 2015

Election Calendar
Candidate Guide
Voter Information Request
Fee Schedule
School Districts: Available Positions
Special Districts: Available Positions

You should run!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Wow. Greg.


(For new readers, who aren't part of the debacle, who have no idea what's going on here, because so few clues have been given... sorry. The people involved know who they are, and OTHER people who know who they are and who are observing this whole unfortunate mess have taken note.)

(Liked by MOLA42 and Carol, who refuses to apologize.)

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Turnover at CCVH?

Richard Marks no longer affiliated with CCVH? - John Chiv/Wordsworth

Richard Marks Resigns from California Cannabis Voice Humboldt - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost
After a busy year organizing local marijuana growers into a formidable political action group, Richard Marks has resigned as executive director of California Cannabis Voice Humboldt (CCVH).

Marks told the Outpost he parted ways with the group because he didn’t have enough time to commit the effort he feels is required.

“I think I was doing them an injustice by doing something part time when [the job] really needs a lot more,” Marks said. He added that there’s no ill will from either side, and he complimented the group’s board of directors, calling it “one of the hardest-working nonprofit boards you’re gonna find.”
◼ Richard's post on CCVH: CCVH: Love us or hate us we get stuff done! - Samoa Softball

What is CCVH?

Yesterday’s Pot Bust Involved Members of California Cannabis Voice Humboldt - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost June 23
Despite Raids, California Cannabis Voice Humboldt to Release Draft Ordinance, Hold Rally on Courthouse Steps - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost June 25
Over the past year, local marijuana growers and activists, led by the political action group California Cannabis Voice-Humboldt (CCVH), have worked hard to legitimize the industry — drafting legislation, packing the Board of Supervisors chambers and urging “farmers” to come out of the shadows and be regulated. So when law enforcement this week raided grow operations on Island Mountain, including at least one belonging to a member of the group, activists viewed it as a betrayal of their trust.

The identity of the growers and/or property owners targeted in the raids have yet to be disclosed....

Meanwhile, CCVH still hopes to get a countywide outdoor cultivation ordinance on the books before the year is out. Local environmental leaders have pushed back against the group’s agenda and methods, comparing the situation to allowing timber companies to write their own rulebook.
Yesterday’s multi-agency marijuana raid at Island Mountain involved people currently active in the political action group California Cannabis Voice-Humboldt (CCVH), the group’s executive director, Richard Marks, confirmed this morning.
‘A Great Victory’: California Cannabis Voice Humboldt Unveils Land Use Ordinance - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost June 30
Board of Supes Talk Weed Regulation, Part One - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost
Weed is littered across the agenda for today’s meeting of the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, and during the morning session the board quibbled over two main issues: First was a letter of support for Assembly Bill 243, a piece of statewide legislation written by the North Coast’s own Assemblymember Jim Wood.

The bill, called the Marijuana Watershed Protection Act, passed the Assembly last month in May and is now being considered on the floor of the Senate. Wood has said his bill is aimed at addressing the environmental impacts of medical marijuana farms, in part by creating “a structure to tag permitted medical cannabis plants with a unique identifier for each plant.”...

Board of Supes Talk Weed Regulation, Part Two: CCVH Ordinance Lands With a Splat - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost
Luke Bruner, the enthusiastic young co-founder and public figurehead of the political action group California Cannabis Voice Humboldt (CCVH), spent nearly two hours this afternoon outlining the major provisions in his group’s ambitious Land Use Ordinance to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors. The document, more than a year in the making and now in its seventh draft, aims not only to bring Humboldt County’s rampaging marijuana industry into some semblance of order through a series of governmental regulations but also to serve as a template for regulation throughout rural California.

It’s the product of considerable effort and organization from a group few had heard of a year ago, and the task they undertook — trying to entice a profitable black market into the bonds of regulation and taxation on the one hand while, on the other, trying to convince the government to let an industry draft its own regulatory laws — could aptly be described as Herculean....

As the Outpost noted in a previous post, the proposed ordinance hinges on the addition of “cannabis” to the county’s definition of general agriculture. Once that change was in the books, Bruner explained, cannabis could be grown on any parcel in the county where general ag is currently allowed — including land zoned for timber production (TPZ). The exception would be within the Coastal Zone since the California Coastal Commission won’t allow it.

◼ Chiv has questions: Why should a group that won't identify it's board be trusted with input on an ordinance they seek to gain from? - John Chiv/Words Worth
◼ Chiv updates: California Cannabis Voice Humboldt's new site with board member list - John Chiv/Words Worth

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Lovelace v Wilson?

...for Third District Supervisor?

Mike Wilson is currently the Third District Harbor District Commissioner.

Will it be Wilson v. Lovelace? OR Is Lovelace not running for re-election, leaving the race open?

I'm betting Salzman backs Wilson.

◼ Matt's heard: Little birdies have been calling me this week asking who the heck Mike Wilson is and why he is asking for support (money and endorsements) for his 2016 3rd District Supervisor race. - Matthew In The Middle/LoCo

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Vincent and Rodney Ortiz cases

"Things escalated at the spur of the moment when the decedent called my client a white boy" - John Chiv/Words Worth Jul 3, 2015

Vincent Ortiz was not held to answer on the murder count of Daniel Colegrove. He was only held to answer for one of the attempted murder counts, that for Roger Surber. Mr. Elvine-Kreis' 995 motion seeks to dismiss charges against Vincent Ortiz for the jury trial.

Defense motion to continue Rodney Ortiz homicide jury trial develops into a matter of laughter for defendants; 995 motion to dismiss certain charges against Vincent Ortiz will be decided by next week - John Chiv/Words Worth Jul 3, 2015

Rodney Ortiz was held to answer on all charges, one attempted murder and two attempted murder counts after the preliminary hearing.

For detailed coverage and followup on cases that make headlines and cases that don't... ◼ BOOKMARK John Chiv's Blog. The attorneys, prosecutors, witnesses and juries, the day to day goings on in the courtrooms, it's all there. One of the more interesting blogs in Humboldt County, and well worth your time.

For the record

Benjamin Carter jury trial date moved a week; People's offer clarified by DA Maggie Fleming in court - John Chiv/Words Worth Jul 2, 2015

In response to this post ... ◼, District Attorney Maggie Fleming told me today today's trial assignment calendar was called, that misinformation had been provided regarding the People's offer and that she wanted to correct the information.

On record in court, Ms. Fleming told the Judge that there has been "no other offer" made in the defense case. The People's offer "has always been that Mr. Carter plead to the remaining count and admit the prior strike and a six year term."

For detailed coverage and followup on cases that make headlines and cases that don't... ◼ BOOKMARK John Chiv's Blog. The attorneys, prosecutors, witnesses and juries, the day to day goings on in the courtrooms, it's all there. One of the more interesting blogs in Humboldt County, and well worth your time.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The murder charge has already been dismissed.

People make offer of four years to be served at eighty percent in Carter case - John Chiv/Words Worth Jul 1, 2015

Earlier: Defense offer at time of trial confirmation was to stipulate to the upper term and to "strike prior strike",and "to serve 3 years at fifty percent" Mr. Michael Acosta told me outside court. Mr. Acosta is representing Carter.

Benjamin Carter jury trial date moved a week; People's offer clarified by DA Maggie Fleming in court - John Chiv/Words Worth Jul 2, 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015

No local control

◼ LoCo points out City watering lawn despite restrictions: [UPDATED With Explanation] County Courthouse Watering Lawn Monday Despite Eureka Drought Rules
◼ In violation of 'Drought Rules:" EUREKA DROUGHT RULES: No Watering on Weekdays That Don’t Start With ‘T’
◼ But neglects to mention their own previous article: In the Midst of a Historic Statewide Drought, Humboldt Bay District Has Too Much Water

Phoenix Campbell-Loya Guilty: Roger Rees WINS Again

Jury finds Phoenix Campbell guilty on both counts of assault with a, deadly weapon and carrying a concealed dirk/dagger - John Chiv/Words Worth Jun 29, 2015
Guilty on both counts. Count 1 is a felony and most of the jurors did not stay after court to talk to anyone.
Another victory in another Arcata stabbing for DDA Roger Rees - John Chiv/Words Worth Jun 29, 2015

D.A. secures conviction in 2014 Shay Park assault case - DA Press Release/Mad River Union

Rees is wracking up a lot of praise: ◼ Relatives laud DA Rees - Paul Mann/Mad River Union

◼ And another win: Mark Nero gets thirteen years for stabbing Eureka woman who was stabbed near the Shanty - John Chiv/Words Worth Jul 1, 2015

This is Deputy DA Rees'third successful conviction for stabbing in two months. Usually, he does not comment but I pressed him for a quote. "I am happy with Judge Feeney's decision. It makes the community a safer place."

Fieldbrook double homicide suspect Jason Arreaga UPDATE

Fieldbrook double homicide suspect racks up new felony while in custody - John Chiv/Words Worth Jun 29, 2015

Arreaga is charged with the murder of two victims: Harley Wayne Hammers Jr. and Angel Robin Tully.

Tully's sister and father were present in court, her sister has been there for all court hearings except one.

Friday, June 26, 2015

A compelling read: Robert Durst's Ghost

I was surprised to see this picture of the house in Trinidad. I knew he lived in Trinidad but didn't know WHERE. It's a beautiful house. The realtor said the guy who lived here before had turned the whole upper story into one room, so it wasn't practical for a family. No mention we made of this central character. Where he lived, and some other interesting points. See what you take from it. Why did he hang around low rent areas and soup kitchens? Your opinion...

Piecing together an accused killer turned national media sensation's time in Humboldt - GEOFFREY DUNN/The Journal
(Note: Durst is still alive, despite the title.)
Robert Durst's Humboldt past - Judy Hodgson/The Journal November 20, 2003
His first wife, Kathleen Durst, disappeared in 1982. In 1999 that case was reopened and he was sought for questioning. Police also wanted to interview him regarding the murder Christmas Eve 2000 of his longtime friend, Susan Berman, in Los Angeles. Berman was the daughter of a mobster who made her living writing about organized crime.

In October 2001 he was arrested in Galveston, Texas -- but not for killing Berman or his former spouse. Instead, he was charged with the murder of his 71-year-old neighbor, whose hacked up corpse had been found by fishermen in Galveston Bay. He was released on bail the following day and disappeared. Not long afterward, he was seen at a campground near the Humboldt-Trinity county line. A month later he was arrested for allegedly shoplifting in a small town in Pennsylvania, even though he had $500 in cash on him. He was returned to Texas to face trial and, well, you know the outcome.

Those distressed by the verdict can take some solace in the knowledge that Durst is still a suspect in the other murder cases.
Manhunt has Humboldt Connection: Case on America's Most Wanted - Judy Hodgson/The Journal November 29, 2001

Robert Durst - WikipediaIMAGES

Lunch with Robert Durst - One Writer's Brief Encounter With the Alleged Serial Killer - Vanessa Leggett/Esquire
"Most people don't realize how heavy the human head is," said Robert Durst, twisting his neck, then righting it.

I wasn't about to question his authority in this area.

What seemed unreal at that moment would be obvious to anyone familiar with the name Robert Durst. Here was a man who had decapitated his neighbor and dismembered the body, and now he was discussing, without displaying the faintest hint of irony, the heft of a human head—his own. The neighbor's head was still missing.

As was Durst's first wife, Kathleen, whose body has never been found.

And Durst is the prime suspect in the shooting death of his best friend and confidante, crime writer Susan Berman....
Robert Durst of HBO's 'The Jinx' Says He 'Killed Them All ... - New York Times

What Robert Durst Said on DVD Commentary of Movie Based on His Life - ABC

There's more, lots of it. Google.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

For detailed coverage and followup on cases that make headlines and cases that don't...

BOOKMARK John Chiv's Blog

Benjamin Jasper Carter:
This just in, defense stay for Benjamin Carter trial denied by appellate court - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/15
The request for a stay of trial is denied.
Benjamin Carter dates,remain set, defense offer made for upper term - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/24/15

Silverio Sanchez:
995 motion for former fugitive Silverio Sanchez to be heard by Visiting Judge - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/15

Rodney Ortiz:
Defense withdraws motion to continue for Vincent Ortiz - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/15

Vincent Ortiz:
Defense withdraws motion to continue for Vincent Ortiz - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/15

Vicoria Clark:
Arcata plaza stabbing suspect Vicoria Clark accepts plea, kisses her younger boo (Frewuent Flyer David Dues) in celebration - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/15

Phoenix Campbell-Loya:
Phoenix Campbell jury sends Judge note for readback of testimony - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/15
"You don't want to get stabbed"; "You don't want to mess" - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/15
People rest, defense presents no witnesses, closing arguments today and Campbell case goes to jury - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/15
Both defense and prosecution duel well in Campbell trial; defense makes dent in victim's credibility - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/23/15
"I was letting Isiah hit it;" "I will shank you bro" - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/23/15
"As jurors your job is to see if the facts fit with the crime"; "The evidence in this case will not be enough to show Mr. Campbell committed this crime." - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/23/15
Opening arguments start in alleged fight and stabbing incident at the Arcata Community Center - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/23/15

Rio dell police officer Harralson posted bail, hires private attorney, case moved Courtroom 5, jury trial anticipated - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/15
Rio Dell police officer charged with battery on his child's mother and exhibiting a firearm, arraignment tomorrow - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/23/15

Jeremy Kish:
It's time for the weekly, let me fire my lawyer again Jeremy Kish show; evaluation rules him competent to stand trial, for now - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/23/15
A report from Dr. Ramirez was due this afternoon at 2 p.m. in Courtroom 2 regarding Jeremy Kish, the arson suspect for the crime committed at the former Alliance Market location in Arcata.

Dr. Ramirez's report basically ruled him competent to stand trial
Kayla Brown:
Miss Hoopa charged with alleged sexual abuse of female minor finally retains two private attorneys - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/24/15

Murphy's Market grand theft embezzlement suspect finally shows up for court, given one more chance, - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/15

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Chef’s family scorns DA ‘betrayals’

This tale, so oft repeated over Gallegos' tenure, is particularly clear, and this time got some press. So many families have said as much over the years. Sometimes with heartbreaking poignancy, and were ignored.


Chef’s family scorns DA ‘betrayals’ - Paul Mann/Mad River Union

Relatives laud (DDA) Rees - Paul Mann/Mad River Union

Juan Joseph Ferrer raw - Kevin Hoover/Mad River Union
Ferrer's probation report contains a wealth of detail on the case. Union reporter Paul Mann will have a deep dive on this and related stories. Meanwhile, click ◼ here for the raw Ferrer file.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Busy week....

Stay tuned to John Chiv's blog for detailed coverage and followup on cases that make headlines and cases that don't.... ◼ BOOKMARK IT.

Opening arguments start in alleged fight and stabbing incident at the Arcata Community Center - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/22/15
Phoenix Campbell-Loya, charged with Count 1 assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm and Count 2 carrying a concealed dirk and dagger.
The ongoing saga of Father Rodney and Son Vincent Ortiz's jury trial - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/22/15

If only we could have protests for criminal brutality against police, thanks EPD for doing your job no matter what - John Chiv/Words Worth

Brian Mello in trouble again, I am shocked, NOT - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/20/15

Michael Throckmorton led away in cuffs after he tries to delay his sentencing for the third time; he chased and beat his ex after she cooked him dinner as she dialed her brother for help - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/19/15
He had a job in Virginia was today's excuse to avoid prison. Mr. Tipps also tried to get sentencing continued, again.

"The People object," said DDA Jackie Pizzo. "This is the third time we are on for sentencing. If the matter is continued, we request Mr. Throckmorton be remanded. He committed a crime in California, he was convicted in California, by law he needs to be sentenced and serve his sentence in California." Both DDA Pizzo and Judge Cissna said the state certified batterer's program that Throckmorton needs to attend is in California.
Suspect who attacked Bayshore Mall employee sent to Department of Corrections for 90 days for evaluation before final decision on her sentencing - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/19/15

Leah Jarnaghan to be arraigned July 28 for child endangerment and reckless driving both involving two minor children - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/19/15

Timothy Littlefield's past appellate lawyer suspended from State Bar and still continued to represent him for 5 months - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/18/15
(This is one to pay attention to)