Sunday, July 03, 2016

You think I’m lazy? Dude, that’s old school. Are you one of those old Baby Boomers?

GREAT FUNNY read by Tim Martin in today's Times-Standard...

Help me, bro! I’m lazy — it’s my choice! - Tim Martin/Times-Standard

Yo, buddy! Can you spare five bucks for a cup of coffee? What’s that? Am I looking for work? Naw, I’m just passing through. Why don’t I want a job? Well, first I have to look neat and respectable to interview. For that I need a shower. Or I have to apply online, and that requires a computer. My only access to a computer is the public library, which involves $1.50 bus fare. I also need a work history and clean clothes to get a job.

Man, it’s all just one big drag.....

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