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Bad deals

When you have a serious violent felony - which this is - you can't get probation. The legislature has said NO probation unless there are unusual circumstances, laid out BY the legislature. Judge Feeney, looking at all the facts, ruled no unusual circumstances that would allow for probation - so the (previous plea) was rejected.

This issue was decided.

Now - oddly - it has been put back in play - with the same plea deal (that was rejected) another judge, another courtroom, no notification to the victim...

You have the usual game of musical-chair-prosecutors, looks like judge-shopping, and back-room deals.... what's going on...

Previous plea deal rejected back on table with no victim notification; exact deal - John Chiv/Words Worth

THEN... you've got a rumor of a plea deal cooked up WHILE the case is under appeal (for a mistrial)

Timothy Littlefield deal in the works? - John Chiv/Words Worth

Black Friday, 75% Off Already Low Discount Prices! Fire Sale! But wait, there's more!!


Friday, June 27, 2014

Bodhi Tree Murder Trial: DAILY UPDATES, running record.


And so it ends. "May God have mercy on your soul."

"I'm here to talk about the impact on our lives by the senseless slaughter of two innocent people by a man, and I'm hesitant to use the word, man." - John Chiv/Words Worth Oct 10, 2014

"Little did we know that this nightmare would never end" - John Chiv/Words Worth Oct 10, 2014

Jurors, family, community members pack courtroom for Bodhi Tree sentencing - John Chiv/Words Worth Oct 10, 2014

...7 jurors took the time out of their schedules, community members that attended the trial, and the families of all victims have been waiting...

link - John Chiv/Words Worth Oct 10, 2014

...He has to serve consecutive sentences... but the basic gist is he has to serve 75 years and even then with minimum parole times on other terms, it is another 25 so it would be 100 years before he is eligible for parole.

Tree sat with with an attitude, no remorse and after sentence looked at bailiffs and said "Allright, ready."

We plead with the court to never release this animal to society" - John Chiv/Words Worth Oct 10, 2014

Some of the jurors were wiping tears as did Sean Butler-Smith's sister Breanne and community members. Even the court staff who were stoic and professional were shaken by the emotional testimony of the families. While Rhett August's mother attended, she chose not to speak.

Victim witness representative Marybeth read a letter from Nancy Jo Marcet, Sunshine's mother, Michael Tostado, Christina's uncle read his own statement, that of his wife, and Christina's aunt and the last one to read was Tina Schwarz, Christina's mother.

Mrs. Marcet started her letter by referring t the loss of her son, "who was taken from us so violently trying to protect Christina." The last words Alan "Sunshine" Marcet etxted to his mother on May 17, was "I love you so very much." And on May 18, she found out he was dead. This loss just on the heels of Sunshine's father being killed.

"He should not be allowed to do this anyone again," Mrs. Marcet's sentiment was reiterated by all speakers, Ms. Firpo and Judge Dale Reinholtsen.

They were very grateful to DDA Elan Firpo and the jurors who they thanked. Mrs. Schwarz even thanked the public defenders and addressed Bodhi Tree. At one point, she asked him to look at her, he didn't. She said, "May God have mercy on your soul."

Thank you, John Chiv, for covering this case in its entirety.

Tree gets life in prison - Paul Mann/Mad River Union
A full report will appear in the Oct. 15 edition of the Mad River Union.
Thank you, Paul Mann.

Bodhi Tree Sentenced to Life in Prison - Andrew Goff/Lost Coast Outpost

Key witness in Tree trial assualted the second time in jail - John Chiv/Words Worth Oct 11, 2014
Even with the trial over, Sean is not safe; his sister's account - John Chiv/Words Worth Oct 11, 2014
DDA Elan Firpo gives notice, joins well-known local firm - John Chiv/Words Worth Oct 10, 2014

Closing arguments in Tree start Thursday, expected to last a couple days - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/29/14
Defense rests; evidence in Tree case complete - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/29/14
People rest in Tree case; defense calls last witness - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/29/14

"When someone is killed, it has nothing to do with me getting out early" - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/29/14
Williams explained why people in and out of custody come to him with information. Ms. Holmquist tried to paint him as a snitch wanting personal benefit. Both on cross and redirect, Williams came across as someone whose tips to the Sheriff's office and DA's office have led to discovery of a body and arrest of three suspects in one case; another case in which Williams wore a wire and was supposed to catch an inmate who raped his wife confessing he was planning to plot to have someone kill her.

Williams said he was going to testify whether he had an immunity agreement or any plea deal in his case because "what he (Tree) did was hideous." Williams said Tree killed a 'child", referring to Christina.
The never ending jury trial; Tree case to definitely go into next week - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/29/14

Williams testifies Tree allegedly said, "I am going to beat this shit and get the fuck out of here" and "I am tired of these faggot woods" - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/25/14
"Because that is your opinion, not mine" Losey sets Holmquist straight on cross - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/25/14

Defense tactic on cross of Brannon backfires in Tree case - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/24/14
Another jail inmate confirms Tree admission about threat and shooting Rhett August - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/24/14

From the "hood" to a business management courses at CR, the journey of one criminal who got "saved" by Christ - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/23/14
Brannon alleges Tree said "I'm going to beat this case" and get out - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/23/14
Brannon also alleges that Tree said he would shoot Brannon in the head and not make the same mistake he did with Rhett.
"I got something for you guys, I'll be right back" - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/23/14
Brannon also said initially he did not talk to police because he was in a gang and you do not snitch. Ms. Firpo brought this up because at the April preliminary hearing Brannon denied anything about a fight.

Even though he was offered immunity in April, but then he got saved, became a Christian and got out of the political structure and had a "change of heart." Reading the Bible, he dropped out of the gang and wanted to change his life. He did not want to be part of the "prison political structure"; the gang. A cellmate in Humboldt County jail was the one who gave him the Bible, but Brannon was already thinking of telling the truth before this and he wrote to the DA saying he wanted to cooperate. He also sent a letter addressed to District Attorney Paul Gallegos. This was on April 2014 before the 402 hearings....
July 3 tip given to only me re Tree makes sense after today's testimony - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/22/14
Best estimate: Bodhi Tree trial estimated to conclude this Friday or by July 28 - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/22/14

Bodhi Tree Trial jury trial on break until Tuesday - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/9/14
Murder suspect led a troubled life of crime - Paul Mann/Mad River Union 7/9/14

Note: Chiv often posts early details of court proceedings, and then fleshes the story out later in the day, so it is recommended that you check back, to catch the full post, and the full flavor of the proceedings...

Second defense witness testifies out of order in Bodhi Tree case - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/2/14

An uneventful morning in the Bodhi Tree case - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/1/14

First defense witness testimony in Bodhi Tree case total letdown - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/30/14

Touche Firpo in Bodhi Tree cross vs redirect today - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/27/14
"Are you a detective?" and "Are you authorised to open and search items" Christian responded she was not. Ms. Firpo also asked Ms. Christian if it was "realistic" to collect every item in the house. She also brought up the fact that Ms. Holmquist asked why a butcher knife in the kitchen was not collected. She asked Ms. Christian if anyone had been stabbed in this double homicide.

The last question is just one example of the completely irrelevant questions by the defense. By now, I can predict the questions and strategy of the defense. I realize they need to present a vigorous defense for their client but only one person has been identified by the witnesses, only one person had a motive. Endless questions that do not prove the defense theory only serve to annoy.
Red spot on Tree's ipod, latex glove among other gloves found on Tree when arrested - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/27/14
Witness testimony varies, but consistent on pre-killing agitation - Tabitha Soden/Mad River Union 6/27/14

"Pretty quiet, he never said much. Didn't communicate much with anybody." - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/26/14
Yesterday and today, Dale Coultier, a senior criminalist with the CA DOJ, who works at the Eureka lab and is primarily a firearms examiner testified in detail about the process of examining bullets from the Eureka and Arcata crime scenes.

There has been no firearm recovered and he testified that there were similarities in the bullet markings and that it is possible that the same firearm was used but he could not say that definitively because he did not have a firearm to compare and examine.

For two days, Mr. Russo questioned him on cross to no avail.
"They were looking for Mr. Tree, that he had killed some people" - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/25/14

Today's testimony in Bodhi Tree could be summed up in one sentence - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/24/14
"I don't recall."

Peter Childs Responds to Various Posts (at Eric's SoHum Parlance)

"...I don’t usually spend much time on the blogs because there’s too much heat and too little light. But certain comments on SoHum Parlance lately (June 1 and 3) that were brought to my attention call for a response...."

Let me start by saying that it troubles me deeply to see Bonnie Blackberry and Dan Taranto spoken of in such terms, by bloggers whose ignorance seems to me to be equalled by their arrogance. Bonnie and Dan are two of the most intelligent, selfless, and tireless public servants it has ever been my privilege to know (and work with). You who so facilely demean them have no idea what they have done, for you among so many others, over so many years. Riding such a high horse makes it hard to see what’s actually down there on the ground.

So here’s a little history, for what it may be worth. One person’s version, of course....

Some of my heroes. A great read. Check it out.

(Don't miss the comments section, as Peter Childs tries to educate LiberalJon)

Humboldt's lovey-dovey trio

...held to answer on first degree residential burglary that happened at the Christie Motel - John Chiv/Words Worth

Remember Lance Borgner, half of Humboldt's Most Wanted duo? He is in custody with his partner in crime, Christina Higgins. Remember William Hillegeist who along with Sara Balke, is the duo who allegedly fired shots in Freshwater Park. Well after the splashy headlines, Blake is out of custody; Hillegeist is still in jail.

I have seen Borgner and Hillegeist so often on the calendar and for so many different cases, I have given up updating the status of arraignments and dates being set....

Borgner is charged with first degree residential burglary and special allegations of two firearm enhancements; Higgins the same charges; Hillegeist same charges with the additional charge of attempted, willful, premeditated murder. The murder charge was listed as a misdemeanor and Judge Feeney pointed that out to Mr. Brownfield who said the complaint would be corrected to charge it as a felony.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

You're so awesome!

Begins the (click-bait) comment: I do not believe I've read something like this before. So good to discover somebody with original thoughts on this topic. Really..many thanks for starting this up. This site is something that is required on the web, someone with a bit of originality!

Then of course comes the inevitable link to his site: Stop by my homepage mobilegames99 Gotta give him credit this time, though, it's legible and just a little bit creative.

WHO bites on this stuff? Because they wouldn't keep doing it if it wasn't paying off.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Depending on your viewpoint

This could be a good thing, I suppose, if you don't think much of this particular Gallegos hire. BUT. This office cannot afford to lose any more people right now. Rumors abound. Expectations of firings, and plans to walk. This just confirms the rumors.

Wishing DDA Christa McKimmy the best; she is leaving the DA's office - John Chiv/Words Worth
She gave notice so this was her choice. Looks like recruiting attorneys is going to be one of the new DA's top priorities.
What's it going to be? Cleaning house? Or retention and improvement? Are current employees acting out of unfounded fear (amply spread by Gallegos in all the past elections)? I'd encourage you to STAY, you should find your work conditions improving astronomically.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Not your usual booking photo...

It's missing that Humboldt lime green tinge...

Women Are Losing Their Minds Over How Good Looking This Criminal Is - Daily Caller

And this is Stockton!

Not like our local booking photos:


Felon's 'handsome' mugshot goes viral, but reaction is mixed - LA TIMES

If being booked on suspicion of felony weapons charges wasn’t enough to keep thousands of admirers from fawning over a convicted felon’s mug shot in Stockton, maybe this will – he’s married. (WITH A THREE YEAR OLD SON)

...Meeks was one of four men arrested Wednesday in a multi-agency raid that included help from the FBI, U.S. marshal’s office, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and a countywide gang task force. He told KXTV authorities found a gun in his trunk.

KXTV’s Monacelli told Meeks about his newfound popularity while he was still in jail. Video of the interview shows Meeks behind glass, talking to the reporter by phone.

Meeks said that while he appreciates the attention, he also wanted to get his side of the story out to the public.

“I just want them to know that this is really not like me, I’m not some kingpin,” he said.

While the fact that Jeremy was arrested by the hard-working police department for an alleged crime is VERY serious, the comments on his Facebook mug shot are simply hilarious. - HOLLYWOOD LIFE

Thursday, June 12, 2014

What can you say but, "WOW!"

A Councilman's 'Dying Declaration' - Thadeus Greenson/The Journal

In what appears to be a sworn declaration signed less than a month before he died, former Eureka City Councilman Lance Madsen claims Eureka City Attorney Cyndy Day-Wilson lied to him and tried to get another city hall employee to do the same in an effort to cover up her allegedly distributing a confidential and explosive memo to city employees.

The declaration and an accompanying six-page investigative report, both of which Madsen apparently made a top priority during the last months of his battle with lung disease, were delivered by certified mail to the city on June 5 by Daniel Cooper, Madsen’s probate attorney. Together, the documents shed new light on an apparently toxic environment in city hall and a rift on the city council. And they raise serious questions about Day-Wilson’s honesty, ethics and job performance....

and that's just the lead in....

Dying councilman's inquiry raises questions at Eureka City Hall - Lorna Rodriguez and Will Houston/Times-Standard

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

EPIC's day in the sun: Going, going, gone.

Paulie-ite is the new Director - Grant Scott-Goforth/The Journal

Remember those who promoted the degradation of the DA's Office. The ones who DO NOT CARE who gets hurt. The ones who spin the lack of child abuse prosecution as perfectly acceptable and promote the candidate who says, "some people molest out of LOVE."

In certain circles, they get promoted.

You know the kind of competence she accepts, supports and promotes. It doesn't speak well for any ORGanization.

"Rose, Paul must be reading your blog, he actually attended both Ferrer and Littlefield court hearings."

Littlefield case set for disposition in July because appeal pending - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/10/14

Good to know. :)

Trial date for child molestation case vacated, District attorney waiting to hear back from state on appeal - Times-Standard

The date for what would be McKinleyville resident Timothy Floyd Littlefield's third trial for 11 child molestation charges was vacated Tuesday to allow more time for the state Attorney General's Office to review an appeal request by the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office, according to District Attorney Paul Gallegos.

"It would be unfortunate to set a trial date to find out the case was appealed," Gallegos said.

Ferrer jury trial set Aug 4

All three defendants were arraigned, they did not waive time. - John Chiv/Words Worth

Suspects plead not guilty in death of Arcata chef; trial date set - Will Houston/Times-Standard

Arcata resident Juan Joseph Ferrer pleaded not guilty during a brief arraignment hearing on Tuesday to the charge of murder in connection with last year's fatal stabbing of an Arcata chef....

The two other suspects in the case — Sophie Buttercup Rocheleau, 24, and Nicholas Benjamin Stoiber, 28 — were also present in the courtroom, and stood before the bench during the proceeding. Rocheleau is accused of shoving Anderson-Jordet and kicking him while he was on the ground, while Stoiber is accused of punching Anderson-Jordet in the face after Ferrer allegedly stabbed him.

Representing Stoiber in place of Deputy Public Defender Jennifer Dixon, Public Defender Kevin Robinson said Stoiber pleaded not guilty to the felony charge of assault likely to produce great bodily harm and asked that the trial dates be set. Rocheleau's attorney Benjamin Okin said his client was entering a not guilty plea for a felony assault charge....

All three suspects will return to court on July 7 for a pretrial hearing, July 14 for a trial confirmation hearing and Aug. 4 for a jury trial.

Bullock pretrial hearing tomorrow; defense files for continuance

The hearing on that motion and pre trial hearing is scheduled for tomorrow at 2 p.m. in Courtroom 1. - John Chiv/Words Worth 6/10/14

Visiting Judge Peter Mering is hearing cases in Courtroom 1 this week instead of Judge John Feeney, who is on vacation this week.

Prior Bullock Coverage

Monday, June 09, 2014

Coke, Meth and Cash. Lots of it.

"You know how a lot of us openly wish there was an In-N-Out in Humboldt? Well, if you think about it, we kinda already have one."

LoCo on Facebook
Two Arrested in Eureka Meth Bust, “Both subjects were released due to overcrowding” - LoCo

Larry Gene Blake (53) was contacted and arrested at the scene for Possession of Methamphetamine for Sales. Approximately 6.8 grams of methamphetamine, 1.4 grams of cocaine, scales and packaging were located and seized at the scene.

As the detectives were arriving on scene, a vehicle driven by Alfonso Yanez-Espana (27) drove up to Blake’s residence for an unknown reason. A second Search Warrant was obtained for Yanez-Espana’s vehicle and residence. As a result of that investigation approximately 963.2 grams (2.2 lbs) of methamphetamine and $35,000 cash were located and seized.

Both Blake and Yanez-Espana were transported and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for Possession of Methamphetamine for Sales. Both subjects were released due to overcrowding.

Over 2 POUNDS. And out.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

How about three months pay and you parachute out of here?

I mean, you're not showing up for work. You've now got allegations that evidence has been 'mishandled' in a death penalty - double-murder - case.

How about you take three months pay - let Maggie start NOW.

Before it's even more F-d up.

Talk to him, Richard.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

People are talking about it, so...What do YOU think?

MATTHEW IN THE MIDDLE: Four More Years! Four More Years! Four More Years! - LoCo

At least two of the points are relevant here. Maybe more.

The Paul Gallegos Legacy: when all four candidates campaigned on how bad of a job the current District Attorney is doing, no amount of Richard Salzman spin can help.

Richard Salzman: speaking of, when was the last time Salzman won an election outside of District Attorney? Considering he worked on the Kerrigan and Latour campaigns and went lone wolf on the Firpo campaign (Redwood Progressive email blasts, blog posts, radio call-ins), I guess he got his own version of a trifecta. At least now I don’t have to deal with his ego-drivel on any media source (newsprint, radio, blogs) for another two years.
Election Day - Eric Kirk
Election over. Thank goodness. Campaigns are hard. - Samoa Softball

Friday, June 06, 2014

An IMPORTANT case like the WARREN MURDER case, and he's a no show, AGAIN. And that's not all.

Not only does he not show up for the Warren hearing; Paul throws Curtis under the bus for what may be a possible violation of a court order - John Chiv/Words Worth

Today in Courtroom 4, Paul Gallegos did not show up for the Jason Warren hearing. DDA Zach Curtis, who covers that Courtroom for the hearing was representing the People today.

At the last hearing, Glenn Brown who is representing Warren, along with Kevin Robinson, had requested an emergency motion prohibiting destruction of evidence. This was because there was a small sample of DNA to be tested, and they did not want that sample destroyed and so requested that it not be tested unless a defense expert was there to observe the testing. Paul gave his word, did not feel a court order was necessary. Judge Reinholtsen granted the defense motion.

Mr. Robinson in court today said that after he received funding for the defense expert and that defense expert contacted the DOJ, he was informed that testing had already been conducted....

Mr. Robinson said that he was not sure what occurred and why the process and court order was not followed but if evidence was destroyed in violation of a court order, he would have to file appropriate paperwork.

Mr. Curtis said, "That there is nothing left to test is news to me." He added that Mr. Gallegos had told him he was trying to coordinate testing with the defense expert.

Can you believe it?

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Salzman gets his digs in, right to the bitter end.

Used his own name this time, too. Behold the artistry. How many do you count?

My sincere congratulations to Maggie Fleming on her decisive victory.

Assuming she stays true to her campaign promises we should all be well served and my fears of a lack of supervisions of those few bad apples among the Deputy Sheriffs and EPD going back to their rouge ways will be unfounded. No one ever questioned her skills as a prosecutor and I'm optimistic that she will develop into a skilled manager as well.

What is most noteworthy to me is that having first offered Maggie his congratulations, Paul is now already working with her on setting the groundwork for a smooth transition of power. This stands in stark contrast to how his predecessor handled their transition of power (refusing to meet or speak with Paul even once, then just walking out the door on Jan 1st with out a word). Granted he'd suffered the humiliation of a defeat where as Gallegos is retiring undefeated, having won four out of four elections. But no matter what the circumstances of the transfer, Paul is a class act to the end, as always doing, what he believes to be best for the community.

Yes, I know that you folks hate him, demonize him, and chose to believe some mythology that you've built up around his motives, but while you may document his actions and disagree with his judgement, your fantasy that his motives were ever anything but honorable have been put to shame more then once and Gallegos' respectful treatment of Ms. Fleming is just one more example that Paul is, as my late father referred to him, "a real mensch".

It's time to put your hatred aside and try to take the high road as I'm sure Maggie intends to do herself.

This is my one and only posting to this blog, but by all means, continue to talk amongst yourselves.


And yes, there is a response.

Because this is just another "when did you quit beating your wife?" piece disguised as congratulations. Just another opportunity to posit his particular brand of slavering love for the incompetent Paul Gallegos.

RESPONSE, PART 1: For the record. (This is in the comments on a tread below, as is Richard's blurb)

You know, Richard (Salzman aka "R. Trent Williams") - I'm just going to take this solemn opportunity to contradict you.

The fact is, I have been proven RIGHT time and time and time again. Not the least of which is here at the end, during this campaign, where the decimation of the office (which you support, promote and allowed thus to occur), is no longer in dispute. By anyone. I repeat, by anyone.

I have been proven right, by your own words more times than I can count. The fact that the media helped you hide the facts does not change the facts.

You're good at what you do, which is obfuscate the truth. Consistently and reliably. That's putting it kindly. Better than you deserve.

Lastly - WINNING an election is not the big accomplishment. DOING THE JOB IS. Doing it well is the big accomplishment. Yes, Paul won, with your despicable tactics and smears floating him to victory. But he failed to do the job. He has wreaked havoc on the office, and everyone knows it.

What you're really crowing about is that You won. You got him in, whether he deserved it or not. And because you did, and refused to acknowledge what was being done, and he refused to take steps to correct his course, the office is in a shambles, and arguably, people are dead who would be alive today.

Sit the fuck down. And reflect on what you have done. It's shameful.

And Paul - you could have been one of the greats. You had EVERYTHING given to you, including second and third chances. EVERY accommodation was made, every mistake excused away and ignored. You CHOSE to let it all disintegrate. And you sat back while Richard made excuse after excuse after excuse, after he beat up on reporters, after he spun lies about your opponents, and you let him do it.

No high road here. Sorry Richard.

ADDED: OH. And, BTW, your 'class act' isn't showing up for work. ◼ An IMPORTANT case like the WARREN MURDER case, and he's a no show, AGAIN. And that's not all.
Where's Waldo?

Historic vote: Fleming to become Humboldt County's first female DA

Maggie Fleming is slated to be the first woman to hold the position of Humboldt County district attorney with a decisive victory over a field of three other candidates. - Will Houston/Times-Standard

...Fleming said she talked with current District Attorney Paul Gallegos on Wednesday and plans to use the next seven months to "make the transition as smooth as possible" in order to "hit the ground running in January."

As a whole, Fleming said the success of the campaign was a result of a countywide focus.

"The community really did want to come together to address public safety, and they made that really clear with the turnout and the votes," she said.

Let it be known: The DA's Office will soon be under NEW MANAGEMENT, and it will be safe to apply for a job here once again. You will have competent management. Let us hope all the lost positions are filled quickly.

Offer Paul a Golden Parachute. Set him free.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Salzman Zero For Three

On the first day of the Kerrigan For Mayor Campaign.

Somebody is hoping there's a basket of votes that will turn up in somebody's car trunk, that are mysteriously heavily weighted towards Kerrigan. ◼ Kerrigan's Got a Slim, Slim Chance - The Journal

The Top 10 Reasons why Paul Gallegos Needs to Step Down NOW

10. So he can spend more time at the Gym.

9. So he can spend more time Surfing.

8. He'll need to re-acquaint himself with his desk at Gallegos & Gallegos.

7. The Eureka Fair Wage Act will need his help.

6. His talents lie elsewhere, and why deny elsewhere anything more than a day.

5. It will give his employees an opportunity to see how the office should function.

4. He can't do Jason Warren, Timothy Littlefield, Juan Ferrer, Limmie Currie, Eddie Lee and who knows how many others in 5 months anyway, so why bother trying.

3. He hasn't been showing up in court anyway. He consciously made the decision in his mind that he no longer wanted this job quite a while ago, and then has been acting that way ever since.

2. The criminals know that right now is a great time to be a criminal. If he doesn't step down, crime will increase. (Heard on the street.)

1. These cases that he is royally screwing up actually have victims, who are torn apart and devastated and Paul Gallegos is adding to their victimization. If you don't believe me try talking to their family members.

Humboldt County has a new D.A.

Congratulations, Maggie Fleming!


Elections are over; it is time to come together and support the winners for the good of the community - John Chiv/Words Worth

...It hurts to have someone you support lose; it feels great to have your candidate win. I have experienced both emotions.... Virginia, Ryan, Maggie want the best for this community. They won these elections and it is time now, for the supporters, the community, to stop the sniping on the blogs and take a cue from all candidates and wish the winners well.

Chiv is right.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014


Maggie Fleming: 63.69%
Élan Firpo: 22.62%

Virginia Bass: 61.61%
Chris Kerrigan: 38.25%

Ryan Sundberg: 65.81%
Sharon LaTour: 33.97%
Maggie Fleming: 62.92%
Élan Firpo: 23.23%

Virginia Bass: 55.34%
Chris Kerrigan: 44.44%

Ryan Sundberg: 65.81%
Sharon LaTour: 33.97%
The second report of the night has Kerrigan closing the gap on Bass, who still has a commanding lead. - The Journal

Maggie Fleming: 61.95%
Élan Firpo: 24.34%

Virginia Bass: 53.55%
Chris Kerrigan: 46.21%

Ryan Sundberg: 65.76%
Sharon LaTour: 34.03%
THIRD RESULTS: Bass and Fleming Leads Hold, inc. updates and running coverage - LoCo

Maggie Fleming: 60.96%
Élan Firpo: 25.80%

Virginia Bass: 53.31%
Chris Kerrigan: 46.46%

Ryan Sundberg: 61.09%
Sharon LaTour: 36.67%

This is it. Election Day

Get out and VOTE!


"Because of my situation, I felt I had no control over what my body was doing; it was David's decision." - John Chiv/Words Worth

Currently California Evidence Code 402 hearings are being conducted in Courtroom 1 for the David Anderson case. Ben McLaughlin, defense attorney; Luke Brownfield for the People. Judge John Feeney is trial judge. These hearings are happening at the same time the Bodhi Tree trial is going on...

Previous info on this case:

In addition to the charges from the first case, an additional count added: human trafficking involving a minor. This is Count 8. Penal code 236.1 (c)
Also added were two counts of special allegation of felony sex offense and serious sex offense have been added to the charges. Bail that was set at $850,00 has not yet been posted.

Judge Miles presided over the preliminary hearing in the case that had been refiled. Anderson was arraigned for jury trial. Ben McLaughlin, defense attorney; Luke Brownfield for the People. Judge John Feeney is trial judge.

A previous case involving David Anderson, a felony with charges of kidnapping, rape by force, forcible copulation of a minor victim, sexual battery, unlawful sexual intercourse, threats to commit crime resulting in death and false imprisonment was prosecuted by Luke Brownfield for the People with Ben McLaughlin representing the defendant was dismissed on 2/24/14 by Judge Feeney. The defense had filed a motion that there was failure to provide adequate discovery. Count 1 of kidnapping and Count 6 threats to commit crime resulting in death were dismissed earlier in the case. The case was dismissed the day jury trial was to proceed.


Monday, June 02, 2014

Where's Waldo?

Eddie Lee and Limmie Greg Curry cases to be tried separately; Robinson filed opposition by People to join cases - John Chiv/Words Worth

District Attorney Paul Gallegos who is prosecuting the case was MIA in court today.

He's also missing from the Ferrer case.

When Richard Salzman is telling you who to vote for - REMEMBER -


A man who can't even show up for a murder case.

When he's pulling down ◼ $154,799.84/$165,811.73 a year.

When you go to the polls tomorrow - remember this.

Paul's not on the ballot, but in a way - he is - is this the kind of behavior, is this the kind of elected official that YOU want?

Tomorrow - My Preferred Candidate Will Win

Or, more likely, two of them will go on for a final round in November.

My Preferred Candidate is AnyBody But Paul.

ABP will win tomorrow, and all of Humboldt County wins as well.

It's a good thing. A long time coming, but a good thing.

1 day to go


Sunday, June 01, 2014

Local Solutions endorses...

Well, one of the defunct group anyway. Dennis Huber.

I'm sorry. You supported Gallegos. Your high-minded words are worse than meaningless.

It's not even up for dispute anymore, how devastating his tenure has been to that office. And you, Mr. Huber, supported it. Promoted it.

I haven't heard any 'we're sorry' from you.

It's a problem.


The Local Solutions sham
No connection?
Any doubt what Local Solutions' agenda is?


Study Finds Medical Pot Farms Draining Streams Dry - AP VIA DAILY BEAST

Some drought-stricken rivers and streams in Northern California's coastal forests are being polluted and sucked dry by water-guzzling medical marijuana farms, wildlife officials say ...

"People are coming in, denuding the hillsides, damming the creeks and mixing in fertilizers that are not allowed in the U.S. into our watersheds," said Denise Rushing, a Lake County supervisor who supports an ordinance essentially banning outdoor grows in populated areas.

"When rains come, it flows downstream into the lake and our water supply," she said.

Many affected waterways also contain endangered salmon, steelhead and other creatures protected by state and federal law.

Wildlife biologists noticed streams running dry more often over the 18 years since the state passed Proposition 215, but weren't sure why.

"We knew people were diverting water for marijuana operations, but we wanted to know exactly how much," said Scott Bauer, the department biologist who studied the pot farms' effects on four watersheds. "We didn't know they could consume all the water in a stream."

So Bauer turned to Google mapping technology and satellite data to find out where the many gardens are, and how many plants each contained.

His study estimates that about 30,000 pot plants were being grown in each river system — and he estimates that each plant uses about six gallons per day over marijuana's 150-day growing season....

Cue Humboldt Watershed Council suit.... crickets? CRICKETS.

2 days to go