Thursday, June 05, 2014

Historic vote: Fleming to become Humboldt County's first female DA

Maggie Fleming is slated to be the first woman to hold the position of Humboldt County district attorney with a decisive victory over a field of three other candidates. - Will Houston/Times-Standard

...Fleming said she talked with current District Attorney Paul Gallegos on Wednesday and plans to use the next seven months to "make the transition as smooth as possible" in order to "hit the ground running in January."

As a whole, Fleming said the success of the campaign was a result of a countywide focus.

"The community really did want to come together to address public safety, and they made that really clear with the turnout and the votes," she said.

Let it be known: The DA's Office will soon be under NEW MANAGEMENT, and it will be safe to apply for a job here once again. You will have competent management. Let us hope all the lost positions are filled quickly.

Offer Paul a Golden Parachute. Set him free.


  1. Voters are sick of having a defense attorney playing the role of a prosecutor. Firpo would have been a repeat of the last however many years of Gallegos. They made the right choice with Fleming.

    1. That is your opinion anon. The election is over. There could be many interpretations of why.

      Are you now going to be a part of the solution or just continue the hate?

  2. @8:44 p.m. - I really hope that Elan is shown the door. My house was burglarized and Elan prosecuted the case. But she did a better job as their defense attorney than the public defender did. I'd be happy to set a time to review the case with you one-on-one and see how you would feel in the same instance. Leave your e-mail in a comment.

  3. Yep. Fleming is firing Firpo first day. Nothing to worry about there.

  4. 9:01 your bias is obvious so not even worth responding.

    9:52 I hope you are not a Maggie supporter. Most of Maggie's supporters are happy or should be today.

    Most likely you are an Arnie supporter, the bitterness and personal hate comes through.

    1. It's not bitterness. Just a fact. Firpo has to go for the good of the office. Fleming not afraid to make tough decisions.

  5. This seems like a good time for us to thank Rose for being a voice in the wilderness for many long and lonely years.
    She's documented it all.
    Humboldt County can never say that nobody told them what was really going on.
    Also a thank you to the brave folks that ran for DA in the face of the Pauliban, spoke the truth,
    and got put through the libel mill. Worth, Allison, Paul Hagen. And their families. They all
    helped to bring the issues to the attention of the voters, and eventually to turn the tide.
    And thanks to Maggie, Arnie, Allan, and Elan for running for office; as Rose said, they saw the
    problems in the office and stepped up to try to fix them.
    People are funny Rose.

  6. Firpo should start packing her bags now. She'll be in the unemployment line soon.

  7. that will be her decision


    Let Maggie speak for herself about what her plans are.

    A.) No matter who won the election, the idea that they would come in and start firing people in the face of the already DISMAL and degenerated number of prosecutors is ridiculous. What, you want to try to run things with two LESS than you have now? How low can you go?

    B.) Maggie is a good and responsible person, and a big girl. Well able to put the rhetoric of the campaign behind her and let bygones be bygones. That is what a REAL leader will do, not repeat the petty behavior of Gallegos.

    C.) Mentoring - and building the morale and pride with the team of prosecutors is what we were assured Maggie could do, and she will do that.

    You have no faith and just want to settle petty scores? That doesn't serve anyone well.

  9. The way Fleming and supporters talked about Firpo I don't see how Fleming keeps her. Fleming kept calling her a liar. Even accused her of making up resume. Be weird for her to keep a liar in the office

  10. Bear in mind - as with Gallegos - these prosecutors are OURS. The Office is OURS. Not his. Not hers. You don't just throw away OUR prosecutors, especially in an understaffed office.

    A better way to look at it is this - had she won, Elan would have run the office, and likely would have been very competent. As such, that is an excellent person to have on your team, and working with you.

    Yes, there are times and reasons for firing - but simply being pissed about campaign rhetoric is not it.

  11. 2:12 Rose nailed it! Let Maggie Fleming speak for herself and let her actions, if she does chose to fire anyone speak instead of your words.

    Maggie had many decent supporters and what tainted the conversation was the supporters who are liars themselves and the Arnie Klein hate machine.

    If there is anyone that needs to be fired, it should be the insiders in the District Attorney's office that have no ethics and slimed two of Maggie's opponents.

    Winning does not make you right. Your actions and words do.

  12. Rose. Perfectly correct. But a couple of investigators who Firpo spoke out against want her gone and Maggie said she'd do it.

    Firpo should have kept her mouth shut about the junk going on I n the investigator unit. The day she spoke out against Paul, Hislop and the DA Investigator unit she sealed her fate.

  13. My sincere congratulations to Maggie Fleming on her decisive victory.
    Assuming she stays true to her campaign promises we should all be well served and my fears of a lack of supervisions of those few bad apples among the Deputy Sheriffs and EPD going back to their rouge ways will be unfounded. No one ever questioned her skills as a prosecutor and I'm optimistic that she will develop into a skilled manager as well.
    What is most noteworthy to me is that having first offered Maggie his congratulations, Paul is now already working with her on setting the groundwork for a smooth transition of power. This stands in stark contrast to how his predecessor handled their transition of power (refusing to meet or speak with Paul even once, then just walking out the door on Jan 1st with out a word). Granted he'd suffered the humiliation of a defeat where as Gallegos is retiring undefeated, having won four out of four elections. But no matter what the circumstances of the transfer, Paul is a class act to the end, as always doing, what he believes to be best for the community.
    Yes, I know that you folks hate him, demonize him, and chose to believe some mythology that you've built up around his motives, but while you may document his actions and disagree with his judgement, your fantasy that his motives were ever anything but honorable have been put to shame more then once and Gallegos' respectful treatment of Ms. Fleming is just one more example that Paul is, as my late father referred to him, "a real mensch".
    It's time to put your hatred aside and try to take the high road as I'm sure Maggie intends to do herself.
    This is my one and only posting to this blog, but by all means, continue to talk amongst yourselves.

  14. 2:58 You are so full of catnip. "Maggie said..." - were you eavesdropping at the door? And are you saying that Paul helped seal her fate? Not to mention that the whole DAI/Fleming conspiracy thing was without fact or logic from the beginning.
    PS Hislop endorsed Firpo.

  15. 2:58 brings up a good point.

    Will she fire her buddy Arnie Klein's lazy investigator friends and his other friends in the DA's office or actually make them work once she takes charge?

    Arnie Klein should have dropped out of the race. Even after five percent, he has the gall to think he actually contributed anything besides vitriol to the race.

    One should watch to see if certain attorneys like Issac, certain investigators like Mike Losey, and Arnie Klein will be hired back by Maggie Fleming.

    They vehemently denied that they supported Maggie Fleming in exchange for anything.

    Certain Maggie Fleming supporters are silent. They do not even have the fake class to thank people who did not support Maggie but still wish her well.

    Mielke, Cardoza and Losey are awfully silent now.

    That lack of action speaks for itself. Her decent supporters did not gloat.

    Maggie Fleming has shown class by getting to work towards transition and by thanking all who congratulated her.

    1. Hislop endorsed Firpo, but Firpo didn't endorse the arsenal he built up. She said it had to go

  16. You know, Richard - I'm just going to take this solemn opportunity to contradict you.

    The fact is, I have been proven RIGHT time and time and time again. Not the least of which is here at the end, during this campaign, where the decimation of the office which you support, promote and allowed thus to occur, is no longer in dispute. By anyone. I repeat, by anyone.

    I have been proven right, by your own words more times than I can count. The fact that the media helped you hide the facts does not change the facts.

    You're good at what you do, which is obfuscate the truth. Consistently and reliably. That's putting it kindly. Better than you deserve.

    Lastly - WINNING an election is not the big accomplishment. DOING THE JOB IS. Doing it well is the big accomplishment. Yes, Paul won, with your despicable tactics and smears floating him to victory. But he failed to do the job. He has wreaked havoc on the office, and everyone knows it.

    What you're really crowing about is that You won. You got him in, whether he deserved it or not. And because you did, and refused to acknowledge what was being done, and he refused to take steps to correct his course, the office is in a shambles, and arguably, people are dead who would be alive today.

    Sit the fuck down. And reflect on what you have done. It's shameful.

    And Paul - you could have been one of the greats. You had EVERYTHING given to you, including second and third chances. EVERY accommodation was made, every mistake excused away and ignored. You CHOSE to let it all disintegrate. And you sat back while Richard made excuse after excuse after excuse, after he beat up on reporters, after he spun lies about your opponents, and you let him do it.

    No high road here. Sorry Richard.

  17. I knew the second Elan said she was going to make cuts in DAI Unit she was toast. Losey and Bernstien and Cooke went into overdrive to drag her through the mud.

  18. You know, I never saw or heard anything Losey said that would be considered dragging Firpo through the mud. He has always posted under his own name. He does get going sometimes when he is responding to the vicious lies told about him. And sometimes he posts to refute the mud slung at Fleming.
    Not to mention he's been retired from the DAI for years.
    And the rest of us have no idea who Bernstein & Cooke are.
    So you are not telling us anything about them, only about the way you yourself think.

    1. Then you didn't talk to Losey. Sleazy sleazy

  19. You know a lot about Mike Losey but you know nothing about Bernstein and Cooke. Right. You are the liar. Mike Losey opened his mouth about anyone who did not support Maggie and attacked their integrity.

    Retired means nothing. He can come back to work just like Keat, another Maggie buddy.

    Bernstein and Cooke are two investigators who work in the DA's office and are Arnie's bffs.

    Every day, while the rest of the investigators in the office work, look for those two all over town wasting the salary taxpayers pay them.

    The way you think is that you hoodwinked yourselves an election. Nothing will change. One favored clique replaced by another clique.

    All elected officials are under scrutiny. Maggie is not an exception. And elected officials like Mike Losey may get away with whatever he likes in Fortuna.

    Do not think because Maggie won an election, you are going to intimidate people who point out inconvenient truths.

  20. "inconvenient truths" Dick. you are bitter, dishonest, and a first class jerk.

  21. Anon 6:35 thanks for the attempt to set the record straight, but I think it falls on a few deaf ears like anon 7:00PM. The most important thing is that hopefully these people posting these hateful words will give Maggie a chance to do the job. She will turn this office around and bring justice once again to Humboldt County.

  22. 700 I think I have read most or all of what Losey said on the blogs and heard what he said in the videos of the Fortuna City Council meetings. I do not see, and you do not offer, any evidence regarding your accusations. And I don't see anyone intimidating you. For myself I am just trying to let people know that the things you are saying are not true.
    Why do you say I am a liar because I say I don't know Bernstein & Cooke? And I haven't run across anything they said. And if they are Arnie bffs, what do they have to do with Maggie?

  23. 8:45 you said you wanted the squabbling to stop, so why do you keep this thread going?

  24. Please go pick up all of your campaign signs from around the county. They are now just trash and littering up our community. It is not just you it is all of them. Don't be litter bugs!

  25. Many people thought Maggie wasn't up to the job. As many as 3000 registered voters according to the polls. It is quite fair to scrutinize her at every turn to ensure she does what she says she'd do. Watchfleming coming soon.

  26. Rose seemed to be okay with the Salzman/Gallegos candidate. It was as if she'd never read that blog, what's it called? Oh yeah, Watchpaul.

  27. Did Rose ever meet Elan?

  28. So now we attack Rose? The true colors of Maggie and Arnie and their supporters revealed.

    Don't agree with them. They will attack you.

  29. Just asked if Rose ever met Elan.

  30. Yes. I met Elan. I met all four candidates. I like them all. Elan is a very gracious person.

    Each of them are very fine people. Each would do a better job than Paul.

    No, I am not changing the name to watchfleming.

    No, I did not back a candidate, I am not the arbiter of who should be DA.

    Maggie will do a fine job, and she will not be filing any lawsuits on behalf of her backers. If she did, then I'd worry, but she won't because SHE, unlike Paul, understands that the DAs office is not - and should never be used as - a tool of activist assholes like Ken Miller and Richard Salzman.

    As a matter of fact - and you should all think about this- ALL OF THE FOUR understand this. Paul didn't.

    The only bad thing about this race was to hear people who have backed and supported and promoted Paul through the decimation of that office, the decimation of services - CAST in particular - through the Cruz waiver murders, through all of it - crowing about how they now care about the office. Sorry, NO. You own it. I don't know why you didn't speak up when you saw what was going wrong, I guess you got married to your decision, and could not admit you were wrong. You really need to think about it, because it will come up again. When it does, will you have learned? Or will you blindly go along to get along again?

    If it was pot that made your decision, you need to think about that. It's pretty sick. Somebody - a lot of somebodies - paid a high price for your choice.

  31. Rose hasn't learned much from that blog, what's it called? Oh yeah, Watchpaul.

  32. Hey, I have an idea! Let's stop bad nothing every one, yah!? really makes you feel better about your own issues! They were all good candidates and have done good thing. Also, dragging innocent bystanders into this fight that are not candidates is very sad.

  33. ****mouthing not 'nothing LoL dang auto spell!

  34. Maggie was so far ahead she should have run a clean campaign. She would have one and maintained some level of respect at the same time. Having the likes of Losey and Max do her dirty work will follow her forever.

  35. Enjoy those sour grapes 417. No one cares what you think or say. Or at least, 60% of the voters don't.

  36. 417 Would you care to offer an example?

  37. Samoa Softball's take:

    I was as shocked as many others were that Maggie Fleming hit the over 50%. Nice positive campaign and many volunteers helping her along the way.


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