Monday, June 09, 2014

Coke, Meth and Cash. Lots of it.

"You know how a lot of us openly wish there was an In-N-Out in Humboldt? Well, if you think about it, we kinda already have one."

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Two Arrested in Eureka Meth Bust, “Both subjects were released due to overcrowding” - LoCo

Larry Gene Blake (53) was contacted and arrested at the scene for Possession of Methamphetamine for Sales. Approximately 6.8 grams of methamphetamine, 1.4 grams of cocaine, scales and packaging were located and seized at the scene.

As the detectives were arriving on scene, a vehicle driven by Alfonso Yanez-Espana (27) drove up to Blake’s residence for an unknown reason. A second Search Warrant was obtained for Yanez-Espana’s vehicle and residence. As a result of that investigation approximately 963.2 grams (2.2 lbs) of methamphetamine and $35,000 cash were located and seized.

Both Blake and Yanez-Espana were transported and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for Possession of Methamphetamine for Sales. Both subjects were released due to overcrowding.

Over 2 POUNDS. And out.


  1. This is unbelievable news. I guess we can thank Governor Brown (AB 109) and prez barry (non enforcement of immigration) for this?

    Two pounds is a lot of meth. WTF is going on?

  2. The drug war is a sick joke, that's what's going on. Its not a war against drugs, they are cheaper and more plentiful than ever. Its a war against the poor, the weak and the colored. Stop supporting it. You are wasting tax dollars, ruining innocent lives and enabling the for profit prison system.

  3. And just hand out meth and heroin ? Oh won't that solve things.

    1. Solve things? You mean that jailing people for getting high on different substances as you is going to "solve things"? Having the highest prison rate in the world is solving things? Why are drugs cheaper and more readilly available now than ever? Cuz its a war on people, not a war on drugs.

  4. Hand out meth and heroin? Who said that? Funny, the only person I ever hear preaching to hand things out is Jesus. Then when you suggest feeding people or housing people, like Jesus said, people call you a socialist. Then there are people like you who call for free drugs? Is that what you are saying? Sounds socialist, or Christ like.

  5. So guys, do I hear you right?

    This one guy in is the country illegally. There was no mention of him being a drug user. He is a big time drug dealer. He makes a living from selling meth to kids and older meth heads. He is making a living off of the misery of others. And that is OK with you?

    Really. What would you say if a meth freak stole you bike, your car, you laptop, your kids computer, or crashed into your family while high on meth? that would be OK with you?

    Two pounds of meth is a lot of meth !!

    I hope these meth users steal your shit. That will solve the problem! right ?

  6. You hope that meth users steal my shit? Are you drunk? I've had drunk drivers crash into me. I've had thieves steal my laptop it turned out to be a girl at my work who had never tried meth in her life. I once had a rich kid steal my bike(true story) and he ended up being a priest. Meth is like any other substance. It can be done in moderation. Have you honestly never met a speed freak who could function? Half my dads biker friends were speed freaks and are the most honest, loyal people who will ever meet.

  7. Since your comprehension skills seem to be lacking and you seem awfully content putting silly words in my mouth, I will be clear.....

    The war on drugs is a racket. Its useless. Its not even a war on drugs. Its a war on people. Locking people up for victimless crimes messes the whole system up. We tried prohibition. It clearly did not work. The so called war on drugs did not work. Drugs are more available and cheaper than ever! It was never was about limiting drugs!!!!

  8. And Sheriff Downey ran unopposed ...

    There's something rotten here, and it's not the D.A. on this one ...

    The Sheriff sets the protocol for how AB109 plays out locally, in regards to who gets released when. I'm guessing Yanez-Espana has connections who grease powerful palms in the county.

    Please, will an honest law man step up to mount a write-in candidacy for Nov. There's still time ...

  9. yes, a war on people.
    how is it cocaine is more acceptable to our court system than is crack cocaine? look at the physical appearance of the coke users vs crack cocaine users.

    meth 1st appeared with bikers, then it infiltrated the neighborhoods of exceptional poverty, where there were no longer livable wage jobs-if any jobs at all.
    communities of people of all colors. mostly people of color and the hopelessly destitute people.
    those citizens who are seen as the lazy, entitled and dishonest. those citizens draining the coffers of our "gov't", ie those getting all the benefits of the worker bees.

    so, why has meth, for only one example, flooded into and throughout of poverty stricken neighborhoods? highly addictive substances that will make it's users addicted, aggressive and psychotic. they not only turn brother
    against brother, it makes brothers take up arms against their brothers.

    someone is keeping a ledger of the overdose deaths, watching the drug induced violent murders of one brother towards another.

    now those horrible drugs came a creeping out of the poor side of town into your society/class/caste, into your home and your neighborhoods.

    yes. we need worker bees. we do not need the dead and entitled weight dragging us down, eh?

    "assimilate or exterminate" has always been our american right, our american way, our american duty. only a few of our american are gaining more wealth/assets/power, privilege..

    kill off those unsavory citizens. all of 'em.


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