Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Salzman Zero For Three

On the first day of the Kerrigan For Mayor Campaign.

Somebody is hoping there's a basket of votes that will turn up in somebody's car trunk, that are mysteriously heavily weighted towards Kerrigan. ◼ Kerrigan's Got a Slim, Slim Chance - The Journal


  1. Salzshit is the kiss of death for any candidate.

  2. Wow! These Proggies are HURTING! Judy's changed the policy at NCJ now to block any anti-Prog comments. You have to "log in" now to post comments there and I notice my name is "Stephen1", looks like I'm logged in under that name but no, I'm not. My posted comment won't post even though I'm supposedly "logged in". Logged into Judy's "Do not let this person post any comments" list.

    Here's my post deleted from Judy's whimpering that Proggie Go Boy Kerrigan might have a chance (in Hell..) of unseating Virginia.

    Prog candidates have all been pithed by Humboldt voters and its pathetic to see them squirming around without working brains. Perhaps prog legs will propel them to seek Greener pastures than can be found in Humboldt County. Either that or wind up in the tummies of Libertarians who actually come out ahead of everyone now, people fed up with orchestrated Prog group protesting to shove unwanted anti-community development political agendas down everyone's throats.

  3. Maybe it was my typo Judy objected to. Make that "people fed up with orchestrated Prog group protesting to shove unwanted anti-community development political agendas shoved down everyone's throats.

    So sorry Judy and Eric, but your feeble censorship of critics like sweet and sensitive me only works on your venues and Fred and Rose's are top blog communication in Humboldt County.

  4. Ok, ok, I'll lay off reaming out Progs in defeet and try for more advanced appendage usage. Look, I won't back off criticism of you Progressives until you start to behave like human beings who CARE about Humboldt County PEOPLE, all of them, not just the ones who tow the politically correct Party Line. That's what got your candidates killed by voters. The Image of Progressive Candidates ALL obeying the Party Line. It doesn't work in Humboldt County where there is NO PARTY LINE in most anyone, all of us a bunch of individuals who live here precisely because we don't tow Party Lines.

    Salzman came here as a Voting Machine mechanic in every respect and he set the ethical bar for all Progs. Instead of distancing themselves as they first did when Richard's propensity for let's say, going the extra mile and a half in political campaigning, rebounded in his career sinking, letting time pass as he lurked in the Prog shadows, them all caught in his earlier web so everyone kept quiet about Mr. Salzman's participation behind the political scenes--until this election. Could have seen it coming a mile away, Progressives, leopards don't change their spots, and this time the whole Progressive movement was hit like with Thor's Hammer. Who wants to be a "Progressive" Democrat in Humboldt County now? I am a Liberal Democrat and that's what the Democratic Party used to stand for in Humboldt County before these Prog yahoos seized control of the HCDCC. Hopefully, this election result is a Wake Up Call to all Humboldt County Democrats to take back our Democratic Party which used to be For the People, all of them, and not this "Progressive" politically correct bullshite that has nothing to do with building Cooperative Community.

    Here's a test of what I mean: Elan Firpo lost this election and it's a blow to her career aspirations as a lawyer, as a prosecutor. She was a proven leader in the commercial tech world and it happens we could use exactly her kind of talent to help bring a new eco-technology company into existence in Humboldt County, a big one employing potentially hundreds of Humboldt County people. I'm a communitarian organizer but not a business professional and we need such like Elan to help us build a local company that could bring needed jobs here as well as being good eco-friendly to the max jobs at that. Politics aside, cooperative working together to improve Humboldt County as a great place to live.

    1. Excellent comment Stephen. Now this is the Stephen I enjoy having a dialouge with.

  5. Thank you, John. I alwuz aim to please. Speaking of which I don't think I'm doing a good job on that score with Judy at the Urinal who's still at the Prog helm of censoring criticism. Judy yanked my comment on the slim chances of Kerrigan and put in a piece of pure garbage instead. Take a look to see what I mean. Pretty pathetic display of editorial egotism that can't handle the job without petty political manipulation of community news.

  6. Offhand, I'd guess many blogs would delete your comment Stepehen for being insulting, even if you're insulting a group of people, not an individual. The phrase "without working brains" is pure trolling, IMHO, and so on.

  7. Stephen. Look around you. Who is voting with you?

    You and I realize the bigger problem, and it's party politics. We also completely disagree on the solution. You say less party politics, or possibly more with a more libertarian Democratic Party that somehow though magic market forces will hit the sweet economic spot that is just around the technological corner for HumCo.

    I wholeheartedly agree with this "Wake Up Call to all Humboldt County Democrats to take back our Democratic Party which used to be For the People". Yes, come one, come all to the HCDCC. Join as Associates, run to represent your constituents as Members and vote to change the HCDCC in the manner you believe it should.

    This has been occurring already for years, and despite your best attempts to change reality to suit your particular narrative and particular labels*, the Democratic brand has never been stronger in HumCo. Any question? Just ask Chet Albin.

    So Stephen. I think it's important to look around you and those you supported for election. You did you support or who would you have voted for btw? Virginia or Chris, Ryan or Sharon? The next question would be look at who else was on your side as you voted for your candidate? Do you not see that the "progs" are not your first problem if you are wanting to improve the station of the disempowered and the poor?

    Unless of course you believe that the free market will work to uplift the 99% (or even 40%) without a strong and empowered public sector that can take on market forces, short-sightedness and greed run amok. And if you do believe the latter, as Virginia and Ryan fundamentally do. How can I say this?

    Because they have been doing everything they can to take planning for our community out of the hands of the Planning Department and into the hands of the Chamber of Commerce - and good individuals like yourself who have an idea how to make money and don't want the government to get in their way.

    Kudos to you, and that philosophy. Seriously. The only thing is, that is not a Democratic philosophy. It hasn't been in the past, and it certainly can't be in the future as our individual economic choices do have influences on other citizen's freedoms.

    So, we agree. Democrats - get out there and take back your party, but on the resulting details after we all get there, I'm pretty sure we'll disagree.

    I know I won't be leaving the Democratic tent as I understand, as many or most don't, that until we either tweak or fundamentally change the State or Federal Constitutions, our individual interests, opinions, ideas, etc. will be best served by membership of one of the two major parties. I've tried others and quickly learned my own personal lesson - THE American political lesson.

    If you don't vote for and try to change one party that most closely matches your own principles, your non-vote or third party vote is a de facto vote for the party or principles that are anathematic to your own.

    *(Kettle, black, understood but disagree)

  8. If I insult Progs it is because they've insulted me as a Democrat and every Democrat in Humboldt County who believes in the People, not a clique of very selfish Yuppie elitists using their brains to figure out ways to squash the common people's needs for economic support. After being asked to leave HCDCC because of asking the wrong questions evidently, after seeing Progs on blogs using censorship to stop criticism, one gets the message--these people do not to be accountable for their political actions, and that's too close to fascism for my tastes. So I don't pull my punches with Progressives who are to me, just like the Progressive Christians, people using the label to fool not only others into thinking they're "liberal" and "with it" but themselves too, not comprehending the political history of their ideology and its historical failure to meet community needs.

    I play nice with people who are community minded and want the whole community to be "progressive" in a real sense of that word and not as a political label for temporary sets of political actions with no long range goal other than the negative one of trying to stop all growth in Humboldt County. That will never work as long as the general population is growing. To stop population growth you need to make people in the general population feel economically secure--historical fact: economic insecurity= more babies born. That's why we need to always pay attention to China, India, Malaysia prosperity that effects everyone globally. One reason why our Heartlands inter-tribal Lifeline Project is in contact with ICBC for funding.

  9. I believe in freedom of speech and like hearing opposing views in an effort to learn and perhaps find common ground, but the constant use of 'prog' and all of the other slang and catch phrases you use clouds your message and makes you sound like a shill. Just my opinion.

  10. It would be easier for me to understand what you are saying if you cut the snark. You are no fan of progressive folks, we get it. Try telling us why with fewer insulting adjectives.

  11. How 'bout I use crypto-fascist commie ho's instead of Progs? "Prog" is the natural short term for Progressive as even Progressives call themselves Progs when nobody's looking. But I will take heed of your advice and tone down my characterization of the dismal tide of dysfunctional modern Progressives who should have learned more about the term on how to fit it in with Humboldt citizenry from Teddy's original Progressive Party campaign..

  12. Our system functions when people can have constructive dialog. It is no accident that the powers that be have polarized the various factions of our society to the point we take,things so personally and cant talk civics in a civil manner, divide and conquer wouldn't you say?

  13. Actually Stephen, I prefer the term crypto-fascist commie ho's for the likes of Salzman, Miller, and all their little followers. Lets not forget Mitch the bitch and the wimp Michael Welsh.

  14. Ahem! You mean Michael WelCh - he spells his with a 'C' - and he owes an apology, and he needs sensitivity and diversity training.

  15. And like it or annon, the solar bozo,welch, is a PROG! It is a proper def of a destructive movement. Read animal farm, welch is weak,nasty,discusting excuse of a man. Worse he hides as a prog.


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