Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Elections are over; it is time to come together and support the winners for the good of the community - John Chiv/Words Worth

...It hurts to have someone you support lose; it feels great to have your candidate win. I have experienced both emotions.... Virginia, Ryan, Maggie want the best for this community. They won these elections and it is time now, for the supporters, the community, to stop the sniping on the blogs and take a cue from all candidates and wish the winners well.

Chiv is right.


  1. Will you now change your name to Watch Mag?

  2. Fuck you Richard.

  3. Its not over Rose. Paul Will be here until JANUARY. We must remain vigilant. He is at his most dangerous RIGHT NOW. Unaccountable, backed into a corner he will lash out like a wild animal and hurt everyone you know! The celebration time is over. IT IS NOW TIME TO REINVIGORATE OUR OBJECTION TO PAUL GALLEGOS. Sober up.

  4. Who is re-trying Littlefield? Nothing strange going on there. You know the case where a multiple life term child molester was allowed to walk free, because a Defense Investigator wrote a declaration for a Juror, that was later repudiated in Court. Clanton and Gallegos. When those two get together justice always seems to end up as roadkill. Right before the election, and poof, a child molester is free. Yep, who is re-trying Littlefield? Who is re-trying Currie? Paul did such a great job with that one, do you remember? Dangerous? Well not if you are a criminal.


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