Friday, June 20, 2014

Not your usual booking photo...

It's missing that Humboldt lime green tinge...

Women Are Losing Their Minds Over How Good Looking This Criminal Is - Daily Caller

And this is Stockton!

Not like our local booking photos:


Felon's 'handsome' mugshot goes viral, but reaction is mixed - LA TIMES

If being booked on suspicion of felony weapons charges wasn’t enough to keep thousands of admirers from fawning over a convicted felon’s mug shot in Stockton, maybe this will – he’s married. (WITH A THREE YEAR OLD SON)

...Meeks was one of four men arrested Wednesday in a multi-agency raid that included help from the FBI, U.S. marshal’s office, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and a countywide gang task force. He told KXTV authorities found a gun in his trunk.

KXTV’s Monacelli told Meeks about his newfound popularity while he was still in jail. Video of the interview shows Meeks behind glass, talking to the reporter by phone.

Meeks said that while he appreciates the attention, he also wanted to get his side of the story out to the public.

“I just want them to know that this is really not like me, I’m not some kingpin,” he said.

While the fact that Jeremy was arrested by the hard-working police department for an alleged crime is VERY serious, the comments on his Facebook mug shot are simply hilarious. - HOLLYWOOD LIFE


  1. The latest match making technique and it is free! On taxpayer dime.

    And we wonder why California is on the decline?

  2. Charge a fee - great idea for closing the budget :)

  3. Satanic charisma. Every good guy knows how it works to whisk away females to make sure the human breeding population is constantly filled with...well...people like us..

  4. Would they still love him if the pic was taken with the pea-green-soup lens?

  5. Oh yes, the tear drop tattoo (and neck tattoos) show what a great guy he is

  6. Rose needs a little romance!

  7. 10:49 guess you need a little romance too since you have nothing better to do than comment on a blog.

  8. Does Paul know he has been replaced as California's pretty boy?

    1. Rose needs a younger man, to get those juices flowing once again

  9. Conservative Jon6/22/2014 7:27 AM

    Rose, your comic is going all soft-porn today. I mean it always has been low cut, but today it's gone the (almost)full monty.

    Just FYI.

  10. It's all about transparency, Jon.

  11. Is this at all related to the good-lookiness and blondiness of Fox's female anchors?
    Do conservatives need eye candy to help swallow their sometimes illogical principles?

  12. LJ, again as always you prove yourself out to lunch. There are fewattractive lib news women . Most are not very articulate,or well reasoned. The fact that bright,attractive women populate many conservative media outlets including fox news and they intimidate you is a real hoot

  13. Yes,intimidated thank you. I was wondering what that brain feeling I was having was.

    One of the things I'd like to point out is that the attractiveness of the sexes is a double standard that conservatives are not only OK with, they celebrate.

    And it's so interesting because it ingrains in their politics a window of opportunity for 1/3 of their base (I'm going to assume 3/2rds of conservatives are male). Women, you get a 20 year window of opportunity to have the rest of us hear you (assuming you are cute to begin with of course). We men can grow nice and old, way past our prime, and still have a say - and we don't even have to meet society's attractiveness threshold either btw! Huzzah for men!

    Roger Ailes knows what he is doing.

    There are so many reasons that it isn't OK to celebrate or promote people based on their (youth) and how they look. Because lets face it, we know Bill O'Reilly can have a job until he is 70 or 75, but will Megyn Kelly be allowed the same platform?

    Not playing a polly-anna here I know that all of society is ruled at least partially on charisma. Just saying conservatives, when given a chance and when they think no one is paying attention to that detail take it to another level.

  14. LJ, how can you be so stupid on Monday. It is so sad, you have no place to go.

  15. 10:03 it is not just Monday, that is his full-time job.

  16. Do conservatives need eye candy to help swallow their sometimes illogical principles?

    UMMMM, Jon, and what would those be?

  17. We can start with this one if you like...


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