Tuesday, June 03, 2014


"Because of my situation, I felt I had no control over what my body was doing; it was David's decision." - John Chiv/Words Worth

Currently California Evidence Code 402 hearings are being conducted in Courtroom 1 for the David Anderson case. Ben McLaughlin, defense attorney; Luke Brownfield for the People. Judge John Feeney is trial judge. These hearings are happening at the same time the Bodhi Tree trial is going on...

Previous info on this case:

In addition to the charges from the first case, an additional count added: human trafficking involving a minor. This is Count 8. Penal code 236.1 (c)
Also added were two counts of special allegation of felony sex offense and serious sex offense have been added to the charges. Bail that was set at $850,00 has not yet been posted.

Judge Miles presided over the preliminary hearing in the case that had been refiled. Anderson was arraigned for jury trial. Ben McLaughlin, defense attorney; Luke Brownfield for the People. Judge John Feeney is trial judge.

A previous case involving David Anderson, a felony with charges of kidnapping, rape by force, forcible copulation of a minor victim, sexual battery, unlawful sexual intercourse, threats to commit crime resulting in death and false imprisonment was prosecuted by Luke Brownfield for the People with Ben McLaughlin representing the defendant was dismissed on 2/24/14 by Judge Feeney. The defense had filed a motion that there was failure to provide adequate discovery. Count 1 of kidnapping and Count 6 threats to commit crime resulting in death were dismissed earlier in the case. The case was dismissed the day jury trial was to proceed.



  1. This article has at least five slanderous mistakes. I know...I was in the room.

  2. Does the person who wrote the article know that the People can dismiss and refile a felony case? That's what they did in this matter. Some times they might change the charging, but it's not a, for a lack of better words, previous case. Same facts...just charges refiled.

    1. Does the person who wrote this article read? I have followed this case on Chiv's blog and that fact has been stated many times.

  3. If there are errors in the report/article, you contact the reporter and give them your information. Reporters are happy to make corrections if they make a mistake, and if your information checks out. Their goal is to provide an accurate account to their readers.

    Chiv's contact info is at Chiv's site, at the link.

  4. Calling Chiv a report is just wrong. Sure, the site references 30 years as a reporter...but high school newspaper reporters outshine Chiv. It's sad. Poor grammar, spelling errors, and just plan poor writing.

    Chiv doesn't understand the court process and if Chiv is going to cover the court "beat"...should really try to learn instead of being there and trying to find people to mooch off of.

  5. Well, Chiv has a few months and a couple of cases left to play with Elan. After that, he's going to find things a little dry around the courthouse . . . ..

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