Thursday, June 05, 2014

Salzman gets his digs in, right to the bitter end.

Used his own name this time, too. Behold the artistry. How many do you count?

My sincere congratulations to Maggie Fleming on her decisive victory.

Assuming she stays true to her campaign promises we should all be well served and my fears of a lack of supervisions of those few bad apples among the Deputy Sheriffs and EPD going back to their rouge ways will be unfounded. No one ever questioned her skills as a prosecutor and I'm optimistic that she will develop into a skilled manager as well.

What is most noteworthy to me is that having first offered Maggie his congratulations, Paul is now already working with her on setting the groundwork for a smooth transition of power. This stands in stark contrast to how his predecessor handled their transition of power (refusing to meet or speak with Paul even once, then just walking out the door on Jan 1st with out a word). Granted he'd suffered the humiliation of a defeat where as Gallegos is retiring undefeated, having won four out of four elections. But no matter what the circumstances of the transfer, Paul is a class act to the end, as always doing, what he believes to be best for the community.

Yes, I know that you folks hate him, demonize him, and chose to believe some mythology that you've built up around his motives, but while you may document his actions and disagree with his judgement, your fantasy that his motives were ever anything but honorable have been put to shame more then once and Gallegos' respectful treatment of Ms. Fleming is just one more example that Paul is, as my late father referred to him, "a real mensch".

It's time to put your hatred aside and try to take the high road as I'm sure Maggie intends to do herself.

This is my one and only posting to this blog, but by all means, continue to talk amongst yourselves.


And yes, there is a response.

Because this is just another "when did you quit beating your wife?" piece disguised as congratulations. Just another opportunity to posit his particular brand of slavering love for the incompetent Paul Gallegos.

RESPONSE, PART 1: For the record. (This is in the comments on a tread below, as is Richard's blurb)

You know, Richard (Salzman aka "R. Trent Williams") - I'm just going to take this solemn opportunity to contradict you.

The fact is, I have been proven RIGHT time and time and time again. Not the least of which is here at the end, during this campaign, where the decimation of the office (which you support, promote and allowed thus to occur), is no longer in dispute. By anyone. I repeat, by anyone.

I have been proven right, by your own words more times than I can count. The fact that the media helped you hide the facts does not change the facts.

You're good at what you do, which is obfuscate the truth. Consistently and reliably. That's putting it kindly. Better than you deserve.

Lastly - WINNING an election is not the big accomplishment. DOING THE JOB IS. Doing it well is the big accomplishment. Yes, Paul won, with your despicable tactics and smears floating him to victory. But he failed to do the job. He has wreaked havoc on the office, and everyone knows it.

What you're really crowing about is that You won. You got him in, whether he deserved it or not. And because you did, and refused to acknowledge what was being done, and he refused to take steps to correct his course, the office is in a shambles, and arguably, people are dead who would be alive today.

Sit the fuck down. And reflect on what you have done. It's shameful.

And Paul - you could have been one of the greats. You had EVERYTHING given to you, including second and third chances. EVERY accommodation was made, every mistake excused away and ignored. You CHOSE to let it all disintegrate. And you sat back while Richard made excuse after excuse after excuse, after he beat up on reporters, after he spun lies about your opponents, and you let him do it.

No high road here. Sorry Richard.

ADDED: OH. And, BTW, your 'class act' isn't showing up for work. ◼ An IMPORTANT case like the WARREN MURDER case, and he's a no show, AGAIN. And that's not all.
Where's Waldo?


  1. Salzman should take his own advice and put HIS HATRED aside. He lost all three of the races that he was managing. That is a free ticket to get on the CLUE BUS.
    But there is nothing in this mans makeup that shows even a ghost of an out line that he would be capable of doing that.
    Salzman will only ever be a self made..... BITTER, PARTY of ONE

  2. Losey. Is that you who always uses your name????? You and Salzman are a perfect match.

  3. Richard, you lost me at "sincere."

  4. Salzman, go the fuck away.

  5. Why do people even listen to salzman or give him any air time or online space... he spews nastiness where ever he goes. He is dishonest and his hatred is so present in every key stroke of his sticky laptop.

    Go back to those online gals and keep away from us.

  6. It's hard to imagine a more pathetic POS than Richard.

    Seek therapy! Admission is the first step to cure.

    On another note, if PVG is working with Maggie to help the transition then I applaud him.

  7. What about the grotesque piece that Matthew Owen did on LOCO. It was a blatant slap in the face to voters, and it was just simply juvenile. Why can't we hear about that as well? I do not find a difference in the way these two men operate. Saltzman/Owen its all the same fat cat.

  8. 6:58 has a point.

  9. On another note, if PVG is working with Maggie to help the transition

    I am sure Maggie called him. And, I 'm sure he said "Yeah, yeah, yeah."

    But he's not showing up. It's not likely he's gonna be much help.

  10. Agreed. He will say one thing and do another.

  11. Paul gets his $11-12 thousand a month whether he shows up or not.

    That will soon end. Then Paul can "spend more time with the family"


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