Saturday, June 07, 2014

People are talking about it, so...What do YOU think?

MATTHEW IN THE MIDDLE: Four More Years! Four More Years! Four More Years! - LoCo

At least two of the points are relevant here. Maybe more.

The Paul Gallegos Legacy: when all four candidates campaigned on how bad of a job the current District Attorney is doing, no amount of Richard Salzman spin can help.

Richard Salzman: speaking of, when was the last time Salzman won an election outside of District Attorney? Considering he worked on the Kerrigan and Latour campaigns and went lone wolf on the Firpo campaign (Redwood Progressive email blasts, blog posts, radio call-ins), I guess he got his own version of a trifecta. At least now I don’t have to deal with his ego-drivel on any media source (newsprint, radio, blogs) for another two years.
Election Day - Eric Kirk
Election over. Thank goodness. Campaigns are hard. - Samoa Softball


  1. There is such a thing as a sore winner. Stay classy Mr. Owen.......

  2. Since Paul's gone lets hope you shut down this site soon as well, no need for your bellyaching any more

  3. Paul's GONE?

    Yeah. WHERE IS PAUL?

  4. Thanks for asking.

    I think it is a great example of what I'm trying to get across in right-wing* political dialog.

    a) oops on facts. Can anyone link to someone associated with Chris' campaign that is talking about "no growth". What Chris and others like him (ie me) are talking about is growth - real growth, not growth simply of home and land prices. Growth that would make people interested in coming here, staying here, creating jobs here, etc.

    b) Victimization. What Matthew says about Richard and 2006 is a great point. Richard has been using his status as a victim to confuse Democratic politics just enough to give his 5 or 6 friends in the HCDCC, including Matthew and Supervisor Bass a great deal of leverage. During the endorsement meeting, Chris actually had 10 endorsement votes to Virginia's 9. That's impressive given Virginia has been an all-star for volunteering for the Dems.
    Remember, Virginia is a great person and great HCDCC volunteer. She is just wrong on policy

    c)"Political power goes to those that can influence voters** and win elections, not to those who yell the loudest and write the most Letters to the Editors." Exactly. Matthew knows how to win. This is what he meant when he tried to sell me what he was selling by saying you can't progress unless you win.

    d) policy vs mud-slinging. Which is Matthew partaking in?

    Yeah, no. I am a little less cynical about politics. Matthew may be right, but I believe, if the electorate is educated on the issues, if policy matters are discussed and not run from, if people pay attention and vote, then it won't simply be about "influencing" voters.

    So, congrats to Virginia, Richard, Matthew and Ryan. Maybe, now Virginia can finally answer a question on climate change. What should we at the county level do about this given Republicans are stalling any effort - even bi-partisan energy-efficiency bills - at the federal level?

    * for those who are confused, one way of "influencing voters" is to be a little sly on your party affiliation b/c Democrats hold about a 10 to 15 point advantage in HumCo. This is why no one can run as a Republican. Matthew and Virginia are both right-wing Democrats on the most pressing policy issues for their particular pecking order in our layered hierarchy of elected officials.

    **The amount of voter's Matthew and Supervisor Bass "influenced" was 16% (2,300 (people who voted for SVB /(75427 registered HumCo voters/5 districts)). SVB's mandate is with 16% of the voters of her district and about 8% of the people in her district.

  5. It's good to see Jon disagree respectfully with Virginia. This blog is all about anonymous mud-slinging.


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