Monday, June 02, 2014

Where's Waldo?

Eddie Lee and Limmie Greg Curry cases to be tried separately; Robinson filed opposition by People to join cases - John Chiv/Words Worth

District Attorney Paul Gallegos who is prosecuting the case was MIA in court today.

He's also missing from the Ferrer case.

When Richard Salzman is telling you who to vote for - REMEMBER -


A man who can't even show up for a murder case.

When he's pulling down ◼ $154,799.84/$165,811.73 a year.

When you go to the polls tomorrow - remember this.

Paul's not on the ballot, but in a way - he is - is this the kind of behavior, is this the kind of elected official that YOU want?


  1. Unfair cut at Firpo there Rose. You make it sound like Firpo is there to do other's bidding. You are no different than all the liberals who say that Élan stands for clearcutting because she is supported by the timber industry. You and the Liberals need to figure out that she is actually a very intelligent woman with ideas of her own.

  2. And Rose basically calling Firpo lazy is just uninformed or slanderous. No basis whatsoever. Hard working woman.

  3. Fair enough. Because I don't hold Firpo accountable for those who support her.

    SHE is hard working. So I told Huber out of there - but he does support and promote Paul, therefore his endorsement is worthless.

    Elan has shown herself to be quite the opposite.

  4. BUT - I stand by it with regards to Kerrigan - who skipped out on his last position, because other things mean more to him than finishing out his term.

    I stand by it with regards to Kerrigan - who made his raison d'être that he was up against special interests, while he is in fact, at least as equally backed by special interests.

  5. Precisely. In fact, the only reason Liberal Jon supports Fleming is because Linda Atkins (His personal hero) supports her, and Firpo is tied to Republican business people. I was hoping to wouldn't stoop to that level of idiocy.

  6. hoping "you" wouldn't stoop

  7. I don't think I've ever said I support Maggie. I don't feel I know enough about the race to say one way or the other. I do know I will not support Elan based on supporters like Fred Sunquist and her support from SoHum libertarians. I also will not be voting for nor support Arnie based on his recent and deceptive conversion (7/2013 I believe) to the Democratic Party. So tomorrow I will be voting for Alan or Maggie and I do give a great deal of credence to whom Milt Boyd and Linda Atkins are supporting.

    Also, I'll be voting for the "lackadaisical" Kerrigan. He understands, like conservatives and liberals alike understand that we as a community need to "protect agriculture and timberland for the long term". Virginia forgot this at a very important moment in the General Plan Update process.

  8. What's wrong with SoHum Libertarians?

    Libertarians are pretty cool, no matter where they're from - you've brought this up before, what do you have against them?

  9. "I do know I will not support Elan based on supporters like Fred Sunquist and her support from SoHum libertarians" Rose. I'm glad you had the sense to separate yourself from this kind of narrow minded thinking. Lest I start including you with the likes of LJ and the liberal mindset.

    I can't stand Salzman, but Firpo is a brilliant woman, and I'd vote for her if she became an attorney yesterday. Her ceiling far exceeds Fleming's Plateau.

  10. I can't wait to see LJ's answer. I see Peter Childs on Elan's FB page and I know LJ doesn't like him. He is THE So Hum Libertarian. 5 bucks says he can't answer the question without mentioning HumCPR or GPU. Concepts beyond that will make his head explode.

  11. Firpo is a brilliant woman. No question.

    Rose, the libertarian ethic in SoHum in my opinion stems from what once where liberal back-to-landers. Now with a steady and lucrative source of income, they want to continue their often off-the-grid existence sans code-enforecment because many of them have better ideas on how to work the land than the darn regulations allow. (like dams, water storage, etc.) I'm fine with all this in principle, but we do need to make sure this works, we need pilot projects and we need to make sure people who know what they are doing make the improvements. In short, we need regulations, taxes, and code enforcement.

    The libertarian ethic is one that will call neighbors with LoCO and KMUD reporting sheriff convoy reports to neighbors up in the hills. It's one that does not denounce when vigilantism and torture apparently find evidence of an alleged murderer.

    It's weed culture and it's one that I've developed an antipathy towards based on their easy alliance with the most conservative of property rights lobbyists. It's the second front (the first being the moderate-conservatives who have abandoned the Republican Party) in the Democratic party which has allowed an in-name-only "Democratic" majority BOS to reverse much of the progress of a compromise GPU that maintained a public sector role in protecting resources for the long term and moved to allow private interests to continue their heavy hand in the determination on what will be the best pattern of growth for HumCo's future.

    Humboldt's rural libertarians and their ethics can be found in Supervisor Fennell who is an active Democrat, but often votes with someone you might admire Rose, Supervisor Bohn. In fact, it was Supervisor Fennell who with Supervisor Bohn and unknown anons rewrote the Guiding Principles to the GPU.

    The Southern Humboldt libertarians will be an interesting challenge to both liberals and conservatives as issues like water conservation and market-driven weed production will find friends and foes in the liberal and conservative camp alike.

    I think their is much uncovered in the Firpo/Flemming race that is based in this SoHum Libertarian ethic. I don't know for certain, but the same people I've found myself toe-to-toe with on General Plan issues seem to-a-person be for Firpo. I think it has something to do with reducing the effectiveness of code enforcement.

    That's my explanation for you in a nutshell.

    I typed "nut". Have at it.

  12. Someone owes me 5 bucks. I do admire your resiliency LJ

  13. Nailed it 6:37. Glad you are paying attention.

    BTW, in 2013, when Supervisor Bass was summing up the year, Papstein asked what her #1 issue of 2013 was. She signed the GPU.

    When Supervisor Bass made her campaign announcement she mentioned one policy item- continuing her work making the Planning Department more service friendly.

    There will be differences here and there in other aspects between Chris and Virginia, and Ryan and Sharon for that matter. But the number one issue before the BOS, the power equivalent at the county level to Wall Street at the Federal level - is land use policy.

    It is where the money is, and it's where the power is. This may not have been an issue in the past as we did not understand how fundamentally land use is linked to the economy and the environment, but we do now. Eventually the public will catch on, we'll see tomorrow if they've caught on in 2014.

    Ka POW! goes the head as I begin to ponder concepts beyond...

  14. Liberal nutcases voting for Fleming. No shortage.

  15. lol. So Rose doesn't like Firpo cuz she hangs with LJ's peeps. And LJ doesn't like Firpo cuz she hangs with LJ's peeps. That leaves no one to vote for Firpo.

  16. You know what I meant anyway

  17. OHHHHHHHHH, LJ. You mean the people who wanted to live a minimalist sustainable responsible lifestyle WITHOUT the Government telling them how? They take care of their own, the way men used to.

    You mean the last free people on earth?

    And you don't like that?

    It offends your Big Brother mentality. How dare they.

    You ought go down there, LJ, and see what they do. They build like craftsman, for the love of the work, amazing and beautiful work. Highly individualistic, and quite breathtaking. They garden (not just pot) and the bring beauty to their day.

    I can see why that would bother you. How dare they.

  18. To Liberal Jon, his narrow little faction is "we," and the rest of the public is "they."

  19. Rose, You are slowly redeeming yourself. Too bad you started off this thread on such a sour note.

    These idiots think SoHum is all about the pot. SoHum supports Elan, because she speaks to their lifestyle. Peaceful and taking care of each other. Peter Childs may have come here as a child of the 70's, but he is no dopehead. He knows quality.

    So Hum supports Elan for reasons like this. From her Facebook page.

    "I've read all of her books (some repeatedly). I studied her inaugural poem for its power and nuance. I saw her speak in person once and was deeply moved, not by her words (with which she was incredibly gifted) but by her gravitas and elegance and deeply personal dignity. IMO: Ms. Angelou was a gift to humanity - regardless of your politics."

  20. LJ doesn't have a clue how anyone lives outside Eureka and Arcata, he just believes whatever steaming pile of spin Judy Hodgeson and Pat Cleary shovel his way. In other words, he's an empty suit who hasn't had an original thought in decades, if then. Or, to put it another way, a perfect Kerrigan/LaTour supporter.

  21. Liberal Jon, someday, maybe, you will understand that slipping in sneaky little Big-Brotherisms into the General Plan, and using it to take away people private property rights and rights to self-determination, is NOT progress. It may be an accomplishment - and they almost got away with it, but it is NOT a good thing, and it is NOT progress.

    You were born with God-given rights, LJ, what is it that makes you so quick to give them all away, and more than that, to want to insure a Big Government that not only can, but will? Once given, you will never get them back, you do understand that, don't you?

    Those Libertarians DO. You're missing something.

  22. Rose, may be Paul thought it is January 2015 and the new District Attorney would show up in court?

  23. "It offends your Big Brother mentality.You ought go down there, LJ, and see what they do. They build like craftsman, for the love of the work, amazing and beautiful work. Highly individualistic, and quite breathtaking. They garden (not just pot) and the bring beauty to their day."

    Rose, if you would try to peek outside your Rush-inspired vision of what a liberal is, you see we agree on all this. In Eureka we have craftsmanship of our own - one example - Blue Ox. Craftsmanship, individual responsibility, artists, successful gardeners and farmers. None of these are owned by liberals or conservatives, rural or urban. These are of course values that are integral to HumCo period.

    What I am saying is we need standards. If someone has an idea on how to build a dam to store water, we do need to insure it works and it is up to standards that work over time. These standards do not have to be only the purview of the public sector, please see how construction and electrical codes work. But there does need to be standards and these standards do have to be enforced, and income does have to be taxed to help pay for our commons - things like the DA's salaries.

    Another reality conservatives like to ignore is our God given resources will not be here forever. Somehow we as a community need to plan on how and what we want to keep. I've watched as the planning of my lifetime ate up for good some of the most productive arable land in the central valley in the world so we could all have a yard and a two car garage. Something I think many of us might not have needed or even wanted.

    What I am saying is we need politicians who can fight for choice in housing, choice that realtors, property owners etc won't provide without the pull of incentives and the push of requirements.

    So this is just another nice way to talk about anything other than policy*, I was not speaking of anything you mentioned Rose. I was speaking about the one thing you skipped over - weed. Funny that. Seems to be a trend though. Power for some reason is shy to speak about itself in a democracy.

    We all know and are in various stages of denial about the power of money in elections. It will be interesting to see how the untraceable influence of weed money and power continues to wind it's way through Humboldt's halls of power.

    Tomorrow will tell us a great deal about what the public does and doesn't know (or, alternatively does or doesn't care) about money and power in HumCo.

    *Except for of course the big one that us Cleary and Hodgesonites were found out on. Here btw Rose is Virginia serving up some red meat for you. I'm glad I'm here on this blog so I caught this.

    "While our board certainly could have rubber stamped the document that came before us, to do so would have been to ignore that there were actual errors in the document, additions that no one knew had been made and problematic

    Do you think she was talking about the Agenda 21 attempt to control birth rates in the General Plan? Probably, she knows who her base is, even while making nice with those darn progressives.

    See you at the polls tomorrow my good hillside libertarians and suburban and exurban conservatives. Good luck and here's to HumCo and our collective future.

  24. No, Jon. 'WE' don't need to do anything.

    Believe it or not, long before you came along, men were able to build things, and determine whether or not they worked, From castles, to fountains, to ships to railroads, to cars, to planes, and to the moon.

    You may want to be part of the Collective - the Borg - the "WE' - it's nice.

  25. So let's see. Liberal Jon doesn't like Firpo because she associates with peaceloving people in southern Humboldt who are on the other side of the GPU. However he is willing to vote for Maggie who is supported by Rex Bohn, who actually has a vote in the GPU

  26. Liberal Jon does not like Elan's campaign manager. That's the real story

  27. No one cares who lib jon likes.

  28. Where is Gallegos? Fucking off as usual and we're paying for it. Can't wait till he has to work for pay instead of bilking the tax payers for destroying the d.a.s office.

  29. He was busy driving the bus back with a hundred people to vote for Firpo in Southern Humboldt.

  30. While the trolls and opponent haters are blogging, real supporters are where it matters.

    Thought Fleming is the frontrunner, not so from the comments.

    Desperation shows.

  31. So 10:53, you are not a real supporter? You are on here, why aren't you where it matters? Funny to post something like that when you are doing the exact thing you are saying isn't happening from you....hmmm who is desperate? Must be Maggie people they are the ones who like to point fingers and call names! I'm going to go vote now, because technology allows us to be at important places and still troll blogs full of holier than though political entities, have a fabulous day! I think I will vote for Sherlock Holmes, seems the most solid and logical choice in this race.

  32. Sherlock Holmes6/03/2014 11:08 AM

    Another supporter heard from!

  33. You bet your ass Sherlock! You should be proud I have hear of many people that are going to vote for you! Good luck out there today fella!

  34. No Shit Sherlock6/03/2014 11:31 AM

    You got my vote.

  35. "No, Jon. 'WE' don't need to do anything.

    Believe it or not, long before you came along, men were able to build things, and determine whether or not they worked, From castles, to fountains, to ships to railroads, to cars, to planes, and to the moon.

    You may want to be part of the Collective - the Borg - the "WE' - it's nice."

    Thing is Rose, conservatives would like to take us back to the days of the castles. That was a libertarian, "do it my way or the high way" ethic.

    Liberals want and do reach the moon. Like both the Soviets and Americans did with the public sector.

    Together we can do great things. Separate, we will fight and need castles. It's what a bunch on your side of the chasm would actually like. Ask some of them, start with Fred.

    Cars, ships, fountains, castles, homes; private sector. Railroads, health care, education, - the commons - public sector. It doesn't have to be all one or all the other, in the modern world there is a need for both. And this is the modern world, it is no longer medieval Europe.

  36. LJ, your so fucking stupid it is beyond belief.


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