Sunday, June 01, 2014

Local Solutions endorses...

Well, one of the defunct group anyway. Dennis Huber.

I'm sorry. You supported Gallegos. Your high-minded words are worse than meaningless.

It's not even up for dispute anymore, how devastating his tenure has been to that office. And you, Mr. Huber, supported it. Promoted it.

I haven't heard any 'we're sorry' from you.

It's a problem.


The Local Solutions sham
No connection?
Any doubt what Local Solutions' agenda is?


  1. Dennis was always considered a Gallegos groupie so the fact he is supporting the anointed continuation of the Gallegos disaster is not surprising. It will be interesting how they will react if their choice doesn't make the expected runoff or if Maggie, their worst nightmare, wins outright.

  2. Keep telling yourself that Maggie will win outright.

  3. Dennis Huber is part of the Prog connection to Bob McKee and Steve Dazey's SoHum Community Park scam where a private corporation uses community funds for private development purposes. You cannot trust these people at all as they are political animals whose only intent seems to be "winning" and seizing control of community structure to shut down anything benefiting the people's needs and not Yuppie desires.

  4. I hope Rosr was able to crack atleast one smile today

  5. bob mckee ?? local solutions ?? gee wiz

    local solutions was a joke from the begining. that remnds me of measure T !!

  6. "Keep telling yourself that Maggie will win outright."
    Well, okay!

  7. Hey 1:05

    How's that taste?

  8. Oh dear. what weird coincidences
    1:05 pm. of course is the one quaffing the bitter tea. 1:05 am, here's looking at you, comrade. Your pal, 1:36.


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