Wednesday, August 30, 2006

No connection?

Remember, The Richard Salzman's aeb (the so-called "Alliance for Ethical Business") aka ( morphed into, and now includes the sham organization "," aka "behind the redwood curtain."

In this email, they are again actively soliciting money - trying to get people to commit to a payment schedule, to agree to donate a certain amount every month via their credit card. Presumably, once they have softened the mark, it is also easier to go back for "extra" donations for a specific "need."

It's interesting that Richard Salzman sends his "endorsement" of this so-called NEW group ( as if it were unrelated to him - talking about 'them' doing good work, if 'they' are given funding.... He pumped this same message loudly and often on KMUD, calling in to various radio shows, and expressing his enthusiastic support for this "wonderful" group of people, this incredible grassroots effort, and by the way, send money...

People keep asking, "How does this guy support himself?" "Where does his money come from?"

The Recall was over. How do you keep the fundraising going when the election furor has died down and people go back to their normal lives? When you are trying to sell something, you have to come up with an idea that the public will "buy." Looks like jumping on the "progressive" bandwagon was a golden opportunity to keep the money flowing.

Local Solutions denies any connection to Richard Salzman, of course. But the email trails reveal the opposite to be true.

Where does the money donated to Local Solutions go? What do the candidates they support "owe" them?

These are only some of the questions that need to be answered as "Local Solutions" works to implement Ken Miller's vision to "groom folks to run for office."

Is it just about money? Or is it about power? Is it about being able to "count to three" on the Board of Supervisors? Or the Eureka City Council?


From: Richard Salzman []

Subject: Re: Westhaven Progressives and Local Solutions Political Action

(.....1st paragraph deleted)

I hope everyone will join me in sending Local Solutions $99.00 to help them
raise the seed money they need to build the infrastructure with which
to run grassroots campaigns. The idea here is that by investing a
small amount in advance these people will build a mechanism that will
save us a lot of work later. It will still be up to us as a community
to find good people who are willing to run for office, but when we do,
LS would be there for us when we need them, if we give them the
resources (i.e. money) to get established now. It seems like a good
investment to me.
Richard (Salzman)

(......partially edited....)

> Thank you again for having us to your party! And thanks for your
> financial support for Local Solutions PAC!
> Here comes the pitch:
> As we said Thursday night, one of our initial goals in 2005 is to
> invite 1,000 local Humboldt progressives to become Local Solutions PAC
> supporters at $99 a year (that's $8.25 per month). You can become a
> $99 supporter online by clicking on:
>       Online Donations:
> .
> Some supporters like to use PayPal to pledge online at just $8.25 a
> month from their credit cards. Others use PayPal for a one-time
> contribution of $99. Other supporters prefer to send their checks
> directly to:
> Local Solutions, P. O. Box 782, Eureka, CA 95502.
> Let's stay in touch- there will be many opportunities to work
> together as elections approach. We all need each other!
> Best wishes!
> Michael Twombly
> Dennis Huber
> Alice Woodworth
> Patrick Riggs
> Local Solutions PAC
> (707) 443-3921
> P.O. Box 782
> Eureka, CA 95502
Open Letter from "Local Solutions"
"Local Solutions" sham
No connection?
Any doubt what "Local Solutions" agenda is?
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Note: Personal email addresses, home addresses and phone numbers have been either altered (so spam crawlers won't harvest them) or replaced with the words 'address' and 'phone' - business or organizational addresses remain intact.
New note: The deal is off. Richard.

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  1. Again, good work Rose. It's important that Richard Salzman's continuing course of conduct, deception, be exposed and documented.

    It's also important to connect RS to his "associates" that he sometimes tries to distance himself from.


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