Sunday, August 20, 2006

Signing away his kid

I, Timothy Oliver Stoen, hereby acknowledge that in April 1971 , I entreated my beloved pastor, James W Jones to sire a child by my wife, Grace Lucy (Grech) Stoen, who had previously at my insistence, reluctantly but graciously consented thereto. James W Jones agreed to do so, reluctantly, after I explained that I very much wished to raise a child but was unable, after extensive attempts to sire one myself. my reason for requesting James W Jones to do this is that I wanted my child to be fathered, if not by me, by the most compassionate, honest, and courageous human beings the world contains.

The child, John Victor Stoen, was born on January 25 1972. I am privileged beyond words to have the responsibility for caring for him and I undertake this task humbly with steadfast hope that said child will become a devoted follower of Jesus Christ and be instrumental in bringing God's Kingdom here on Earth, as has been his wonderful natural father.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. May 1976

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  1. this just sends chills down my spine.

  2. This is why normal reasonable people are concerned and upset that Steon "the stud" was selcted as our Assistant DA. How could this have happened ?

  3. Didn't see this post. I responded to the Stoen's past post below.

  4. To answer 11:21, Gallegos claimed that he had conducted a "nationwide search" and selected Stoen.

    It doesn't ring true if you consider that he would have been limited to prosecutors who were licensed to practice law in California.

  5. It's what Stoen has done here that makes his past relevant.

    I believe it shows that Tim Stoen has not changed. he has found a new cause and he is just as willing to do anything for this cause.


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