Wednesday, August 30, 2006


First Paul Gallegos tried to blame former Deputy District Attorney Ed Borg for not filing charges against Kiki Bugenig in the animal abuse case now revealed by the Eureka Reporter.

Then, he tries to pass it off as "politics" and then he blames Assistant District Attorney/Chief Charging Deputy Wes Keat.

It's not the first time he has claimed that anyone who points out that he is failing to do his job is just engaging in "political attacks." He tried this tactic when he tried to slip the loss of four positions in Humboldt County's Victim Witness Unit through the Consent Calendar. He never has explained why he didn't try to save the program and the four positions in the months between when he was notified that he had lost the grant that funded the positions, and when the grant ran out. Nor is there any evidence that he has worked to restore the funding or the program since that day. But he has time to plot a new "environmental crimes unit."

Nor is it the first time he has thrown Wes Keat under the bus. He blamed Wes Keat for his undercharging of Pedro Martinez-Hernandez.

And, judging by the editorial in today's Eureka Reporter, it looks like Gallegos' supporters are blaming the Eureka Reporter for the story that Gallegos failed to file charges against Kiki Bugening, "in the interests of justice" because he would have had to "prove intent."

Kudos to the Eureka Reporter for reporting the FACTS, and not being intimidated by the Salzman/Gallegos political machine.


  1. For christ sakes - how can these morons spin over one hundred starved and shot animals as political. I am glad they have tried as it shows how stupid and desparate they are.

  2. Kudos to Rose. Right on point AGAIN.

  3. Did Gallegos blame Keats? I don't remember that. It seemed like he was standing behind Keats decision, but maybe I read a different article.

  4. Sorry Eric - actually he blamed Ed Borg first, then said it was Keat's call (guess PG ain't responsible for squat huh!) Pretty soon it will be the dogs' fault.

    Seems to me he threw Keat under the bus in the Martinez fiasco. When that didn't work, he then threw the victim and her mother as the reason saying that he had to take the plea because they were illegal aliens and would flee the country. What an ass. But thats ok with you isn't long as it is somebody else's kid.

  5. I will post more detail on this later, Eric.

    Including the details of what happened with the Pedro Martinez-Hernandez case. It's particularly interesting for those who wonder how a Mark Allan Karr gets away with marrying a 13 year old, in addition to the botching of this case...

    But, in part, from the TS reports:

    "The man who Humboldt County sheriffs deputies determined molested a child nearly every day for up to seven years..."

    "Martinez-Hernandez entered guilty pleas to one felony count of continuous sexual abuse of a child and a misdemeanor count of false representation to a peace officer Jan. 6."

    "The Sheriff's Department said investigating deputies found reason to believe Martinez-Hernandez had sexual intercourse with the child 1,900 times over a six or seven year period. Deputies also determined there were about 1,000 counts of crimes like fondling and oral copulation. The child was about 5 when the abuse began about seven years ago."

    "Gallegos has said the continuous act charge was made to avoid the necessity of proving each count and to spare the child from testifying."

    Kinda like the current animal abuse case, that he says he couldn't try because he would have had to prove "intent."

    In both cases, he hung Wes Keat out to dry. In the Martinez-Hernandez case he had Richard Salzman act as the de-facto spokesperson for the DAs office.

  6. Worth adding that the child's mother was 11 when Martinez-Hernandez married HER.

    Keat's comments noted that Martinez-Hernandez should qualify for "the Century Club" meaning he should have gone away for a hundred+ years.

    Allison Jackson was known for putting child molesters away for hundreds of years.

  7. What I'm after is a quote from Gallegos "blaming" Keats for some act of negligence. The allegation has been posted on several blogs now, including my own. But nobody's provided a quote.

  8. eric kirk, go back to heraldo's hearald. you are such a putz!

  9. Actually, Eric, Paul rarely does the talking - all the damage is done by his handlers, most often it is Richard Salzman. Be patient, Eric, many of the instances are immortalized in the various papers, and I will get to them - and one of the first instances was in the Martinez-Hernandez debacle

    Read about it here - and note that Salzman was acting as the de facto spokesman for the D.A.'s Office
    Gallegos v. Martinez-Hernandez complete with links to articles.


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