Friday, August 11, 2006

A funny resemblance

What does a good-looking, naive, young, idealistic, charismatic D.A. in Humboldt County have in common with a good-looking, naive, young, idealistic, charismatic preacher named Jim Jones?

Tim Stoen.

So, was I right about Stoen? What was his role in People's Temple? And how did it compare to what he was all of a sudden doing here?

More questions that had to be answered


  1. You crazy, lady

  2. Yeah. I know. It gets better, too.

  3. But, seriously, good to have you here, safely tucked away in a remote corner of the Web where no one will ever read you. ;-)

  4. OH We are reading about this

  5. Dear 9:17 and 10:02 - I am reading and so are my friends. You lose.

  6. 8/11/2006 10:02 pm

    FYI lots of people read Rose's blog, just not all of them comment! Rose's blog is not a mindless chat blog like some others, it's more of an informational blog. A public service so to speak. And just to let you know I recommend it as reading to others; friends, associates, and the uninformed. I bet lots of greens, radical dem's, and loco solution types read it too, they just can't respond without looking like the &^%$'s that they are.


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