Friday, June 06, 2014

An IMPORTANT case like the WARREN MURDER case, and he's a no show, AGAIN. And that's not all.

Not only does he not show up for the Warren hearing; Paul throws Curtis under the bus for what may be a possible violation of a court order - John Chiv/Words Worth

Today in Courtroom 4, Paul Gallegos did not show up for the Jason Warren hearing. DDA Zach Curtis, who covers that Courtroom for the hearing was representing the People today.

At the last hearing, Glenn Brown who is representing Warren, along with Kevin Robinson, had requested an emergency motion prohibiting destruction of evidence. This was because there was a small sample of DNA to be tested, and they did not want that sample destroyed and so requested that it not be tested unless a defense expert was there to observe the testing. Paul gave his word, did not feel a court order was necessary. Judge Reinholtsen granted the defense motion.

Mr. Robinson in court today said that after he received funding for the defense expert and that defense expert contacted the DOJ, he was informed that testing had already been conducted....

Mr. Robinson said that he was not sure what occurred and why the process and court order was not followed but if evidence was destroyed in violation of a court order, he would have to file appropriate paperwork.

Mr. Curtis said, "That there is nothing left to test is news to me." He added that Mr. Gallegos had told him he was trying to coordinate testing with the defense expert.

Can you believe it?


  1. WTF!? What can we do about this right now? I know in Jan regardless of who there will be some one new, but what do we do about this mess right now? How can we make this stop? These are all serious questions.

  2. Does anyone know where Paul is? What he is doing?

    Maggie is going to have her hands full, but I would bet she is already working to improve the DA's office.


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