Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Not that it matters...

But it's an interesting tidbit, a local angle... Vester Flanagan -- the man who ambushed and murdered 2 reporters on live TV -- ◼ is the son of a former NFL player who was drafted by the legendary Vince Lombardi ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Vester's father is Vester Flanagan Sr. -- a former lineman who was a college football standout at Humboldt State University from 1957 to 1960. In fact, Vester was inducted into the HSU Hall of Fame in 1975....


  1. Interesting. Another bragging right for Humbolt residents.

  2. Ok, to be fair, I would say Vester Flanagan II is worse than Paul Gallegos. I mean Paul never caused the death of two people...Wait a minute, when is the Jason Warren trial...didn't Paul cause the death of two people by allowing his lawyers to hand out Cruz Waivers like candy...Ok, Flanagan and [Judge] Gallegos are tied.


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