Friday, January 08, 2010

Hold onto your hats, it's another "open coalition"

Salzman's pushing a new name, a new disguise?: COMMUNITY CREATED HUMBOLDT (CCH) is an ongoing series of gathering providing a forum for the diverse people of Humboldt to discuss how we can - together- create a healthy, prosperous and thriving future. CCH is an open coalition of community members, businesses, non-profits and other organizations who believe that Humboldt County is capable of providing a better future for us, our kids and our grandkids.

A new "group" to use you as cover. Who can foretell how he will finagle it to affect the upcoming elections.

Diversity = Ann Lindsay, Larry Evans, Clif Clendenen, Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap ....

Just look at that beautiful rhetoric about creating prosperity. Man, it almost makes ya believe it.


  1. I believe Richard supported Estelle over Clif.

    Just saying.

  2. Even Hitler was right sometimes. He liked dogs. Rose keep us informed about meeting times and dates and the membership. Sounds like more of the just say no to everything crowd. We need good jobs with value added production and a continuation of our great stewardship goals. Historically, this group has never produced anything positive.

  3. Well, I hope so, Eric, after how he used her all these years. He owes her that.

  4. When you said "Salzman's pushing a new name..." I assumed you meant Richard Salzman. While Richard may have passed along info about this meeting, if you look further you'll see it's organized by GreenWay Partners, a group that includes Steve Salzman, the green building guy, not Richard. Then again, why let facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory.

  5. And Anon 6:23, you asked about the meeting time and date.

    First Community Created Humboldt Meeting

    Saturday, January 23rd, 12:30 – 4:30PM
    - 1385 8th St, Arcata

    Call GreenWay Partners at (707) 822-0597 with any questions.

    Incidentally, the email I got about the meeting came from Suzanne Simpson, another CCH associate and also one of the women who put together the Locally Delicious cookbook supporting healthy eating using North Coast foods.

  6. Bob, Bob, Bob. RELAX, Dude. The EMAIL was sent through RICHARD SALZMAN'S listserve.... Reason enough for suspicion.

    In a message dated 1/8/2010 3:57:26 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:
    From: Suzanne Simpson

    I don't know the gestation of this particular group, but I have seen the multiple others that spring from his little "grassroots" factory - and I have seen good people get used along the way. So have you, whether you want to admit it or not.

    Is this another one? We may never know as the pattern has been for newspapers to print the press release and never look any deeper.

    You never looked into Local Solutions, The so called "Alliance for Ethical Business" or any of the others. They can call themselves by 50 different names, with a hundred different websites, all looking for donations and all obscuring what they are really about and it's fine with you, I get it. It's all just something "they all do" therefore oK... it's all just political shenanigans, you chuckle, and you should only get upset about it if it has a whiff of something resembling conservative thought, I guess.

    But go ahead and lecture me, Bob. If it makes you feel better.

  7. Forgive me for invading your little domaine and calling bullshit, but that's what you're spewing, both in your post and in your latest response.

    You say, "I don't know the gestation of this particular group, but..." but you're suspicious because Richard S. forwarded their press release. So what. As you know, he forwards all sorts of stuff. That doesn't mean he's involved in this group in any way.

    You go on to claim that the Journal never looked into any of Salzman's various groups. Have you forgotten the story, "Web of Lies"? Here's a more recent quote from Hank in connection with a piece on Humboldt Sunshine and their lawsuit against the county:

    "You might need a scorecard. Humboldt Sunshine is one of the many special-purpose entities under the Arkley umbrella. It appears to have been formed solely to prosecute this suit. And it must be said that if there's one thing that Arkley has in common with his foes across the aisle, it's a seemingly irresistible urge to manufacture a brand-new "organization" every time another issue pops up. Arkley arch-foe Richard Salzman has three or four, each with its own mailing list. Sometimes one will receive e-mail calls-to-action from "Redwood Progressive" and "Richard's List" and "The Alliance for Ethical Business" within a space of minutes. You're left to imagine Salzman at home, logging in and out of his various accounts. It's not clear what purpose this serves."

    If you'd taken the time to do a quick scan of the CCH website you'd see that it's not another Richard front. I'll repeat: wrong Salzman -- Steve and Richard are not related by blood or otherwise. Believe it or not there are all sorts of people locally promoting dangerous ideas like sustainability, locally grown food and "green" building.

  8. Try using Google Rose.

  9. Yeah? They all have flowery rhetoric.

    Yep, Bob, but with all due respect, Web of Lies looked into SALZMAN, but NOT the AEB, not the funding behind it.

    I have looked at the CCH website - and I have not yet seen anything to differentiate it from any of the other groups with the wonderful mission statements, fabulously sincere goals, even good people as the fronts.

    It may be that this is the real deal, and Salzman is just grabbing it's coattails. Maybe it's not like the gestation of Local Solutions.

    I'm sorry, Bob, but after Ann Lindsay's little report pushing the health benefits of "infill" - I'm inclined to suspect her, and there are other names on that list that are part of the same old same old - if they were anyone else you'd be calling them "The Good Old Boys" or "TeaBaggers." (speaking of paranoid BS)

    I'll wait and see. I'll be happy if I am wrong.

  10. I can't even read the name "Ann Lindsay" before coffee.

    Rose is right Bob!

  11. "Rose is right" about what? She's right to admit that she's jumping to conclusions based on guilt by association, a familiar habit of the extreme "right" -- and the extreme left. She's wrong in assuming that Dr. Lindsay, Humboldt County's Public Health Officer, is someone we should "suspect" simply because she has a different opinion from Rose on the General Plan. Mostly she's wrong in her general belief that everyone who disagrees with her is part of some vast evil cabal.

  12. OK, Bob, tell me about the "Alliance for Ethical Business." Tell me about "Local Solutions." Enlighten me.


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