Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The race - Blog speculation

Jackson to enter DA fray heraldo
Gallegos seeking endorsements heraldo
Allison Jackson reportedly running for DA Eric


  1. Assuming she decides to run, I think Allison would make a terrific DA. I worked with Allison in the DA’S office from 1995 to 2004. Allison is a very caring person. She spent much of her personal time on weekends meeting with child victims of sexual assault just to make the trauma of testifying easier on the kids. She is also one of the sharpest attorneys I have ever met. Her knowledge of the law and sentencing guidelines is excellent. There were many cases that I worked with Allison on in which the defendants accused of aggravated sexual assault against children were given 100+ year sentences rather than plea-bargaining down to probation or a 10-year sentence. Yes, Allison was a “bitter rival” against Mr. Gallegos but so what? In my opinion Mr. Gallegos is a good politician but not a very good attorney. If the people of Humboldt County want a DA who is going to prosecute criminals and represent the victims with compassion then they should vote for Allison Jackson.

  2. You can get an updated list of the candidates who have filed and turned into necessary paperwork at the elections office.


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