Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Bradshaw case

Autopsy report coming in Bradshaw case; plea agreement hinges on results for McKinleyville man accused of wife's murder
While Robin Bradshaw faces a 12-year prison sentence under the deal, it is contingent on Super's examination finding forensic evidence that corroborates his version of events -- that he struck Monica Bradshaw in the head and shoulders two or three times with a metal bar only after his wife assaulted him with the weapon first.

”This is a conditional plea,” said Robin Bradshaw's attorney, Peter Martin, according to a Dec. 17 transcript. “The condition is as follows: Mr. Bradshaw will lead police to Ms. Bradshaw's remains. A forensic examination will be performed on the remains. If forensic evidence establishes that Mrs. Bradshaw did not die in the manner described ... it will be considered a breach of the plea bargain, and the people may petition the court to vacate the plea agreement.”

Parris said in a previous interview that Super was keenly aware of the role his report would play in the case, and was intent on conducting a very thorough examination. To that end, Parris said, Super requested numerous X-rays of the remains, DNA testing, toxicology analyses and other tests to be performed on Monica Bradshaw's body before completing his report. Parris said he is confident


  1. Another cold blooded wife killer given a walk from our useless DA.

  2. Maybe he's going to testilie against the REAL killer. Or his girlfriend.
    Or someone. Anyone.

  3. MAYBE this will go to trial when we have REAL D. A.


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