Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Supe's salaries

Grand jury recommends reducing Humboldt supervisors' salaries; supes challenge findings, say there will be detailed response to report
Grand Jury slams Supervisor salaries


Chris Crawford said...

There's no getting around it ... the sup's salaries are too high, and a 10% longevity bonus is laughably gratuitous.

Some try to make it look like a full time job, but it ain't.

lodgepole said...

It is too funny watching the Bonnie supporters handle this one. If it weren't an election year, and Bonnie wasn't the worst offender, they'd probably be all for it. Classic Humboldt.

Rose said...

Yes. Interesting is a good word to describe it. I'm going to be curious if some of the more "upfront" voices will stage repeat performances this time, or will they stay quiet.

Anonymous said...

45K + insurance access & travel expenses is still twice Del Norte's pay. They work just as hard.