Thursday, April 08, 2010

Excuse me?

(Paul Gallegos' 'Campaign Manager' Natalynne) DeLapp said. "We've trained him on our dime, [and] he needs to be able to continue."

Really? Only a dime?

Maybe more like a million something, if you calculate the salary, benefits and everything else over the last 7 years...

And what about
DDA Ed Borg
DDA Worth Dikeman
DDA Frank Dunnick
DDA Eamon Fitzgerald
DDA Heather Gimle
DDA Paul Hagen
DDA Andrew Isaac
DDA Allison Jackson
DDA Elizabeth Norton
DDA Murat Ozgur
DDA Gloria Albin-Sheets
DDA Nandor Vadas
DDA Rob Wade
Investigator Chris Andrews
Investigator Chris Cook
Investigator Jim Dawson (retired)
Paul's secretary Gail Dias
Office Manager Linda Modell
Investigator Eric Olson
Investigator Kathy Philp (retired)
Investigator Dave Rybarczyk
Investigator Dave Walker
Child Interview Specialist Laura Todd
Child Interview Specialist Gillian Wadsworth
Senior Legal Secretary Melissa Arnold
Alternate Child Interviewer Jennifer Maguire

and a whole bunch more - all "trained on our dime." Funny, now it's supposed to matter?


  1. We paid him that much to destroy that office and screw victims and even defendants. Nero fiddLed as Rome burned and we paid this amount? Oh lord.

    And excuse me but his new gal pal is a bit of a whiner.

  2. Waaa? Wa paid this man this much to f things up? Can we get someone to run the damn place? Sorry guess we set the bar low.

  3. wait, you left out all the people he hired and fired. Yougo Schwartz, Patrick Pekin, Shane Hauschild, Amanda Penny, Jose What's his name, Bryson, the woman who was gone in 4 days, Ed Borg, Tim Stoen, and on, and on, and on, and on .....

    He's burnt through a bloody fortune in wasted hires and fires .. His turnover in 8 years is probably higher than the last 3 DA's put together.

  4. They're there if you click on the link. If I left anyone off, let me know.

  5. I despise lawsuits of all sorts more or less,but kudos to Jeff Schwartz for taking on the city of Arcata for its horrid panhandling ordinance.

  6. Schwartz is a buffoon and was a complete waste of taxpayer dollars. He bilked 80 thousand tax payer dollars a year NOT to try any cases.

  7. Uhh, he actually tried two, but not very successfully.

  8. Wow. I'm impressed. Two cases? Lost both? Highest paid? Explains loads.

  9. You need to take Kelly Neel off of that list. She went back to work for Gags after her job with county Counsel didn't work out.

  10. Another note: The link in the post leads to an older post listing names of the people Gallegos has "lost," fired or driven away.

    Kathleen Bryson has send in the following update: I just noticed on that I am supposed to have been fired from Gallegos's office. That is, of course, not true. I left his office voluntarily, worked my notice period, and went on to work in private practice.

    Duly noted, and the post is now updated as well.


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