Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Armed robberies continue Update: REWARD OFFERED

Reward offered for info leading to Eureka armed robbery suspect's arrest

A Eureka resident has started a reward fund to help spur citizen tips to help the investigation into a recent string of robberies that have hit businesses close to his home.
”I know all these stores,” said Rex Bohn. “I shop in some of them -- that was my grocery store that was robbed.”
Bohn has put up $1,000 through the Eureka Police Department and is encouraging other community members to contribute funds to act as a reward for information leading to the arrest of suspect Ezra “Eazy” Keith Williams, 26. Williams is suspected of committing seven armed robberies throughout Eureka in the past few weeks that have targeted stores, gas stations, a bank and other businesses

Eureka armed robbery spree continues; Safeway robbed at gunpoint -- police name suspect in seven holdups

...Most recently, (Ezra "Eazy") Williams is alleged to have held up the Safeway on Harris Street and Harrison Avenue. Humboldt County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Brenda Godsey said deputies received a call at about 10:45 p.m. Monday stating that a white male adult dressed in all dark clothing and wearing a black ski mask approached a cash register at the store and brandished a handgun.

”He demanded that (the cashier) empty her register,” Godsey said. “She complied, and put money in a plastic grocery bag.”

Godsey said the suspect -- who a witness later identified as Williams...

Williams appears to be becoming more brazen in his alleged activity, as he first targeted a business early in the morning, then moved on to robbing some gas stations in the early morning hours, before finally robbing a bank and a grocery store. Law enforcement has also said that Williams did not wear a mask when allegedly robbing Sal's Off Broadway bar on April 8.

”He's really had a string of success, so success breeds success (in his mind),” Capron said. “Probably another factor in this, with someone this brazen, is I would suspect you have some sort of drug abuse involved.”

According to Humboldt County court records, Williams has a trio of convictions on his record, all for petty theft, with two occurring in 2005 and another in 2008. He was also arrested March 17 on suspicion of possessing heroin for sale and transportation of heroin for sale. He posted bail after the arrest, and Humboldt County Assistant District Attorney Wes Keat said his office is currently seeking an arrest warrant on charges stemming from the arrest...

Williams is a white male adult, 26 years old, about 5 feet, 5 inches tall, weighing about 140 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes and several tattoos, including one on his neck that reads “outlaw” and is accompanied by skulls. He also has a one-inch scar on his forehead.

He should be considered armed and dangerous, according to law enforcement. According to an EPD press release, Williams stated to an acquaintance that he will not go to jail and will “go out gangster style.” However, others who know the suspect have reportedly told police he wants to get caught.

In a previous interview with the Times-Standard, Harpham said police believe Williams may be using methamphetamine and heroin, which may account for the differing statements....

Harpham said detectives believe all the Eureka robberies are linked because of the physical description of the suspect and his mannerisms while committing the crimes.

”He kind of does a lot of the same things and says a lot of the same things,” Harpham said, before noting the suspect's slight stature. “If you had six different robberies done by six different white males, the likelihood of them all being 5 foot, 6 inches is almost nil.”

Harpham said there have also been consistencies in the firearms used in the robberies, as well as the clothing worn by the suspect. He said he expects EPD may have also found a lead in the case Monday with the arrest of one of Williams' close friends. He said he was preparing to serve a search warrant on the friend's vehicle.

”It appears there is evidence in that vehicle that ties (Williams) to at least one of the robberies,” Harpham said....

Eureka man arrested as person of interest in robbery spree
After (Jamie Delos) Jeffery was detained, officers found 3 grams of tar heroin, a digital gram scale, syringes and a large amount of cash on his person. During a search of his car, officers found more syringes, drug-smoking paraphernalia, a small quantity of heroin, unlawfully possessed prescription medications, numerous small baggies and apparent pay/owe notes further indicating drug sales activity, according to the press release. Officers also located possible evidence in the vehicle related to the armed robbery spree, but EPD did not release details on this evidence.

Jeffery was arrested and transported to the Humboldt County jail, where he was booked on suspicion of possession and transportation of heroin for sale, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and hypodermic syringes, being under the influence of a controlled substance and driving on a suspended license, according to the press release.

EPD is still looking for Ezra “Eazy” Keith Williams, 26, who is wanted in connection with the multiple armed robberies in Eureka. Anyone with information about Williams' whereabouts should call the EPD at 441-4044.


  1. Don't tell me, his mommy did not give him lollipops when he was a little boy...

    Arrest this tweaker and lock it up and throw away the key!

  2. Just a gut feeling, but I think this is going to end with a very dead young fellow named Easy.

  3. Let's just hope he doesn't take someone else with him.

  4. assume the lotus position, preferably on a surfboard, inhale some righteous medicinal herb, close your eyes (keeps the smoke out) and, humming softly with your fingers in your ears, repeat with your inner voice
    "crime is down, crime is down, crime is down . . .. "

  5. Ala David Barger, this is yet another example of how growing up in an intellectual and cultural wasteland like Honeydew, with drugged-out parents, often turns a kid into a real loser. Undoubtedly, the Mattole Valley produces an inordinately high per capital number of n'er do wells.

  6. Ala David Barger, this is yet another example of how growing up in an intellectual and cultural wasteland like Honeydew, with drugged-out parents, often turns a kid into a real loser. Undoubtedly, the Mattole Valley produces an inordinately high per capital number of n'er do wells.


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