Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's a tough game

Bryson out of DA race
Humboldt County District Attorney candidate Kathleen Bryson is dropping out of the race.
Bryson made the announcement today, saying the campaign was “taking too much time away from my family and legal practice.” She said the time away was affecting her elementary school-aged daughter and said that a serious car accident involving her older daughter was part of what made her change course.

Sorry to hear this.

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After much thought and discussion with my family, I have made the decision to drop out of the campaign for Humboldt County District Attorney.

While I am grateful for the opportunity, the campaign was taking too much time away from my family and legal practice. I am only 44 years old, the youngest of the da candidates, and our children are school-age. In particular, our youngest daughter is in elementary school, and my many hours away from home were taking too much of a toll on her. In addition, recently, our eldest daughter suffered a very serious car accident that has put matters into perspective for our entire family.

I want to thank all the people who contributed their time, money and moral support to my campaign. I also want to thank the other candidates for their open dialogue in relation to the issues. The experience of running for public office has given me profound respect for those who sacrifice their time and privacy to be our public officials.


Kathleen Bryson.

Humboldt County DA candidate Bryson pulls out


  1. I liked her honesty and matter-of-fact attitude.

  2. You are sorry to hear it? We are jumping for JOY! We had no intention of voting for her but a vote for her would have been a vote taken from Allison. Come on. Get with it.

  3. Yes. She's a nice person, and politics is a tough and brutal game. I know how wearing it is, and what a tough decision this had to be.

  4. are you people serious? everyone who knows KB thinks she's a total wacko. Friendly? Nice? PLEASE.
    She dropped out because it was in-your-face obvious that she had zero support from the voters who have a brain. It's hard to get people to vote for you when you're a loony-tune jerk to everyone around you.

  5. That's really unnecessary 1:15, yet more a reflection of your intellect than Kathleen Bryson's components-I've met her. She's classy and Very nice-I'm Pretty Darn Sure she's in support of Allison Jackson...

  6. Thanks to Kathleen Bryson for asking my help when I had questions about how she would handle the District Attorney’s office differently.

    Working on a campaign directly for even the short time, was an eye opening experience. I will support Allison Jackson in June as I'm sure Kathleen Bryson will.

    Reposted by Mary Shively Boughton thx for the heads up Rose!

  7. You hear all the smears, and then you read her letter, a very classy withdrawal.

  8. I also had the opportunity to work on Kathleen's campaign. She is an amazing women, mother, friend and attorney and friend. I am sad to see the campaign come to a close. We all worked hard for her.

  9. She is a classy woman. I am waiting to see who she will support.

  10. Rose,

    You, John Osborn and Eric Kirk have given fair representation on your blogs regarding all candidates in the upcoming elections. Thank you. As someone who worked on Kathleen’s campaign from the beginning and has been involved in the campaign on a daily basis; I feel a profound sense of loss.

    Others have made some eloquent remarks defending Kathleen; I am grateful to them. Feeding the disgruntled smear tactics of online bullies only feeds their need for attention and I don’t have time for such childish games.

    Her decision to put her family first shows her character and class and values that I want to see in all elected officials. Having worked on national presidential conventions and local elections as well as local campaigns; Humboldt wins the award for “dirty, petty politics”.

    Some people believe what they chose to see; and their agendas are obvious.

    The issues Kathleen raised represented the views of people from all walks of life; from people who are tired of being unheard; dismissed and discounted; and only pandered to around election time. She has the guts to speak the truth; the courage to be a legal champion for those who have lost faith in the justice system and the dignity to step aside and focus on what matters most.


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