Friday, June 05, 2009

Shoulda just registered as a GREEN

There's not a snowball's chance in hell that the HCDCC is going to endorse New Democrat Virginia Bass. They didn't endorse Democrat Richard Marks against Bonnie Neely when she was a Republican - even THOUGH he had participated in all the bake sales. Now she has switched parties, Republican to Democrat, AND Jeff Leonard, AND Richard Marks are also reportedly in the race. (Has Neely announced?)

As a GREEN, you would have given them a possible winning candidate they could be proud of - coulda been interesting. Libertarian would have been better.

It is a non-partisan race, after all - and the never-ending political season is upon us. ◼ Primary race still a year away for Supes

Richard Marks
Bonnie's coming out party. Richard Marks
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  1. Why do you think she changed parties Rose?

  2. Rose:

    Yet again your blind conservatism overrides ANY political sense. Supervisors are elected because of their positions on issues, personality, fund raising ability, liberal/conservative stance of their electors, and THEN finally their political party.

    Viriginia won as Mayor because she was a moderate versis the liberal Peter in a community fairly well split between left and right. Demo or Repub had NOTHING to do with it.

    I wager her fund raising ability will not be impared in the least. The race will be between her and Bonnie, period. People want Bonnie out, so they would not donate to Virginia just because she switched parties? Get real.

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  4. Whoa - 8:05! Better re-read the post.

    I have said repeatedly that Supervisor is a NON-PARTISAN race and party affiliation should not have ANY bearing on the race.

    Virginia will be a heavy hitter in this or any race - she didn't need to switch parties for that. She's proven herself by doing a good job in her previous positions.

    Not sure where you jumped the tracks, there, I'd say we largely agree. My "blind conservatism" aside./

  5. If anything she'll get more mileage by aligning with local dem party.Tom Frederickson (spelled right?) hit it on the head when he said that the locals repubs were pretty much just a social group.In contrast,the dems make a much larger effort to recruit new members and to expand on their philosophies and to reach out to undecided voters.One of the most noticeable things about watching Rob Arkley at the Womens Club was hearing the clatter of plates and silverware,the other being that he mentioned Bonnie's switch but not Virginia's.From what I've witnessed,the local repub party reps and those close to them spend far too much time observing what the local dems are doing and the internal issues they encounter without doing things necessary to get people to back repub or non-repub conservative candidates.Simply put,Virginia will now get more support and groundwork and GOTV assistance for herself.I registered dem in early 2004 in order to vote for Howard Dean in the primary,which I later switched back to DTS following the Nov.election.During that time,I received regular e-mails and phone calls and invitations to various dem sponsored events,almost to a point where I found it sort of annoying.I joined the repub party last year,partly to vote for Ron Paul in the primary,and partly because true repub party principle fits me fine,since I've joined I have never received any e-mails or phone calls for ANYTHING,not to support candidates,or for outreach efforts,or events,Nada.And regardless,she likely won't win regardless of the switch or not.She's not all that popular,squeaked by Peter and has left a lot of those who elected her a bit disappointed.Personally,if I was voting in that race,Richard would have my vote,if he doesn't give it a go,I'd vote for Leonard.

  6. I agree there is not a chance she will get the HCDCC endorsement, nor will Jeff, nor Richard, nor Bonnie. I am certain they will sit this one out as an organization. Which is a shame for Richard as all the time and effort he put in to "hopefully" get their endorsement this time around.

    mresquan said... As yet again, you can count on who ever he says he will vote for will lose.

  7. Funny. They will sit this one out but they just HAD to endorse Gallegos. and you call the republicans a social club. Hilarious.

    Anyway, mresquan, my experience is, like yours, that the Republicans do not pester you with phone calls. Thank God. Registering as a Republican was not the JOINING of any group, in my book, and I would resent my voter registration being used in that manner. I'm glad they respect that.

    I do not know why there is this shallow assumption that people are captives of a box they check on a form - the assumption that all members of any party think the same, vote only for someone with the same star on their belly. If that were true, there would be no point in showing up to vote at all - just get as many people registered with your appellation, and count it as good - rather like Congress and the Senate - why bother to have your representatives show up to vote - you know Pelosi and her ilk will never cross the party line, you can fill in her vote without her ever needing to leave her bathtub.

    Did I miss you at the luncheon, mresquan!?

  8. "who ever he says he will vote for will lose."
    Hmmm.Don't recall writing or saying that but if the comment is directed at me it is one that is
    generally true.Probably can't blame the state of the state on me though.Let's see I voted for Jim Pell,he lost.Voted for Zane(just because I loved his phone message),he lost,voted for Dale Ogden for Insurance Commish,he lost.Voted for Camejo for gov.,he lost.Voted for Jimmy for BOS,he won.If Leonard stays in,and Richard opts not to run,and Bonnie runs,Bonnie may have it won in June as Jeff is likely to take more percentage points away from Virginia.And I disagree that Richard wouldn't have a chance in hell at winning,he would,perhaps better than the other candidates minus the incumbent.

  9. The HCDCC is a corrupted group of Humboldt type lefties.

    Wasn't it some of the
    HCDCC that just freaked out and wet themselves over the "Tea Parties"?

    HCDCC= a BIG F'ing joke!

    Could it be that Virginia, like Bonnie, changed parties in hopes of getting some kind of appointed position from the Dem's?! That's what this is redally all about.

    Politicians tend to be corrupt by nature, or by time.

    I'm still waiting for the change I can believe in. And the 5 million jobs from clean burning coal that the Messiah promised.

  10. The Humboldt Republican Party is very much just a social group of old men and women. The Women's Club event was the perfect representation of what's left of the local party.

  11. Rose, you claimed that Bonnie's move was to basically position herself in the next Supervisor race. In your opinion did Virginia's change have the same motives?

  12. Virginia Bass won the race for mayor by about 60 votes. It was a popularity contest. She's a homegrown girl whose family owned a restaurant for decades in Eureka. If the weather had been better on election day in 2006, or if the Dems had done a better job of getting their voters to vote by mail, the outcome would have been different. The only part of the vote that Bass won was the early vote by mail ballots. But it was enough to carry her through -- by a hair. La Vallee beat Bass in votes cast at the polls on election day and in late-arriving absentee ballots. The local Repubs simply recognized the power and rising popularity of vote by mail ballots sooner than did the local Dems. But the Dems learned from that experience and have a plan for 2010.

  13. I don't see much difference between the two on this issue, frankly. Is it positioning for the Supervisor race? Doesn't matter. It looks like it is. Is it for an appointment by the Dems? Probably fat chance on that.

    Wouldn't it be nice if there were no parties? Particularly in a non-partisan race.

  14. BIG RED FLAG IF a candidate switches because the democrats represent their ideals. Unless you think the governator spent all that money all by his lonesome.

    Wake up, voters, it's the Ds who did this to you.


    I agree with that, 12:42.

  16. All in all, it will be a lively election. Vote Marks 2010!

  17. Indeed it will. Just wish it wasn't starting so early.

  18. Virginia will be a heavy hitter in this or any race - she didn't need to switch parties for that. She's proven herself by doing a good job in her previous positions.

    Maybe she switched because she didn't like the direction the GOP is taking.

  19. are one good soul.

    You are consistent and loyal.

    Bonnie and the HDC betrayed you and it won't get any better this time.

    Be an adviser and not a candidate.

    You have a lot to offer.

    But not as a candidate

  20. Yes Eric of course you're right. And maybe SoHum dope growers pay income tax on all their earnings!

    And maybe BO (Barack Obama) will be looked back on as a great president?!?!?!? And maybe ACORN is just a social group? And maybe all the meth users in Humboldt County just quit cold turkey?

  21. Richard has new post up about Bonnie's coming out party.

    ... I have had a few people ask me to consider not running for Supervisor and maybe run for Eureka City Council or Harbor Commissioner. I have been the only Democrat to run against Bonnie in the past, but now there would be 4 Demo's in the race! Crazy....

    There are x # of PEOPLE in the race. PEOPLE, not PARTY! For Christ's sake, who the hell cares what party they are. It only matters because YOU GUYS make it an issue.

    If you vote for someone just because of what party they are, you shouldn't be allowed to vote.

    And if you are going to decide every issue on party lines, there is no point in you even showing up for work. Just elect the guy, and send him home. One every issue you can fill in his vote for him, because you know EXACTLY how he will vote. Why waste money on a salary for these people?

    If it is really all about party, then only the campaign matters, and the team that wins gets to make all the decisions. Is that really what you want?


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