Tuesday, June 23, 2009

4-1 vote - railroad DOA

Why waste anyone's time or money with a railroad authority? It is, for all intents and purposes, dead. And Neely, Lovelace and Clendenen ought to be upfront about their intentions. My opinion.

Save the County alot of money, close the port and shut down anything to do with the railroad, The shut-it-down crowd is on power and nothing will stop them now.

You voted for them. You got it.

Supes appoint Linda Atkins to North Coast Railroad Authority


  1. What would you like to see happen Rose? Realistically speaking...

  2. Realistically speaking?

    On the issue of the railroad or the appointment?

    I don't profess to know the ins and outs of the railroad argument. But there are people who do, on both sides of the issue.

    My observation is that one side is committed to building, achieving, overcoming monumental odds, and making things work, even in the face of insurmountable odds. That is the spirit, drive and initiative that built this country, the kind of men who brought the railroad here in the first place, working without the benefit of modern technology, without power tools and giant caterpillars, and earth movers, dump trucks, modern highways, modern engineering knowledge and expertise, or all the money we have now.

    Then you have the "We can't" crowd. The 'shut-it-down" crowd, the, oh this is too hard, so we can't even try crowd - the punish anyone who wants to try crowd,who make their living dictating all the ways to stop initiative and progress.

    Ironically they call themselves "Progressives."

    They cannot get elected without pretending to be all about "jobs" and progress, they cannot get elected by being truthful about their aims.

    But you know who they are, and you know what they do.

    So, if a determination has been made that this county does not intend to ever allow a rebirth of the railroad, the Supervisors in question should state that outright, and end all County outlays in that direction.

    Just be honest.

    With regards to the appointment - Charles Ollivier served years on the Harbor Commission, and on the Railroad Authority, not for prestige or reward, but for the love of the Harbor, the Port and the Railroad. Selflessly. Serving.

    NO one wanted that position, it offered no public recognition.

    Until the "Progressives" decided two things - one, in order for their machine candidates to win elections, they needed a resume, and seats like these give them that "experience" they need to move to the next level. So getting their guys in those positions is a means of priming the pipeline, so to speak.

    And two, they (the HumboldtWatershedCouncil types) know that water is a future source of power - "He who controls the spice, controls Arrakis." Using water regulations and boards, and loopholes, it gives them the path tho power.

    So suddenly, those unwanted seats have suddenly become 'preciouusssss' to them, and they will do whatever it takes to demean and destroy the person who has served in order to oust them.

    It is happening systematically, and largely unremarked - because, a.) who cares? and b.) if you say it as I am now you are just a conspiracy nut.

    As I said a few posts back, these things have consequences - the "Progressives" have been about one thing in the time I have been watching this, and that is getting control of the Board of Supervisors, getting the needed three votes. They have it now. And this is the result.

    Linda Atkins may be a very fine person. I am sorry for her, if she is, getting in with this crew. Because right now, she should be ashamed.

    Does she believe in the goal of rebuilding the railroad? Or does she think it ought to be ripped out? Did anyone ask? Did the public have input?

    Does it matter?

    Do people want a port? Or do they want to stop dredging and let the bay become a lagoon, filled with happy kayakers?

    Do they want a railroad? Do they want to build for the future?

    Apparently not.

  3. I'd like to see the railroad continue making slow, but steady progress toward freight service. And within 20 years of that, restoration of passenger service.

    The green method of mass transit chosen the world over is on rails. Far tougher obstacles have been overcome elsewhere than what faces us in that canyon.

    The local opposition boils down wanting to slow growth (in all its forms) on the north coast for environmental reasons. Every other argument they make is a smokescreen for their chief goal.

    The same goal broke wide open for all to see on the Richardson Grove widening. Save the Redwoods League says the widening isn't a big deal and could improve old growth health. Darn those guys! They have no stake in keeping people away. We actually heard the truth for once.

    The activists made old growth their big argument, but their secret fear is bigger trucks and maybe big boxes, and as more development occurs, eventually more people.

    They oppose any change that could result in more people moving here, or hell, visiting here in great numbers.

  4. With very few exceptions, I do not buy the idea that they are in it for the environment at all, That is merely a vehicle to power for them, for how dare any of us question their motives when they claim it is for the environment. We laugh at the "Sacred Cows" notion of India's but are three times as guilty of that here.

    The people who really did work for and care about the environment have long since been co-opted by new-age con men and grant-sucklers.

  5. Obvious Brown Act violations include but are not limited to; the lack of open public process for applicants,the way the agenda item was set, Mark,Cliff and Bonnie had this decided prior to meeting, Mark told Charles that he would not be reappointed then told Linda that Charles was not in consideration,Mark lied about his phone conversation with Charles, Bonnie and Cliff used the local solution network to pass all this information around / with Marks blessing/,even heraldo new of all this and make sure not to post it till the evil deed was done. God, don't you just love the Obama Nation? To deep throat who gave me all this dirty little stuff,as I promised you, I won't rat on you. But for Christ's sake I hope you man up and come out about this rotten group.

  6. I think you're confusing ideologues with opportunists.

    In any ideology there are opportunists who will exploit people for profit, even ascend to positions of power where they maximize the exploitation.

    The radical left isn't any different than the radical right in that respect. They both rely on foot soldiers, in this cast well-meaning environmentalists, to do their dastardly deeds.

  7. I'm 3:01. cast = case

    And I was replying to Rose.

  8. You know, 3:01, I agree. And some of where we are now came about because of just this same sort of crap being pulled by the "right."

    It wasn't right then, and it isn't right now. And we all have solidified in our minds the image of that as a 'right-wing-fat-cat-southern-good-old-boy" and as long as we have that image in our mind we are missing what is right in front of us - they don't look the part, but they are that same bad. The new little boys network. Give 'em a name and a face if you have to.

  9. Rose, you win some and you lose some. The fantasy railroad is dead. But the Save the Redwoods League has endorsed destroying ancient trees. That should make you happy.

  10. You don't garden do you, 7:55?

  11. So 7:55 you agree that this appointment was a political ploy. No more than a final blow to Mr O and an admission that the local solutions win at all costs mentality is the game in play. You agree that this appointment is intended to kill the railroad . I agree with your conclusion. The hand writing is on the wall for the GPU too.

  12. It was really sad to see Jimmy's balls finally shrivel up completely. The only thing smaller was Marky Marks lack of class.

  13. Wow, you guys are so unbelievably clueless-

  14. Have another drink RS. Deep Throat is sick of your crap too and although afraid of the liberal black list his understanding of your operations makes us guys not so clueless.

  15. Rose, I can't help but wonder what would the cobb/miller/lovelace crowd do if this appointment would have been on the other shoe,so-to-speak.

  16. You saw the answer to that question when Virginia bass was to appoint her replacement, and when a new Coroner was to be appointed - cries for fairness, transparency, to avoid (right-wing) ideology,,, demands for public input, even for the public to be present at the interviews...

    When "Progressives" aren't getting their way they are all about process and arcane points of law, when they are, then, oh, those meaningless little things? Why, we do this all the time! Nothing to see here.

    Now you have Humboldt County represented on the railroad Authority by two entirely inexperienced people, and two members of the 'shut-it-down" club - Clif Clendenen and Linda Atkins.

    At least with Hauser, you would have had a powerhouse, and lots of institutional knowledge, not only about the railroad, but about how the govt. and funding works.

    I'm sure Linda Atkins is a nice person. but this is wrong.

    And if Humboldt County is not interested in the railroad, as these Supervisors seem to be indicating, then say so, and stop wasting money and time on it.

    Who gets to make that call? Two? Or three? Supervisors?

  17. How about the right wing crowd- I'll sue if you restrict my new development in anyway. And I don't give a shit about public input.

    Call it both ways-

  18. What has Linda attempted to shut down?Funny Rose,you say that you aren't attacking her personally,yet you turn around and prejudge her relentlessly.Are you aware of any projects while working for CalTrans or even since her election that she has worked to "shut down"?
    Anyways,if I were wishing to see the shut 'er down crowd satisfied I would have advocated for Olivier to stay on the board as he did a pretty good job of derailing any efforts to restore the rail,and helped bring upon the state of the rail as it is today.
    Pro-rail advocates will get more out of Linda then they could have ever gotten out of him.
    He and Hauser work in the same way that you accuse environmentalists of pulling things.They can both take in paychecks based on the notion that are out to bring back the rail,over and over again,yet amazingly enough,after they are cashed,the reality of rail service becomes a more distant pipe dream.If service somehow made its way here,the scamming of the public would have had to cease,the handouts for "projects" or "research" would have to cease,the going after Fed money,the paying of the required Fed and state wages would have to cease.

  19. The way this was brought forward by two Supervisors (Clif and Bonnie) was not right. The Clerk of the Board should have put this on the agenda just like other appointments to other boards and then there would have been the discussions that didn't happen in public.

  20. Bingo 9:28 - precisely correct.

    Clif has no backbone, is joined at Bonnies hip and can't do shit without her approval. He was the loco solutions candidate, although they were quiet about their support. So is Bonnie and Mark. This is about shutting any opportunity for the railroad down. This has nothing to do with the enviros. It has everything to do with the nutty progs who want Humboldt to be its own untouched nation.

    The railroad is a very "green" idea and cuts down on emissions and wasted fuel. It is more effective to move things. But the anti crowd wants us cut off from the real world. The same anti crowd that grows dope and launders their illicit money thru failed businesses all of the while saying how economically viable we are with these failed businesses. A real joke if it wasn't so sad and didn't have horrible repercussions on those of us that live a law abiding life.

  21. Clif at the CTC Town Hall, "The Eel river canyon section is off the table". Incorrect statement, but a view into his agenda, for sure!

  22. As usual MR you are as full of liberal shit as a X-mas goose. Cliff lied. Bonnie lied. Mark lied. Jimmy wet himself. Linda may or may not be a nice person. That remains to be seem. For sure she let this crap proceed. Someone with class and no hidden agenda push would have said NO to this.

  23. Deep Throat is very clear that Mark was tasked with telling Charles that he would have to compete for this job. Mark made sure it was very late the week before the appointment and told Charles there were lots of applicants. Charles had no idea until then that he had not been reappointed. Mark knew clearly that Bonnie wanted Atkins and that Cliff was on board. Several prominent people helped run this info to and fro. Sad but this is small potatoes compared to Faust's PC appointment and his task of selling IZ and redevelopment in the GPU. What a proud and brave obamation we have.

  24. Precisely. Follow this Hank. DT is correct about how this went down. People who listen and watch and know are talking and trying to get the info out to the public about this. And it is the tip of the iceberg. These three have been meeting alone together a lot and it has gotten to be really an "in your face" kind of thing because Bonnie thinks she is invincible, Mark doesn't give a shit and doesn't think he will get caught and Clif is too dumb to figure out what is shit form what is shinola.

  25. damn typos. I meant "from what is shinola."

  26. Thanks are looking down for the Republicans one again


  27. You're right! He should have said "I did not have sex with that Argentinian!" But, rumor is Billy Boy was down there gettin' a lap dance with a Smoking Hot "Morocha"....

    OH! Silly me - he's a Dem!! Who cares?

  28. God, she even looks like Monica.

  29. mresquan - I hope you are right. And from what I hear, Linda was not aware of what was coming down.

    Too bad she didn't say - withdraw my app until you have gone through the proper process - it would have won her major points.

  30. Sorry Rose, nothing is worse than Larry Craig. A closeted homosexual who continues to preach his conservative Christian values. You guys really need to get this man off your team.

  31. And you need to get Neeley,Miller,Salzman,Kerrigan,Cobb,& Lovelace off your team. They are the real phony preachers. Can't forget their lord obama. Talk about a phony.

  32. Glad you can share your obsession with that group here with Rose. And don't forget Paul!

  33. Don't worry Rose, you've got this guy on your side


  34. Rose has every right to criticize our pro-Depression activists elected to office and doing the bidding of the Progressives (oxymoronic name..) in Humboldt County.

    We must include Hank Sims too in the Progressive takeover of Humboldt County politics. Check my Steve Lewis blog to see the latest letter to the editor censored by Hank who is afraid to debate or publish anything I write.

  35. Stephen - damn it. Leave Hank alone. If Hank Sims and the Journal won't print you letter then fine. Send it somewhere else. They don't have to print you letter. You don't own that journal. Put it on your blog and we can read it there. Its the journals' choice what to print and not yours. Stop it.

    Why not send it to the Times Standard. They will print anything.

  36. THE HCDCC mind set is what is so sad about this situation. Just like with Obama's promises of open, honest and transparent government,there is none. The mean spirited way the progs attack everyone they deem unworthy is shocking. I have no respect for Bonnie,Cliff,Mark or Jimmy for that matter. You get and lose respect the same way. You earn it.

  37. All I can say is - when Bonnie's time comes to go - when she is no longer useful to the liars and con men she has allied herself with in order to keep her precious position - I hope she is kicked out the door with EXACTLY the same degree of respect, recognition and thanks she just showed to Charles Ollivier - a man who served for as many years as she - difference being, he did NOT receive the hefty paycheck.

    Same goes for Clif and Mark.

    More than that - for Mark - may he experience first hand what he practiced and dealt out. That what he did to Roger Rodoni and John Campbell be visited upon him in spades.

  38. "when Bonnie's time comes to go - when she is no longer useful to the liars and con men she has allied herself with in order to keep her precious position -"

    Oh Rose,Bonnie has been in the seat for what 26 years now?You know what,for years Bonnie backed interests represented by the good ole boys and other conservatives.You folks can lay as much blame upon yourself as to why she's been in office for so long.Some were pissed at her when she took a stand on the Walmart issue,but she was stabbed in the back after she told Gallegos to go fish elsewhere when looking for county aid in the Palco suit,but then did not continue to unnecessarily attack him,which was expected by the anti-Paul crowd.
    You guys and gals had no problem with Bonnie when she was out to back the timber industry and was disliked by those out to keep an eye on Palco,or when she backed any other interest of yours.

  39. Anon 2:06, you asked for it, you got it. Letter is posted on my blog where personal editorial control is appropriate. On a community newspaper that services the community (or it doesn't last long) community members should have a say and not have to be approved by one egotistical jerk at the helm of a collective community enterprise.

  40. Stephen,how many letters have not printed of yours?And were they all submitted on time?Perhaps you ought to put up an archive of them on your blog.

  41. Mike Buettner6/25/2009 9:28 PM

    "More than that - for Mark - may he experience first hand what he practiced and dealt out. That what he did to Roger Rodoni and John Campbell be visited upon him in spades."

    This is not only sad but sick.

  42. Mike it right on. Shame on you Rose.

    If you're so passionate about this shit, why don't you run for office? You obviously have way too much time on your hands.

  43. The HCDCC did not back Bonnie or Clif. For the record.

  44. No, BUETTNER, what is sick is attacking John Campbell when he was dying of cancer.

    What is sick is what YOU and your little band did to Charles Ollivier - and continue to do.


  45. As long as the NCRA exists,there will be no railroad restored.They have it designed that way.

  46. It's about attitude. Mankind can do the impossible - like build a railroad through rock, across mountains and deserts. find a way to get to the moon and beyond...

    Or they can cripple themselves with all the "we can'ts"

  47. Quite ironic really that he died of cancer

  48. Bite me Buettner

    Marky Mark took great glee in complicating our local politics by frivolous FPPC claims against Rodoni and Campbell. Going after them toxically so to speak. Now he is on the Board, he is fair game for the same. Believe me Buettner, he has shitloads to worry about. Those who live in glass houses ought not to throw stones. I would like to know what exactly is so sick about wanting to make sure we have a transparent government and that its officials follow the law.

    Cat got your tongue or what.

    BTW - thanks Rose.

  49. Mresquan said: “You guys and gals had no problem with Bonnie when she was out to back the timber industry and was disliked by those out to keep an eye on Palco,or when she backed any other interest of yours.”

    Actually Mark, this is way to simplistic even for you. Most folks who visit this blog are moderates. We go to work in the morning, have families we come home to at night and expect those that we vote into office to do their jobs. I used to rely on the paper for my news and stupidly had faith that they were reporting what was actually going on and keeping me informed. Stupidly I went on day by day expecting the news to inform me and thinking that those I voted for were doing their jobs equally, fairly and honestly. Thats about how I felt about Bonnie. Then shit started hitting the fan and I started paying attention to what was really going on. Asking questions and demanding answers. What I found was an incredible amount of selfishness, self-centeredness, and double talk. I don’t like Bonnie now because I have finally seen how she always has been. Konkler, I never gave a squat one way or the other about PALCO so don’t lump me with any group. I can no longer support Bonnie because I don’t believe she stands for anything except for keeping on the Board at any cost. Her time has come and gone and it would be helpful if she realized it and moved on.

  50. DUHCesquan doesn't believe in Bonnie either, 10:53. He just does whatever Cobb orders. When Neely is no longer useful to the Democracy Limited cult-brains, just watch the backstabbing commence.

  51. A good friend,(deep throat), told me to get used this. It will be the usual coarse of things for at least the next 2 years. He suggests applying "liberal" amounts of lube before any encounter with this crowd.

  52. A new "Deep Throat"? Because I think my DT died recently, very sorry to say


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