Friday, June 19, 2009

Is Wilson pro-business? All of a sudden?

That's funny, I would have associated him with the job/business-killers and predatory litigants. Maybe I am wrong - or Must be campaign time. "By sharing with the community these meetings and new ideas, we hope to help forge a shared vision of how we can move forward in these uncertain economic times."

Diversifying Humboldt Bay's economy by Mike Wilson (Mike Wilson is the 3rd Division commissioner of the Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation and Conservation District.)


  1. I guess I'm not well informed, but other than openly expressing his skepticism of container shipping and its reliance on the railroad, what else has he done that's anti-business as a Commissioner?

  2. My God, are you daft? Wilson ran on anti-everything. Try having a talk with this bean-bag. He has been so bad on the commission that even Higgins is sick of him. He didn't write this piece as he doesn't have the chops. His handlers know that his anti-biz game will not fly in a contest with big Dan. Spin,spin;spin is Wilson's only chance and of course someone from local solutions with writing skills.

  3. I'm afraid your right Anon 1:28. Wilson brings nothing of substance to the table and hasn't since the election.

    He has consistently voted to limit job-producing options and seems committed to candle shops and kayak rentals.

    Mikes right about one thing. There are many possibilities for business development on the bay and most of the members of the committee are very much into exploring options rather than eliminating them. That's where Mike misses the boat.

    No pun intended

  4. Mike's two biggest influences are pot and R Salzman. That equals a tri fecta from hell.


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