Thursday, June 11, 2009

Downgrade your dreams

A 77-square-foot room with a view.
"Healthy Humboldt's" vision for your future. get used to it. Hey, it's a step above a cardboard lean to. Maybe a step below a trailer park, but who cares?
Closet living for $150 per month

Meanwhile, Greg King wants the minions to show up at the Humboldt County General Plan hearing tonight with a sign that says "Option A is a '+' for Humboldt County."

Now I forget, which "group" is he with now? "Healthy Humboldt?" NEC? Earth First?

Will they be handwritten signs, so they can pretend to be just plain ole grassroots citizens? Or will they be all fancy expensive collateral ala Baykeeper?

It's likely they'll dominate the meeting - all the regular people have graduation and end-of-school kid things to attend.


  1. Not to endorse your argument, here, but I would have killed for one of these things when I was going to school, or when I lived in New York.

  2. This closet living is in violation of SF's codes. It is illegal to rent a closet for someone to live in. Can anyone say "slumlord?"

  3. How about every homesteader who's donated money to Healthy Humboldt or any of its sponsoring organizations offer to leave their 40 acres in an environmental protection land trust and move to town into one of the squeeze box dwellings that will be allowed to accommodate a growing population? How about every paid enviro org employee and their lawyers, starting with Eric Kirk do the same? Should be willing to do so if it's good for the environment, right?

  4. Man, there is some periods in my life where I'd take that "apartment." No problem!

  5. LOL, I know people who lived in converted chicken coops instead of dorms, and on top of redwood stumps.

    I'm for freedom of CHOICE!

  6. Rose - Actually, it was about 1/3 blathering idiots (Eric, Jennifer,Marky-Mark look alikes) to 2/3 REAL people who witnessed the BEST Tom Hofweber anal retentive hun show on earth.

    Thank GOD for HumCPR - You ROCK!


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