Tuesday, June 09, 2009

You live by the sword...

Humboldt County DA to be sued by homeless camp participants indybay
Humboldt county district attorney Paul Gallegos and the office of the HumCo DA have been added to the complaint filed by the People Project participants demanding accountability for the violation of human rights occuring in the raid on a homeless encampment in Arcata, CA. by police. The plaintiffs are demanding that the day and night harrassment of homeless people by police be stopped immediatly.

Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office Now Defendants in PEOPLE PROJECT Lawsuit People's Project Blog

Irony of ironies. The activist's DA sued by activists.


  1. Heartbreaking tale from such loveable folks. Ironic that on their website trumpeting their big lawsuit is an ad requesting lawyers to work for free to help them out. Guess they didn't expect Paulie to stand up to them. If these people didn't burn so many bridges they would have somewhere to sleep.

  2. Can't say I am sorry to see their deliberately staged stunt fail.

    But there's a lesson to be learned here by the stagers of this event - unless your situation is valuable to the activist predators, you're left to sink in your own swill. If you're valuable, you'll get all the help, and all the press, and you can sit on the courthouse steps and opine, you'll have the DA filing cases for you, and you won't have to beg for socks.

    You can whine about evil corporations all you want, and maybe even find a kernel of truth in your rhetoric. It's time to realize the ORGs are nothing more than corporations by another name, and they'll use you when you will bring them what they want.

    Try going outside their channels, and, ooops, sorry too bad for you. You're in the way of the mafia money machine, and you need to stay out of their territory.


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