Tuesday, June 23, 2009

another drug deal robbery

Redway man held up, chases suspects
A 23-year-old Redway man handed over his wallet Saturday when a man reportedly looking to buy marijuana allegedly held a gun to his head during a drug sale at Redway Beach a little before 1 p.m.

Despite his handing over of the wallet, he was apparently determined not to let the alleged robbers get away.
Robert Anthony Mendez and a friend had met the three suspects at Beach and Oakridge roads in lower Redway, the Sheriff's Office reported.

”During that transaction one of the 'buyers' went to his vehicle and retrieved a handgun,” the news released stated. “The suspect pointed the gun at Mendez' head. A second suspect brandished a semi-automatic rifle and demanded Mendez' wallet.”

The three buyers then fled the scene with the marijuana. Mendez followed in his pickup. Near Dean Creek on Redwood Drive north of Redway, the suspect driver, identified as Amber Capri Wendorf, 20, of Chatsworth, stepped on her brakes, prompting Mendez to run into the rear of their vehicle with such force that their rear bumper was embedded in the front of his pickup.

The pursuit continued onto U.S. Highway 101 and headed south. Shortly after, according to the Sheriff's Office, Mendez reported seeing the front passenger lean out and allegedly fire several shots toward him. The victim also reported seeing several items being thrown from the suspect's vehicle....

...”A short way away,” the Sheriff's Office reported, “CHP officers and Mendocino County Sheriff's Deputies had detained the three suspects after stopping their car.”

Following the incident, officers found the semi-automatic rifle that had allegedly been thrown from the suspects' vehicle, as well as several pounds of marijuana. Two people unassociated with the incident found Mendez' wallet and turned it over to authorities.

Officers arrested the suspects -- Nicholas Bradford Brown, 19, of Sherman Oaks; Rayshaun Antowina Brock, 28, of Inglewood; and Wendorf -- taking them to the Mendocino County jail in Ukiah. The three were later booked into Humboldt County jail, according to a jail spokesperson, on suspicion of robbery.


  1. Another shoot out courtesy of your drug dealers who pollute our hills. Scumbags from far and wide are attracted to them the way flies are attracted to ----.

    Now you get to pay for a trial and a prison stay. They pay for nothing at all.

  2. There is no victim here. The pot dealer needs to be prosecuted.

  3. Sorry, but we are all the "victims" of the pot occupation of our land. The hills are closed and they are moving into our towns now to grow pot. Everywhere they go, they bring death and drugs. They make billions every year and pay ZERO taxes. And they are overwhelming our law enforcement resources.

    We need a DA who will take them on, not one who enables this terrorism.

  4. Then somebody better get the balls to run against this complete incompetent. This guy is nothing but another mental midget into office who has done a terrible disservice to this community.

  5. One official isn't enough to turn things around. The whole community has to stand up for their rights. We've lost the use of our hills and they're starting on our towns. How many drug houses are there in YOUR neighborhood? How long will it be before some armed goons kick down your door, thinking that you are the grower who lives next door?


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