Thursday, October 10, 2013

Well, well, well... Look who Chris Lehman's spokesmouth is...

Contact: Josh Drayton

Let the games begin.

Will there be a new anonymous hit-blog, Chris?

This explains a LOT.


  1. Josh and Conrad worked so hard for Huffman that Jared fired them. I was thinking that I would avoid the whole Senate race and leave the chips to fall where they may. I generally disagree with Chris but didn't think he was really a bad guy. This move, if true, settles it. I will work for whoever runs against Lehman. I don't even care what party. To one extent or another we are all judged by the friends we keep and Chris just aligned himself with absolute scum.

  2. It begs the question - how much did Chris Lehman know and when did he know it? And more - was he one of the Flying Heraldos?

    1. I thought Drayton ran the Mirror? It ceased about the same time Josh moved out of town.

  3. This does not speak will for Lehman's campaign. Drayton certainly tried to eviscerate every non-progressive. His "leave no one standing" philosophy when he ran Neely's campaign while smearing Bass has left many with a very bad taste in their mouths.
    Lehman must do the right thing and get rid of him.

  4. If Josh Drayton was behind the Heraldo blog, he deserves credit, there hasn't been anything like it since. Even "Rose" couldn't tear herself away from it.

    Congratulations Josh and Chris, you're not in Kansas anymore!

    Humboldt County is to be ignored...just as they do to every other state and federal agency...before paying the fines.

  5. Chris Lehman's good guy persona is a flat out lie if he was part of 'Heraldo." Spin it though you apparently want to. Oh, and you better put down the bottle, your comment is oddly disjointed.

    Come clean, Chris.

  6. Sticks and stones Rose....

    "Play Nice" my ass!

  7. What's more, if so - certain people who are pushing Lehman as anointed - if they knew - have some self-examining to do.

    We know there was a certain contingent who knew full well who "the flying Heraldos" were.

  8. You want respect, 10:19? The problem facing you is - being anonymous - no one knows whether you're a random good guy, or the bourbon-guzzling regular on this site. I used to be pretty tolerant of anons, but, the truth is, if you want respect, have the balls to use your name. The honesty. The decency. If you don't, expect no quarter.

    Ask ANY of the people who use their names, and you'll find that the ability to discuss issues and get along despite differences vastly increases, if not solidifies.

    Try it.


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